Why do I not have a girlfriend and what to do to make it appear?

problem of loneliness is very relevant for modern people.All we are trying to achieve success, often in several areas of life.We carry an interesting and very rich spiritual life, but there comes a point, and you realize that everything in pairs, and you somehow did not work out.And then you feel surprised in half with embarrassment - why do I not have a girlfriend, I'm good?Let's try to sort out the problem.

And do ladies surrounding chances?

If you are sure that the problems with the character and behavior you do not, try to rationally assess their own style of life.How often are you in places where you can meet and mingle with the opposite sex?Or most of his free time you spend exclusively on the "male" hobbies and you simply have no time to get acquainted?Sometimes the answer to the question "Why do I not have a girlfriend?" Banal: you no time and no place to meet and socialize.Help out in such situations can online.Or Sign a rule: at least once a week to get out to a disco, in a cafe or some

where else where you can meet a life partner.Frequent are also situations where a young man has too high expectations.And simply does not notice the ugly, in his opinion, women or smart enough.Remember to you someone showed attention lately?If you reject one lady after another, it is not surprising that, having noticed this trend, the girls will soon cease to be proactive in relation to you.

Maybe with me that something was wrong?

«If I do not have a girl for a long time, perhaps, to me that something is wrong?" Rational thought.The most common mistake guys today - the inability to communicate and to generate interest from the opposite sex.Someone to talk with the girls lost and begins to bear complete nonsense, while others, on the contrary, want to seem "brutal" and push it.The most important thing - to hold naturally and easily, to be an interesting conversationalist.Follow the fashion trends, learn to carry on a conversation on various topics.And then you will not have to wonder: "Why do I not have a girlfriend?»

Loneliness - time to develop

Most modern educated and quite clever girls are afraid of those guys who from the very first minutes of dialogue begintalk about the relationship.Some people value their freedom, while others, albeit suffering from loneliness, but just do not believe in any promises right after acquaintances.During the first meetings is sufficient statement of their status - yes, I do not have a girl.But do not tell new friend how much you are willing to find it.Try to communicate more, and do not respond to every girl who is not against with somewhere to go or talk as a potential second half.Let the relationship grow naturally, because you first need to learn so much about each other, find common interests.And perhaps soon there will be some feelings, and she does not want to waste your time on someone other than you.While the active search, you have enough time to live happily, watching and learning and self-development.Let your obsessive desire to be paired with someone, and soon everything will happen by itself, and you will no longer worry about the question: "Why do I not have a girlfriend?»