Bags Louis Vuitton: the original or a fake?

Today, there are a whole lot of brands that produce quality items, ranging from perfume to clothes and accessories.However, do not forget about those people who prefer to make a strange name.Copy the most worldwide brand is Louis Vuitton.Of course, it is said that the company produces only quality products, but because so popular.Counterfeits are in demand only when they are copied to the brands.Many people try to get rich on cheap handbags Louis Vuitton.Of course, the quality may be fake, but many ladies appreciate the only original products.

where it went?

French fashion house encountered a similar problem two centuries ago.However, It has become more copies.Today, there are a whole lot of boutiques that have positioned themselves as the original stores.But it often happens that they sell products of a different production.Copies are very high quality, and their price is quite high.There are several ways to distinguish the original from a fake, but more on that below.

What to look for?

purses, clutch bags, travel bags, Louis Vuitton sunglasses are a lot of small details that help you determine the quality of the goods:

  1. price.First of all you should pay attention to the price.It should not be too low, since this may indicate poor quality production materials.Do not forget to pay attention to the well-known logo of Louis Vuitton.It is a kind of "face" of the original goods.
  2. material.The French brand Louis Vuitton launches, as textile and leather bags.Pay attention to details such as the lining, packaging and accessories.They play an important role.
  3. Country of origin.Goods brand Louis Vuitton is produced in Spain, the US and France.Therefore, they should be written: «Made in Spain», «Made in France» and «Made in USA».But it's worth noting that many global companies are buying factories in China.In fact there are reasons, but if you'll see on the bag «Made in China», this does not mean that you are trying to sell low-quality goods.

you can buy high-quality products only if take into account all the above items.Pay attention to the details, do not forget to ask your question.Then you'll definitely be able to find a quality bag.