Cut diamonds - the ancient art of working with stones

For many centuries all over the world is very much appreciated the work of jewelers.Cut diamonds - it is the peak of their careers.Almost everyone knows that the diamond - one of the hardest minerals on the planet.Mined gems tend to have an irregular shape, so to create a perfect piece of jewelry, they need to make a certain kind.Cut diamonds - it is a very tedious and difficult work.During her with the gem removed all unnecessary, that allows you to see the true beauty of the diamond.

a long time, even when the technology is not allowed to handle the hardest gemstone crystals had the beauty that is now becoming.Diamonds only ground and polished, they did not have sharp edges, so they do not shine their exquisite beauty.Over time, the jewelers have learned to give the correct form stones.They understood that the friction of the diamond on the other leads to the faces that make shine increases many times.The first processed natural octahedral crystals by uniformly grinding of opposite vertices to form

a large, flat face.Old cut diamonds was different, but most of all it is appreciated octahedral crystals.

Eventually diamond processing more complicated.Jewelers tried to create a large number of faces, because thanks to this increased number of refracted rays of sunlight that reveals all its beauty.Natural minerals (depending on its configuration) shape of a polyhedron with certain fixed orientation of the faces.It is believed that the first jeweler in Europe, learned to perfectly handle the diamonds was Ludwig van Burke.It was he who in 1475 year-faceted world-famous stone "Sancy".

Treated diamonds are called diamond jeweler.Despite the fact that during the grinding work most of the natural stone is lost, its cost will only increase.Of course, if the jeweler will spoil one of the faces, all the diamond will lose considerably in its price.The first stage of the processing of natural stones jewelry is their sawing.The quality of cut diamonds is largely dependent on the structure of the crystal.After sawing stone jeweler sees the merits and flaws of diamond and decides how it will handle it further.This process is very time consuming.It often takes days or months (depending on the size of the crystal).Today, diamond sawing is performed with ultrasound, laser and using the electronic cutting.

Turning crystal - an important process in which the workpiece is attached to a specific form.To eliminate the defects of stone, and it is prepared for cutting.This work is carried out on special machines, invented in the early twentieth century, but much improved these days.Cut diamonds - the final phase of the jeweler.During her rock aesthetic form attached, removed cracks and other defects in pitch dark.The jeweler carefully polishes a diamond, gives faces a clear shape, and then polishes them.

Cut diamonds - responsible process, which largely depends on the price.In addition to job skills, the jeweler should have a more artistic taste.Faceting carried out by means of cast iron disc, which rotates very quickly.Its surface is rubbed into diamond powder connected with olive oil or burdock.Shape stone should be such that most of the light that falls into it, did not pass through and reflect back on the relative position of faces.

main diamond shapes: rectangular (baguette), round / fantasy (oval, marquise, pear), a rectangle with cut corners (Emerald).Parameters of round and fancy stones set in the turning, and the rest - are achieved during the cut.