Learn how to attract the attention of men

all accustomed to, that women attract the eyes of the opposite sex, drawing attention to himself.However, contrary to the general opinion that it is the destiny of the beautiful half of humanity, man also draw the attention of the ladies.But how do they do it?

about male

If a woman "takes" men with their beauty or unusual outfits, it is interesting to find out how to attract the attention of men.After all, seduction - not their strong point.The fact is that the ways of attracting the attention of men are the same as for women who are just different mechanisms to bring them into effect.


First of all, every woman draws attention to the behavior of men.In particular, how he behaves in a company, whether the door opens to a lady what his manners.And this is done most of the findings.It is also important to the young man fellowship with men and women separately, this can also be gleaned important information about this guy.


How to attract the attention of men by means o

f communication?Everything is very simple.You just need to see how a man behaves when talking to a lady: how his speech is pure, respectful, whether it contains jokes or he is completely serious.Well, if a man knows how to make a lady gently compliment, not focusing attention on this.


Men also attract attention with the help of the eye.This view can be a predator or a poor kitten, snakes, ready to swallow its prey, or admiring a parrot.The main thing - to make a woman react to your opinion, to get her attention so.By the way, with the help of sight as possible to determine what really wants from a man he liked the ladies.


Another way of how to attract the attention of men of the opposite sex - boasting of their financial situation, despite the fact that it is quite meager.Some people believe that women want from men is primarily a tight purse, so guys and trying in this way to attract the eyes of girls.It is said that it is not necessary to do this, because then, if the woman wants to continue talking, a young person may decide that it is precisely because of its stories about material prosperity.


How to attract the attention of men by means of his senses?The boys know that girls like affection, tenderness, therefore, left alone, they can use this technique to attract attention to his lady.During the communication, becoming fluffy kitten from the tiger, man almost completely can win the girl's heart.

Mistakes Men

The way men acquainted with the girl, and may depend on the subsequent development of their relations.But there are a number of errors in the commission of which a young person can simply alienate lady.First of all, it is greed, when a guy thinks a girl spent all the money, do not hesitate to remind her of it.Also it repels excessive obsession and zeal on the part of men.Overprotective lady also welcome - the guy is worth remembering that in front of him a woman, not a child.Flirt with a man will not be successful if his eyes would wander anywhere without stopping to the girl.Also, do not listen to the stories of women scattered, it can hurt darling.