A few ideas on how to donate money for fun birthday

On the nose the next birthday of a loved one, and thinking about what to give, not at all.In such a situation can be a good Prezent money.But how to teach that it does not look too simple?Are there any tips on how to donate money for fun birthday?


Many people know that there are money trees.So if a company decides to "donate the money for my birthday!", You can give them in the form of the plant here.It can be flat: a tree drawn on paper and leaves are banknotes of various denominations (such a tree can be arranged in the frame and safely give to someone).And you can make bulk plant: the trunk or branches will be either ordinary wire, which are bolted to the bill.They can be twisted in the clip, made in the form of a flower, etc.You can be even more original and give Jade - money tree, which can be decorated with bills of various denominations.So it will still work for the future, constantly improving the welfare of others.


Another option being fun to give money for the birthda

y: put them in a new purse.It is two gifts in one: the new purse and a small amount for their own desires.


next version of how fun to give money for the birthday: with the help of a hot air balloon.To do this, the required amount of bills to twist into small rolls and stick to the inflated balloon.And then in front of the birthday of his burst and make money rain.You can also pump up the balloons with helium and to each of them a thread to attach a specific denomination banknotes.Let the hero of the festivities a little work to get your own gift!


Another way to donate money to cool birthday: roll them into the jar.It will be a kind of bank on a "black day".And, moreover, quite original packaging for ordinary money.


If the birthday of Comrade will be held outdoors, you can give a friend a map search of the treasure.Sami treasures (money, which will be present) in the casket to hide somewhere near.After all the clues, one finds his gift.By the way, so here's a way a lot of people like it, and exactly remember.


If you are preparing a gift for my birthday money, it can also be issued in an original box.To do this will need to purchase a beautiful box, which lay down their slide notes, rolled into a tube.In addition, each bill ligated slight bow.It looks unusual and quite nice.

Monetary cart

If a company wants to fold together and donate money, you can try them as you arrange.To do this, you can buy a small basket, and which you need to put the entire amount of middle-sized bills.Who does not like a basket full of money?You can also make money by using the cloak of thread and notes attached to them and clothed in a robe that's his friend.


Another option is unusual to give the money: to issue them as a gift.We need to take the box and to put a few bills.Then wrap it a dozen layers of paper.And at each layer must also be put on a few bills.That's only companion will have to warn you that unwinding a present need to very carefully.