Pink wedding: how many years you have to live together?

The first anniversary of marriage known as pink wedding.How old family celebrated in this festival?It is believed that the first important date, showing the seriousness of marriage is the 10th anniversary.In another way, this wedding is also called tin.It is believed that by this time both spouses already know each other well and had time to get used to living together.So two pewter spoons repeat one another bends being folded together.

How is the holiday?

celebrated pink wedding anniversary is usually magnificently, in a big way, it is hardly inferior to the wedding.On this day, to share the joy with their spouses need those guests that were present 10 years ago, during the ceremony.First of all invited witnesses.To celebrate this event the house is not accepted, it is better to organize the celebration in a cafe or restaurant.And there is need to make sure that the interior and serving predominant color pink, because it is believed that the way to ensure a romantic mood for the following years of f

amily life.This also applies to the selection of dishes and drinks, wine and meat sauce that color or red fish will be a good choice.

dress code must be observed

pink dress code and dress for the "bride."It is also considered a good sign hairstyle with flowers in her hair that day, especially if it will be rosebuds.Not for nothing because the holiday is called pink wedding!How many years have passed or, as a woman in this day should look romantic bride.

This holiday is very, very touching, yet you have lived together for 10 years, pink wedding.Greetings from the guests on this day should contain instructions for love and romance, how to keep the fire in relationships and comfort of home.It is useful to describe the "bridegroom," what a wonderful Betrothed he got, and recalled "the bride" of the merits of its second half.Also in regards spouses usually compared with the Steadfast Tin Soldier who survived the hardships of the first years, become attached to each other.But the reference to a second title this anniversary will wish that love blossomed and matured couples like roses in the garden of good gardener.


As for gifts, it is usually the spouses of such date presented home textiles, paintings, decorations or appliances.And be sure to give a bouquet of flowers, symbolizing the anniversary.Well, do the husband and wife on this day traditionally exchanged expensive gifts: jewelry, status bagatelles.It is also considered to be a good tradition, when a spouse gives the second half of the bouquet of roses, that's why it's pink wedding.How many years have lived together, so be bright scarlet buds, they represent years lived in love and happiness.And another, a white rose in the bouquet are added to indicate the hope for a bright and happy future together.


Celebrate years together in marriage - a good and proper tradition.It helps to be closer to family members, rejoice in the fact that they have each other.And why not organize itself so beautiful and touching celebration as pink wedding.How many years have neither lived then wife, their first joint anniversary, they certainly will be remembered with joy and tears in his eyes.