Slipony men: what it is and what to wear?

Summer - a time when most want to enjoy the warmth and the rest from the heavy winter clothing and footwear.So why not diversify your wardrobe with a new pair.It is not the first season the designers pay attention to slipony male (photo) and female.The shoes are very popular, and in addition, comfortable and practical.Let's see what it is and what they wear.

Slipony: what is it?

The word comes from the English Slip-on.In fact, they are all the usual sneakers, that's just no lacing.Slipony - a shoe made of canvas, rubber-soled shoes.He created them for the first time introduced the world to Paul Van Doren in 1977.However, if they were seen as a purely athletic shoes designed for surfing.Now slipony (male or female) on a wave of popularity, they are everything and everywhere.A variety of models and colors allows you to use this convenient and practical footwear to create any image.Moreover, they are affordable.

Slipony men: what to wear?

It should immediately be noted that the shoes are extremely

versatile and can hardly be found for the summer to something more appropriate.Therefore slipony definitely should be in the wardrobe of every man.If the original version they sewed exclusively from canvas, but now this type of shoe can be totally different materials.For example, leather slipony will be a great addition not only informally but will be relevant even in the office, where the dress code is not too strict.With sporty nature, the best slipony combined with everyday clothes made from natural materials (cotton, flax).It is also worth bearing in mind: putting slipony - forget about socks.These two items of the male wardrobe each other mutually exclusive.In an extreme case, if you really an option on his bare feet completely not seen, we advise to choose the most understated type Sledkov socks.

Option №1: with jeans

Slipony (male or female) best look with jeans, this combination can truly be called a classic.And it can be all the favorite color of indigo or bleached cloth.However, and slipony may be quite different from the bright patterns of canvas to stylish suede options.The easiest option - it is a classic jeans and a white shirt or T-shirt.For those who want something a little more relaxed and original, offer way, as in the photo.Torn jeans and a shirt with vertical stripes look very stylish.Experiment with color contrasts.Using a variety of shirts and T-shirts, this way you can each time to provide a new way.

Option №2: leather slipony

Men slipony black or brown skin will be a good complement to the image in the style of casual.These shoes are not just for the summer, and it is suitable for spring, warm autumn.Very popular shade tobacco, such models can be found in the collections of the most famous fashion houses.We offer only three ways to enter slipony leather to your wardrobe.The best option, in which, as they say, and feast, and in the world, and good people, is shown in the photo.Classic wool pants (blue or black) are complemented by a simple sweater with a round neck and leather sliponami.Simple and tasteful.But if you replace the white shirt and sweater jacket in military style, and instead wear cotton chinos pants, you get the image of youth.Slipony tobacco color in this case will look very harmonious.And the third option - a colored chinos pants marsala, so popular this season, and the usual T-shirt.Complement the image of slipony, men's accessories (glasses, high-quality leather belt, the massive clock on the hand).

Option №3: slipony and shorts

It is, in fact, the basic package, for which this shoe was created.Generally not immediately stipulate that shorts men do not decorate, so choose those that are normal, classical length.By sliponam well suited model denim, cotton and linen.For example, in the photo is quite simple and at the same time stylish set.Shorts and a shirt in this case, one shade, and wearing a T-shirt underneath a print.Plenty of room for choice to create a truly huge.Shorts safari (marsh or white), for example, can be supplemented with a white short-sleeved shirt or polo and sliponami in tone.Alternatively, look at the breeches and capris that with this shoe will also be relevant.

Slipony - shoes quite universal, and the choice of "neighbors" very democratic.Therefore, the classical model would be a good investment, but if you do not splurge and choose a branded pair, they will serve you more than one season.For example, men slipony "Adidas".The famous company has released a collection of comfortable shoes made of light canvas.The color scheme is very rich (plain and printed), all models are supplemented by lining contrasting color and have a rubberized protection in the toe area.

Option №4: slipony and classic trousers

Do not confuse this tandem is now important to combine incongruous, most importantly, do it wisely and in moderation.Of course, the image turns out a bit controversial and daring, but this is its charm.Please note the photo.In one set combines light blue slipony, mens formal trousers and double-breasted jacket.Note that the image itself is very catchy, so the colors chosen are quite modest: black and white.It is a place of sunglasses aviators, good fit to a set of leather bag over his shoulder, like a postman.