Styles of dresses for women 50 years.

woman at any age wants to look dignified, luxurious, regal.Many people believe that it is in 50 years a woman is truly beautiful.But how wisely emphasize this beauty?It is important to choose the right style of dress for women 50 years.The model should refresh lady, emphasizing the dignity and hide flaws.Pick a dress properly - and you'll look like a queen forever!

How to choose the style of dress for women 50 years?

At the age of 50 years for women it is best to abandon the flashy designs and colors, they prefer concise, simplified style of dress.The ideal choice would be a dress-up box, or a box of dress-up dress-coat.It is not necessary to purchase a model with an inflated waistline, or a multi-layer skirt.Very important is the length of the dress.Fashion for women 50 years, of course, do not offer such a variety of lengths for women 20 years, but still have a choice.Be careful with the length to mid-calf dresses.Not only is it visually shortens feet and makes them better, so more and add to your

age.It is best to choose a model with a length of 4 fingers below the knee.If you saved the harmony, you can afford to pay a little above the knee.In any case, do not forget about the right tights that will help you hide the traces of age on his feet.If you are tall and slender woman, then allow yourself to consider the styles of long dresses.But be careful, because in this lap is easy to get confused and fall.

Pay attention to the length of the sleeve.It is not necessary to buy a dress with short sleeves or straps.If you do gain this outfit, add a jacket or coat it.It is best to choose a model with a long sleeve or "three-fourths".

How to choose a dress based on the type of your figure?

choosing a suitable option for themselves dress, repulsive primarily on its type figure.What dress suit owners of different shapes?Consider them:

  • If you have a figure "hourglass" (clearly visible waist, shoulders and hips about the same width), then you are suitable for almost all models.The ideal choice would be the model, with an emphasis on the waist.
  • woman with the figure of the "triangle" (narrow hips, broad shoulders) suitable trapezoidal silhouette dresses or wide straps.Dropped waist hips will add volume and divert eyes away from the shoulders.
  • style of dress for women 50 years with the figure of "pear" (wide hips, narrow shoulders) should be draped or flared bottom.They perfectly hide breadth thighs.Round neckline and sleeves in the form of lanterns equalize the shoulders and hips.
  • If you have a figure "rectangle", choose a model with a smell, or seat belts.Perfectly suited to you dresses with high or low waist.
  • If your figure is reminiscent of apple, buy dresses straight silhouette.Also great disguise full hips models with flared skirt.

What color to choose a dress?

women after 50 years, it is best to choose colors that can maximize refresh their face.Designed to cope with this task delicate pastel colors: peach, light blue, light green, milky, soft coral.For a special occasion suit women's suits deep tones (it is black, chocolate, bottled or saturated blue color).Try to choose a shade dresses with regard to its tsvetotipa.Do not choose flashy clothes and acid shades, even if in the coming season they are in the height of fashion.Women over 50 years did not adorn themselves such clothes, and only cause confusion among the people around them.

black dress women over 50 years should be worn with care, in some cases they are able to give a person an earthy tone.If you do not want to look too gloomy or funereal, then intelligently apply this shade for yourself.Strict dilute black dress with bright accessories or decorations suitable for you.

Figure dresses for women 50 years

Women 50 years of age can wear dresses with prints, though, their choice should be approached very seriously.At this age, it is not necessary to wear animal, oriental or geometric prints.These figures are valid except on blouses.But if you really want to wear a dress with a print, then stop it monotonous jacket.Choose a model with a pattern of cells dim or too narrow strips.You do not want to remind the mattress or a tablecloth?Summer Dresses can have floral print, but he has a life and a large dim.Dresses in small flower leave for younger girls.Women after 50 years will very polka-dot dress, emphasizing her femininity and tenderness.

Valid decorative elements

Dresses dresses for women in the so-called wise age should not resemble anything girlish outfits.Do not buy a model with sequins, bows and ruffles in any case!Cheap accessories (eg, buttons, gold color) does not add to your solidity.Beautiful dress styles can be decorated with a high-quality matte accessories.But you can buy dresses with draped competent.It can highlight or hide the waist, add a volume of the breast.It looks good draping sleeves, it attaches together femininity and solemnity.

texture of dresses for women 50 years

style of dress for women 50 years and still be selected in accordance with their invoice.Prefer dresses from quality natural fabrics that are smooth or matte texture.Only for special occasions you can purchase a bright dress.Do not wear models of velvet, lace, satin.If you associate the publication of it with these fabrics, you get yourself a bag of such invoice.Beware knitted knitwear, they look unfashionable and can visually EXECUTE any figure.Only summer dresses and sundresses can be made of high-quality and lightweight jersey.

selection of jewelry to dress

dress - is the subject of women's wardrobe, "loving" almost any decoration.As for women 50 years of model dresses advice is simple, the ornaments are required.You can wear any accessories: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches.An original way to add correctly matched in color and texture scarf.Do not forget about the selection of the right shoe under the suit.It is not necessary to wear a dress with high heels, most importantly, follow the stylistic coincidence parts of the image!

What it is - the perfect dress?

Women's costumes for this age group should be of high quality and fashionable.In no case should not indicate your shortcomings!After 50 years, the skin on the hands and neck area often becomes flabby, so do not open too weak points.But the rush to extremes, choosing models of dresses with long sleeves and collar deaf, too, should not be.If you want to stand out from the crowd, but does not look tacky and vulgar, Stay diversified one outfit.Transparent inserts or inserts with embroidery in the upper chest will hide imperfections and make the dress very original and memorable.But zealous with guipure and grid after 50 years is still not worth it, be very careful!

dress for all occasions

in every woman's wardrobe should be clothes for every occasion.What dress should be in the woman's closet after 50 years?

  1. at work and various daytime activities wear classic cut dresses.You can also choose a pencil skirt and a pair of stylish shirts.
  2. In case of triumph, you should have a special dress.Pay attention to the styles of long dresses.For special occasions are suitable outfits from expensive fabrics with unusual fabrics and bulky shapes.
  3. Black dress classic style - this option is considered universal.This dress is suitable for both everyday and for holidays.Complete its pearl strand necklace, brooch or original stylish silk handkerchief.
  4. Dress-shirt is also considered universal.In it, you can attend as an office and a restaurant.It looks elegant, but not too solemn.

choosing a dress, you need to focus also on the way it is "sitting" on you.The new outfit you should be comfortable, otherwise you will look like a queen will not, no matter how chic choice or did.It is not necessary to buy clothes in a youth style, trying to look younger.Such orders, in contrast, emphasize your age.Not Kuta and senile outfits, believing that youth is gone.Your life does not end.The woman is beautiful at any age, if her clothes are tasteful!