SEC "Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira

«Golden Babylon" in the prospectus of the World - one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.You can not only buy thousands of products, but also the whole family to spend their free time.


opening of the center "Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira-211 (the northern part of Moscow) held on 18.11.2009 year.240 000 m² are located more than 450 shops, a cinema "Luxor" with 14 rooms, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, leisure centers.Visit the mall available daily from 10:00 to 21:00.

network of shops located on two levels.Separate level allotted parking.The area of ​​the shopping center has a semblance of street markings.First trading floor surround the two main avenues: South and North.From the main entrance, they lead to a hypermarket Okay, occupying the left end of the building.In the center - West area with a skating rink.

second trading floor has a similar layout.The right side posted an entertainment center, a cinema "Luxor".The left side - furniture "supermarket» F

amily Room and Building Market.Here, for the majority of cafes, bistros and restaurants.Trade levels between them are connected by escalators and a lift.

Parking is divided into eight sectors.There are two car washes.In trading rooms can be reached by escalators, lifts.

«Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira: how to get on the subway

Layout and driveways to the shopping mall "Golden Babylon" thoroughly thought through.Walking distance to five metro stations.Three stations shuttle buses branded with free travel:

  • «Babushkinskaya" (3000 m to the shopping center, bus stop outside the firm and Yenisei "Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira).
  • «Exhibition Center" (3500 m stop between the northern and southern exits the subway).
  • «Otradnoe" (5500 m stop on the territory of TC Otradnoe).
  • «Botanical Garden" (2700 m).
  • «Sviblovo" (2000 m).


Many are sent by road to "Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira.How to get in this case?

  • If you go from the center of Mira ave., At the roundabout near the shopping center it is necessary to leave the right, then turn left under the overpass.
  • Coming from the area of ​​Mira ave., Before the mall turn right on the overpass.
  • From the Dmitrov highway and Altufievskoe route: Signal pr-d - Birch alley - proezd Serebryakova.

wide network of parking lots: 1900 + 800 parking spaces at the main entrance, 1500 seats on the roof, 600 - at the second level parking.There are two car owners wash.

Entertainment Centers

«Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira - a great place for fun and relaxation.The cinema "Luxor" is the largest multiplex in Moscow.The 14 rooms display a wide repertoire of films in different formats (telephone to reserve tickets: 7 (495) 665 13 53).If 3D-format is not enough, there are halls where the show films 5D (tel .: 7 (495) 470 73 90).

Fun City - a large family entertainment center.There is a playground, a virtual reality simulator, bowling, game machines, train, children's carousel.Daily schedule: 10: 00-22: 00.Tel: 7 (495) 665 13 65.

Adrenaline Rush provides an animated dinosaur park Dinoland.Grab a snack in the forty restaurants and cafes.Kitchen - the most diverse: from inexpensive fast-food restaurants to the atmospheric "haute cuisine".

«Golden Babylon" on Prospekt Mira: list of stores

multicomplex distinguished by the fact that under one roof as the small shops and large supermarkets with a wide range of non-food, food products and services.The biggest:

  • Okay, Stockman - food and non-food products.
  • HC, H & amp; M - clothes.
  • Family Room - the furniture.
  • Castorama - for home repairs.
  • Media Markt - appliances for the home.

Some shops

  • Accessories : Accessorize, Diva, Co & amp; Beauty, Lady Collection, Ma Princess, Marmalato.
  • Audio, video, electronics : iCIick, re: Store, Sony Centre, Online Photography Digital supermarket DNS.
  • underwear, tights : Defile, Bodique, Cleo, Calzedonia, WomenSecret, Demoiselle Dore, bustier, stockings Planet, E-linen, Stilpark, Secret Tatiana, Estelle Adoni.
  • Health and beauty : Exporter Solingen, Lush, Melvita, Yves Rocher, Pharmacy A5, Rainbow Pharmacy, L'Etoile, Patero Clinics, celandine, Massage paradise.
  • Leather bags : Francesco Marconi, Domani, Redmond, Topavenue.Ru, Sac, Muddle.
  • Fur, leather : Braschi, Ivagio, Ochnik, Snow Queen.
  • Mobile : Nokia, Alt Telecom, Ion, Euroset, Maximus, Messenger, Megafon, MTS.
  • Youth clothes : Concept Club, Ipekyol, New Yorker, yours.
  • Shoes : Ari Rossa, Baldinini, Berkonty, Calipso, Carlo Pazolini, Dune, Elvini, Emu Australia, Essere, Frodo, Gabor, Graciana, Gudiali, Hogl, Laguna, Marco Pini, Mileedy, Monarch, Novita, Paolo Conte, Zumita, Salamander, City shoes Era X, Econika, Excel, Shoes 21st century shoe factory.
  • Clothing : Calvin Klein, Esprit, Gap, H & amp; M, Inario, Lacoste, Levi's, Marks & amp;Spencer, Massimo, Nice Connection, River Island, O-Stin, Sandro Ferrone, Sergio Bellini, Topshop, Westland, Zara, Couturier, Top Fashion, HC, 5 pockets, World of Leather.
  • Women's clothing : Caterina Leman, Etincelle Paris, Germano Zama, Glance, Jennyfer, Karla Maratta, Love Republic, Motivi, Monsoon, New Look, New Opera, Oysho, Orsay, Peacocks, Promod, Rinascimento, Vivid, Zarina,Kira Plastinina, Makuhin Mama market, Northern Lights, mom soon.
  • Menswear : Albione, Jasper, Henderson, Kanzler, Otto, Strellson, White Cuff, Windsor Knot, Male choice.
  • Specialty shops : Tescoma, Adidas, Intersport, Nike, Reebok, Aykraft optics, Sportmaster, Coffee Cantata, Optik City, pro sports, Tobacco Club, Letter, Shop amazing things, light and music, Expedition.
  • Children : Baby Dream, Lego, Gulliver, City of toys, kids, Detmart, little genius, magic of childhood, seven spans, Early Learning Center.
  • Home : Castorama, Zara Home, Gipfel, Academy carving Dekolyuks, Czech House.
  • For animals : Ma Princess, Cats & amp; Dogs, Bowl.
  • Jewellery, watches : Caprice, Freywille, Oxette, Adamas, Alpha Bronnitsky jeweler, Goldfield, lines of love, tiara, Moscow time, Magic gold, the Moscow Jewelry Plant, Nick Platinum Kostroma, Russian gold salon weddingrings, Siberian Gold, esthete, Time Avenue, Jasper gold.
  • Cafes, restaurants : Beef House, Du-Shesh, Coffee House, Pancho Pizza, Rice ninja Trattoria terrace, Chocolate, Dugout, Oriental Bazaar, a sushi bar, a crumb-potatoes, McDonald's, Little Japan, Pub Street, Teremok.
  • Services : children's room, living room Jacqueline Francesca, skate rental, Sberbank, a moment, Slavic loan Cleopatra (dry), Tez Tour.

This is not the entire list of stores.In total - more than 450 institutions.