Styles of dresses for larger women of small stature .Clothing for women of small stature : Secrets , tips

in choosing dresses for young obese women, there are many nuances.If you follow the advice of stylists, then the figure may be present in the most favorable light.Let's look at all the details, accents and styles that can turn an inconspicuous pyshechki in the beauty queen.

proudly bear his weight

First of all, I want to touch on the psychological aspect.Gone are the days when the covers of glossy magazines looked at us lean model.Women are tired of starving, and now the world is ruled by curvy shapes.Of course, thin beauty did not disappear with the glossy covers.However, society in general welcomed, not making fun of completeness.Nowadays, it is not accepted to hide under balahonistymi things all their impressive dignity.Modern styles of dresses for larger women of small stature it once again confirmed.

As visually neutralize the low growth?

There is such a miracle, like high-heeled shoes.Low lady just can not do without this attribute.And it's not that actually elevates the heel woman 10-15

centimeters, and that visually these shoes can "eat" from the existing 5 kilograms of weight.Uncomfortable to wear heels?Then replace it with shoes on a platform sole.Well, if we talk about the clothes as a whole, it plump recommended as little as possible to wear trousers and skirts.Dresses and only dresses, because they make the silhouette solid and visually pull it.Also, stylists recommend to comply with the proportions in which the upper part of the entire image to be visually less than the lower, so try not to wear magnificent hairstyles, and even more wide-brimmed hat.

style of dress for women plump

If you choose styles of dresses for larger women of small stature, it should abandon the excessive pomp hem.When choosing a model, we consider the figure an easy flowing silhouette with knee-length or on the palm below.Welcome V-shaped recesses and three quarters of a sleeve.If the figure is proportional, you can choose to venture slinky strict dress length just above the knee.Those who have upper body wider than the bottom, it may be advisable trapeze style that visually hide the disproportionate figure.However, in this case, the choice of fabric dresses should be avoided heavy dense textures, and opt for silk, chiffon, crepe de chine.

Colours and prints

large drawings on fabrics only visually shattered figure will distract the eye from the integrity of the image.Beautiful dresses for full often plain, but not necessarily dark.White contrasted with black, beige, turquoise, yellow, peach and even shades of gray looks great on these figurines of ladies.If we talk about figures, it should be selected prints printed with small elements, preferably on a dark background.Excellent look geometric elements and contrasting inserts, visually lengthen the figure, especially if they are located in the waist area.If a sense of style allows it, you can use vertical stripes.

Away prejudice

is believed that the white color full, but if you choose the right dress in such a geometric pattern, the dress will be a favorite in the locker room full of women.Many people know that the black color, in contrast, makes the figure more visually coherent than it actually is.However, the black color visually able to age a woman.Therefore, there is an excellent alternative in the form of purple, dark green and maroon colors.If, however, afraid to show themselves for what is and shy little growth, coupled with a curvy shape, choose long dresses for the full and multi-layered in style.


We said that it was unacceptable to split the figure, using clothes large drawings, additions in the form of pockets and large accessories.But every woman wants to be attractive and can be worn as a more refined and beautiful outfits.There are alternatives for the same type by the simple plain dresses.For example, styles of dresses for larger women of small stature may include elements of different tissue structures.They combine well with each other and knitted lace, chiffon and organza, lace and silk.Also look great on decorative sleeves plump with lush ruffles and frills.

Evening dresses for young women: Do not deny yourself the luxury

Gathering for celebration, do not even think to hide under many frills, ruffles and drapes.Also solemnly beautiful dresses for complete applications are not welcome.A good option would be a chiffon dress to the floor, decorated with lace pads in the upper chest.Do not hesitate to strapless, because the hands can always cover wraps, light chiffon cape or cloth.Drapery allowed to dress, but let it be in the waist area, in this case looks good finish, decorated with embroidery of sequins.

Huge selection of dresses

In fact, designers never avoided by pyshnotelye form and with great pleasure to create plump women their delicate masterpieces.And if before the ladies who are overweight often faceless ordered clothes in the studio to order, but now there are many shops with beautiful designer dresses.Every woman, regardless of complexion can choose for their clothes, showing up her in the most favorable light.If we talk about specific details of the cut, then the original will look outside the box and a figure in fashionable dress with knee-length odor.Also will look great belt under the breast of different widths, the asymmetry in the dress, sleeves "bat".


We hope our article has helped low ladies in choosing your ideal style.Romanticism and classical, as well as the severity of the elongated lines - here's what we should be guided by choosing the styles of dresses for larger women of small stature.In this situation, should advise lovely ladies are not afraid to experiment and be in the most fitting look for a perfect image in the diversity of the models, and not to listen to the opinions of others.Only their own feelings will help you understand the dress suits you or not.