What talk to the guy on the phone few simple tips

Girls and young people often feel embarrassment when talking with each other.Girls are sure that the first step must necessarily make a man, and men, in turn, is very shy.I spoke to a girl they like them it is sometimes more difficult than learning to fly an airplane.What to do in such a case?How to overcome this confusion and to chat?The solution may be a regular telephone call.After all, to talk with the person and tell him your thoughts, if you did not see, it is much easier than face to face.In this article I'll show you something to talk about with the guy on the phone, how to start a conversation, that it was easy and relaxed.

How to start a conversation

Many women believe that "force" himself a man - it's a shame.What can you do?In our society there still exists an opinion that the valiant "knight" should win the heart of a beautiful lady.But a phone call - it came to nothing obliges thing.So why not take the first step toward not call him?But many women are concerned about, "What talk to the

guy on the phone?"In it, we will reply later.And now we tell you about how to start a conversation with a young man.The first thing you should do is to learn more about him, his habits, occupations, education, work, and so on.So the risk to be trapped will be minimal.The second piece of advice: start a conversation with him, try to speak as much as possible.Let him tell you about myself.Ask him interested in his opinion about a particular event.But not very zealous and excessive attention to his person could deter him.

Themes for telephone conversations

Now tell me about that, on what topics you can talk on the phone.It is believed that if a girl talking on the phone, she spends one-third of their free time.So spend the same this time for the benefit of yourself and your future relationships.Below is a list of possible topics for conversation:

- Rhode its activities, hobbies.If your loved one is engaged in sports, music or any other kind of activity, be sure to questions, which led him to do what he expects from these activities.

- his passion.You are not interested in his eating habits, clothing, household?So you are not interested, and the object of your desire.Whether it is necessary in this case to continue the relationship?

- News.Every day something new happens in the world.I wonder what he thinks about this?

In men there is a reasonable question: "What can you talk to a girl on the phone?"And here is a simple tip: all the girls love it when it comes to them, beloved.So give it to as much as possible to tell you about themselves, become its grateful listener, and it may very well be that you will soon become her favorite, a close friend who knows about her everything.

What should I avoid telephone conversations

Let's talk about what it should be avoided in telephone conversations.If you are concerned with the question: "What talk to the guy on the phone?"- You should know that in any case it is not necessary to start talking too serious topics, such as on the subject of money, children, religion or former relationships.Also, try not to speak negatively about a particular person or event.Your interlocutor may deter what you think about the poor people and some expensive things for him.

Now you know what to talk about with the guy on the phone.Do not be afraid, do not hesitate to take the initiative in their own hands, call them and arrange to itself a pleasant conversation.You have tried everything, but common themes for communication and has not appeared?Then it's just not your man!