SEC "Vegas", Moscow.

Shopping centers Moscow hit by its scale and luxury.They presented boutiques with products of leading brands.Number of visitors daily rolls.A well thought-out interior and quality of service every year improved.Particular attention should be paid net SEC "Vegas", which are, in fact, this trade cities.So far, it includes only two of the Moscow branch.This "Crocus City" on 65-66 kilometer Ring Road and "Vegas" at the intersection of 24th km Kashira Highway.Opening the third shopping center in Kuntsevo this network is scheduled for spring 2016.In the meantime, we'll talk about the already gained wide popularity of the shopping center "Vegas" on Kashirke.

SEC Kashirskoye

This branch was opened much earlier than his fellow "Crocus City", because he had long received well-deserved "the title of" the most popular shopping center in Moscow.SEC is divided into four thematic streets, allowing visitors to navigate the vast territory of 400 thousand square meters.Help them in this located on all floors of navig

ation systems with touch screens.This is also the advantage of the SEC "Vegas".Moscow, of course, literally full of establishments of this kind, but because the developers of this project had to try to attract a lot of customers here.So, in the territory of the shopping center has its own park and an ice skating rink, lots of trendy boutiques, gourmet restaurants and comfortable seating areas.And on the night street "Ginza" even has a Walk of Fame, where the "mark" world stars.Learn more about all the attractions of the place will be discussed later.


When you first visit the shopping center "Vegas" look attracts primarily the incredible scale of the institution at which you feel almost ant.Second, the unique design with cunning methods of zoning in the conceptual space of the street.This makes the center more organized and makes it easier for visitors to find.Third, in the SEC "Vegas" combines just three crops: it's the magic of the East Street Bazaar, the neon lights on the streets of Tokyo Ginza and luxurious Europe on Gold Street and Fashion Avenue.While the last of these has the most extensive area of ​​102 thousand square meters.Thus, having been in a Moscow shopping center, you will be able to move on the streets of major cities in the world, as well as buy clothes, accessories, souvenirs and decorations from around the world.

little about the streets

Developers project the SEC "Vegas" is clearly did not like the little things: play each of the thematic areas is simply amazing range of goods and entertainment.In contrast to the cozy atmosphere of the Eastern Market Street Bazaar, Ginza is literally full of life.Here you can feel like a celebrity thanks to the luxury boutiques, exquisite imitation sparkling night sky and the Walk of Fame where you can touch the autographs of international stars in show business.At the time, it was visited by Robert de Niro, Milla Jovovich, Moby, Antonio Banderas, John Cusack, Carlos Santana and many others.But the products from the Gold Street can help turn into a real queen thanks to a luxurious fur, jewelry and watch products from the best manufacturers, "Empire of the Sun", "Russian gold", "Bronnitsky jewelry», Valtera, «Adamant», Galand, Princessa Jewerelly etc.. d. More women should be sure to visit the Fashion Avenue, because here they are able to replenish a wardrobe products from famous brands: Calvin Klein, H & amp; M, Terranova, MAC, Lacoste, Zara, Levi's, Mango, The Snow Queen, and others.

Everything for leisure visitors

Couples wishing to spend time alone, and just lovers always have a great time in the gourmet restaurants SEC "Vegas".Moscow, of course, can boast more luxurious establishments with famous chefs, but only in the shopping and entertainment center you can enjoy the oriental atmosphere on the street Bazaar.It also found their place dozens of boutiques with clothing, cosmetics, accessories and jewelry, which probably rush women.And men can find on this street the most luxurious gifts for loved wives and girlfriends as furs and jewelry.Excellent time under vaulted arches are fans of Eastern culture and because there are small shops and shops of sweets, spices, souvenirs, high-quality tea and coffee, which creates a general atmosphere of the enchanting magic of this part of the world.


For connoisseurs of cinema lovers popcorn and other snacks in the SEC "Vegas" on Kashirskoye open theatrical complex "Luxor" with 9 rooms, bars, a lounge and recreation areas.It is regularly updated repertoire, so the visitors will always be a great choice, whether it be comedy, romance or a thriller.It created the atmosphere of the Vegas, that is the city of fun and excitement.This is a consequence of the enormous group of designers works.You will remain great impression of a time here, especially in the company of loved ones or friends.If you want to have fun anyway, with extreme amusement park is located in the same building, so you will always find how to spend leisure time.


developers in the field of entertainment mall "Vegas City" does not cease to amaze its visitors.For the first time in Russia indoor shopping complex were placed 18-meter "Ferris Wheel" and "Tower of the fall."In addition, it employs extreme rides such as "Typhoon", "UFO" and "Tsunami", as well as 5-tiered incredibly intricate labyrinth, stunningly realistic cinema 5D.And for the little ones opened a special secure children's park where they can play and relax at your leisure after long hikes in the trade department with parents.And for the hungry who managed area near Vegas park operates many cafes and bars with comfortable furniture and a pleasant atmosphere.Of course, a separate issue is the trip itself to this center, and so forth, we can discuss the options, how to get to the shopping center "Vegas".


To get to the shopping center "Vegas" Kashirskoye should catch the free shuttle bus of the same company, which stops at many points of the city.He walks with a frequency of 15 to 45 minutes.If you prefer a taxi, it is enough to name the driver the address the SEC "Vegas": the intersection of 24th km Kashira Highway.Of course, when using road transport is always a risk of falling into long hours of traffic jam, especially at the entrance to the shopping and entertainment center.But you can always opt for a workaround, because of the SEC "Vegas" near the metro - a station "Domodedovo".