What to give for a birthday lover?

Not all women are able to discuss such a sensitive topic as adultery.And very very few of the fair sex may even girlish conversation between them to discuss their own lovers, relationships with them, and other things of that kind.But sometimes some really need advice from all sorts of sensitive issues related to this topic.For example, what to give for birthday lover.For these women, this article was written.

Heart, as they say, can not command.And if it happened that your beloved is long and well married, or you're at least a serious relationship with another person, the question of purchase of gifts for the holidays is a serious problem.On the one hand, without a present I do not want - and it has to be memorable, unusual, and certainly not resemble something that might present a legal wife.On the other hand, do not want to create problems for the favorite - because it will still have to use the obtained thing and somehow explain to his wife her appearance.Gifts married lover in this case?

order not to create problems to herself and her partner should consider all possible options for gifts that will be used in the workplace birthday.And as usual in the works of all of us spend most of our life, this thing will remind you constantly.The list of options that give birthday lover can be, for example, souvenir stationery sets a good brand.On this set, by the way, you can do the deed engraved with the phrase, of course, just the two of you.Even the list of gifts you can include business card holders, key rings, paperweights original, unusual board souvenirs or trees bonsai.And if the job is connected with loved travel, travels, it is suitable as a gift to anything for his "iron friend".Also in the list of what to give for a birthday lover, you can safely include the things that he could partner and wants to afford, but for some reason does not yet have them.Such gifts always easy to explain to the wife of a phrase from the series "made himself a nice holiday."

Another criterion that give birthday lover, if you are married, should not be too high value of the gift - yet the disappearance of any large sums of money from the family budget can be easily detected.Another option in this case - to save on the cost of its own binding.But you can simply solve the problem by means of an original approach to the choice of a gift.For example, a birthday present its own confectionary masterpiece - and so he let himself decides whether to enjoy alone, bring to work and entertain colleagues or to take home and say that it is a gift of employees.

What can you give her lover?The best views will surprise yourself.Night of passion, charming private dance, just time spent together - is not the best congratulations for the person with whom you unfortunately can not spend all your free time?