The trends of the new season

Fashion changeable and unstable, it is subject to change from year to year, and the new season is not an exception.This year, she was surprised by new and interesting trends, and the first thing that catches your eye - a riot of colors.It seems that fashion could not resist the colors of nature as much as possible and decided to decorate yourself.The beautiful half of humanity it is good because it gives the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, emphasizing their individuality.

most popular color, which presents brand clothing online store, is orange and yellow.They inspired the most famous designers to create the best collections.Designers have used a variety of shades ranging from red and bright orange to beige, gold and peach.It was presented to the public exquisite outfits simple cut, with no unnecessary decoration, where the main emphasis was only the brightness of the color.

This does not mean that all the images of the new season plain.Constant pledge fashionable image - this is the right c

ombination of colors and accessories, and the combination of two contrasting colors, designers recommend to dilute it to a third, neutral color or print.As for prints, then the women's clothing of the new season are characteristic geometric and floral ornaments.On dresses and sundresses and fragrant flowers bloom, which are designed to emphasize femininity and sensuality.

season Fashionable style - retro and futurism, but with a modern character.On the length of a question is not worth the extreme popular: provocative mini or maxi skirts to the floor.To emphasize the femininity, the designers chose to chaste maxi light, flowing and translucent fabric, emphasizing the silhouette of a female body.Short mini does not hint at the vulgarity and sincerity, and create direct confident woman.

to trousers apply similar trends.For designers presented bold girls long pants translucent fabrics, decorating them with lace and embroidery.And to replace the classical models of this season have come light shorts made in business style, to be worn with blouses or sleeveless combined with short jackets.Hippie style is back in fashion!Therefore, the trend of the season began with a fringe jacket and flared pants.Admire the leggings not hand over their positions for several years, and this season will be a fashion model with the effect of tattoos and with a variety of prints.