Russian brand of clothing: a list, review

For anyone wardrobe - an integral part of his life.Each has his own, starting with everyday things and ending fashionable novelties for publication.Sometimes it is enough to be a shrewd and buy some universal things that will serve faithfully in every situation.Wardrobe depends on the individual person's style, whether classical, romantic or sporty, from his behavior.Equally important is his character, which is a kind of inner core and affects the formation of personality traits.

Each fills a wardrobe to your taste and color.Some people prefer foreign brands of clothing, others remain committed to domestic production.Are there many domestic manufacturers and brands we know?We do not make mistakes in the selection, sometimes taking Russian brands of clothing for overseas, as part of a local residence permit intentionally give their product a foreign name, in order to increase the demand for them.Justifiable to separate the price of clothing of various domestic producers?Here in this article are examp

les of domestic brands of clothing.Let's try to classify clothing brands Russian manufacturers by types, depending on the target audience.

brand - it is for whom?

It is primarily associated with the trademark, the trademark.The main thing for him - positioning and social reaction.Brand clothing - a comprehensive approach to quality components, price, following fashion trends.It's no secret that the market is simply a light textile industry is replete with a variety of clothing, like a brand, as well as the usual factory production.Some brands we are familiar not by hearsay, but from personal experience, and others at the hearing at all because of their wide positioning, and some of which we had never heard of.Not necessarily brand clothes have to be expensive, the price range is diverse.Offered by famous designers elite collection of clothing or under the category "mass market" things important to be able to choose to create a presentable appearance on the one hand - all to emphasize the charm of the figures, and on the other - maybe hide some flaws.

studies experienced psychologists allowed to visualize the image of the man who seeks to dress in stylish things only well-known trademarks.As a rule, "branded shopaholic" - a woman of 30 years who wants to make a career and tends to warm family relations.She likes comfort, often listens to the views of others.She is familiar to many, both foreign and Russian brands of women's clothing is constantly updated with a list of things in her wardrobe.In fact, branded clothing is made for all ages.To look stylish, ready to buy it is not only women but also men.And for children the choice of quality clothing is very high.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic producers of clothing?

Russian brands of clothes (the list of domestic brands deserves respect!) Sometimes are not inferior to foreign ones.Many of them have earned a good reputation, able to transform the unique person, to emphasize his dignity, self-esteem.Afford clothes with foreign label may not everyone is ready.Some are not satisfied with the price, while others see themselves as patriots and not inclined to change traditions.In addition, many Russian brands of clothes are not inferior in quality and design solutions "brothers" from abroad, as manufactured and Western technology.They are adapted to our climate, sometimes quite harsh conditions, and are much cheaper.

whom have not claimed an impressive range of products of Russian manufacturers who do not want to be like the others and wants to attract the attention of an exclusive thing promoted brand, he goes for shopping in the famous Italian, German, British, American, Frenchfashion boutiques.Here the main thing - do not overdo it, do not play too long, remember that not a thing makes the man, and vice versa.

baby.Who sews for them in Russia?

in major cities of Russia put the production of children's clothes, from the hosiery and finishing outerwear from economy to premium.Most manufacturers have a wide supply network in many parts of the country and are renowned for their quality characteristics of the goods.CIS - is also one of the most active buyers of our domestic products.And let some brands of clothes (not only children's) not actively positioning themselves information, but still have their regular customers.Some young mothers do not consider it necessary to buy a small children branded clothing, referring to the rapid growth of their children.Again, this is a private matter.For example, some Russian brands of children's clothing, the list of which is divided into blocks, represented by the following manufacturers.

and upper primary (daily, "output") clothes for children

proven fact - Russian brands of children's clothes can adequately confront the West.Thus, Fox-cub (Rybinsk) releases the top (transition and winter) clothes for children up to 7 years under the brand name "Fox".A similar product is inherent in the Moscow company "KidsStayl» (KidsStyle) brand «Cherche», near Moscow "Monarch" brand «Magic wool».Brands' favorite pipsqueak "and" Miracle pipsqueak "the same company" Miracle pipsqueak "- is a series of interesting proposals in the form of hats, mittens, gloves, mittens, pinetok.

among the elite children's collections, is not inferior to foreign in the eyes of discerning buyers, we can note:

- Moscow with the Italian brand called «Gioia di Mamma» («Mom's joy") - it is presented collectible design solutions;

- «ILD» or «I Love to Dream» of «BestKidsKlab» (BestKidsClub) - producing models in the style of «non-casual», resembling small copies of adult models;

- «Button Blue», «Gulliver», «Gulliver Baby» from the company «Gulliver» (Moscow) - sewing patterns for any occasion in the style of «casual», «casual sport», «fashion», «school".

bad position themselves and releasing everyday knitwear Russian brands of children's clothing.The list includes clothes designed for the little ones:

- «Crockid», «Optop» from the company «Soley Group», which is engaged in the production and outerwear, and hosiery range, and a variety of kits for the newborn;

- similar to the production of brands «Sweet Berry Baby», «Sweet Berry», «Luminoso» from «KidsStayl" (Moscow);

- widely untwisted brands "V +" (or "Umka +") from "OylTeks" (Podolsk, Moscow region).

also popular: «Limoni» of Moscow company "Funtik";«Lucky Child» by the same company (factory "Interkafe, Mytischi, Moscow Region);"Happy Baby" from the name of a Moscow company;«Pollo» from the Moscow company «Babypollo»;«Play Today»;«Golden Rose», «Adagio», «ARISTA» from the same producer of the Moscow «ARISTA»;«Cosmi-ko», «Gamma», «Fragola», «» of the same manufacturer of hosiery for the whole family "Gamma" (Orel).

overview of youth clothing brands

Youth - the driving force of society.Active, bright, bold, courageous guys tend to look stunning in any situation.They picked up their unique, creative solutions, combining incongruous at times, but at the same time not forgetting about comfort and convenience.

The category "Russian youth clothing brands' target audience is very often treated as follows:

-« Befree »- eccentric brand for young people, challenging society from the manufacturer« Melon fashion group »;

- «Savage», «Mondigo», «Conver» - stylish things brands at an affordable price;

- «yarns, Threads" - Moscow youth brand for the production of sweatshirts and T-shirts printed with the individual;

- «Kyrochki-na» - brand, designed for young and active fashionistas who want exclusive and look stunning.

This category may include: «OGGI», «Sela» and a number of others who produce news not only for youth, but also for other age groups.

Brands street youth culture

street youth subculture represented by such outstanding Russian apparel brands as: «CodeRed», «PeperMilk», «Saint-P Apparel», «Anteater», «G-style», «ZIQ & amp;YONI »,« Mono Apparel »,« Anteater Clothing »,« Petersburg's Shield "," Larousse »,« Urals »,« Taboon comoon »,« Last skin »,« Sword CLOTHING »,« TAIGA ORIGINAL »,« SKILLS WEAR », «TRUDE», «AGNI», «Trailhead», «FICTION WEAR», «Underground atelier Krakatau», «The Underlocals», «Aardvark», «Bat Norton» «Harms", "dreidel".Many of them have appeared recently, but already well proven because of good quality materials, exclusive style.Reflect street tradition, most of St. Petersburg.The original, with its individual theme.Often produced in limited editions.

Russian brand of women's clothing: a list

every girl and woman wants to look beautiful, feminine, unpredictable.It is in the nature of it.One needs to do a huge walk-in closet, the other - just a few things in different colors and the ability to combine them, picking up depending on the situation, preferences and the season.Both foreign and Russian brands of women's clothing are a wide interest for a good half of humanity.

Consider the most popular among domestic brands.

often in the hands of one manufacturer may be the release of several brands of clothing for different age groups.Thus, the company «Melon fashion group» is widely represented by a network of stores relatively inexpensive and high-quality clothes in Russia and the near abroad countries: Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.Combines areas for women:

- «LOVE REPUBLIC» - brand for fashionistas and flirts;

- «ZARINA» - brand name for stylish, confident women.

The same company owns youth brand «Befree», which was mentioned above.

Equally popular, including among pop stars, brands: «Tom Klaim» (allow its customers to always remain "at an altitude»), «Yukostyle» (exclusive design is handmade models), «YETONADO» (brand clothingpeople who try to live "up to date" about negotiating a result, full of fresh ideas and aspirations), «Visavis» (help young girls, women create an image of modern women of fashion, bold, bright, emphasizing her femininity and romantic nature)«Factory Fashion», «Wisell».To remain attractive and sexy, even in an interesting position, helping the brand "FEST".Russian brand of clothing: «X'cluSIve», «Dena Savati» are unusual decisions, making women's jackets, coats, furs.Comfortable, convenient casual dress (elegant underwear, robes) give brands «Laete», «AIRIDACO» (Company «BEAUTY LV»), «Infinity Lingerie», «ELIS», «Clever Wear».

Recently, there are many young designers producing their own line of interesting things.These relatively new Russian clothing brands named in honor of its creators.As an example, quite a few popular brands: «Kira Plastinina», «D.VA», «Anastasia Tchir», «Victoria Irbaieva», «Igor Gulyaev», «Cyrille Gassiline», «Vika Smolyanitskaya», «Ianis Chamalidy »,« Kate Frankfurt »,« Yulia Dushina »,« Ksenia Knyazeva »,« Vassa & amp;Co ».But such eminent designers as Valentin Yudashkin, Erica Zajonc, Catherine Smolin has repeatedly defended the honor of the Russian fashion shows in the world.Also, the popularity gained fashionable clothes Russian brand: «Chistova & amp;Endourova »,« The Two Towers »,« KOGEL »,« Razu Mikhina »,« Giulia Rossi »,« Libellulas »,« Mary Mea »,« Olivegrey »,« IQ Dress »,« Deffinesse »,« Virginia Style »anda lot others.

Review stylish menswear brands

not only female but also male wants to look business-like in style, respectable, elegant, trendy, sometimes reserved.As a rule, in the men's locker room there is nothing superfluous, but all the most necessary.The main thing for men - the practicality and comfort.Therefore, the Russian men's clothing brands are also widely represented by various well-known manufacturers.Among them are: the Italian company to some extent called «D.Polgri» making stylish things, outerwear line «Yierman».The young and dynamic Russian brand GroStyle named after its chief designer Vyacheslav Gross, who is engaged in manufacture of collections of fashionable clothes in the style of «casual» for men.Decent selection of men's accessories, whether ties, butterflies, belts, scarves, vests, is a fashion brand «Elsago».Many companies specialize in the production of branded clothing for both sexes.In addition, the male half of the inherent style of racing, they often resort to a choice of trendy sports items.

Review sportswear.Manufacturers and Brands

We all know that modern life - a movement, rhythm, a sport that has a direct impact not only on the physical health, but also to create positive emotions.To exercise brings satisfaction, considerable importance is the so-called sports equipment.It should be easy, practical, convenient, comfortable.Today, there are a variety of Russian brands of sportswear for all ages.Among gained popularity can be distinguished:

- «Demix», which belongs to the network of "Sportmaster";

- «Maxx» sportswear company «Maxxisport» (Perm);

- «Real Pump» Moscow company "Rhythm of Success'.

outfit for the Russian Olympic team - a brand of «Forward» Moscow-based company of the same name and «BOSCO» from the company «BOSCO DI CILIEGI»;

also include well-known include: "A.V.T.- Sports" from Perm, «Sportego», Sport Vision and «Dzeta» from St. Petersburg, "Oktakem" from Moscow, "Alfa-sport" from Barnaul,"Sports Link" from Velikiye Luki, «Baltic Bridge».For children's sports activities proper equipment supply well proven, "Elena and Co.», «Aliera», «Quart», «Flammber», «Extreme Direkshn."

Dress the whole family in one boutique

Many manufacturers are characterized by the release of brand items for all ages.So, it is fashionable to dress the entire family can be in boutiques representing brands:

- Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay - fashionable this child and adult clothing companies "Gloria Jeans", owned by businessman Vladimir Melnikov.The head office is located in Rostov-on-Don;

- «Sela» - fashion brand women's and men as well as children's and teen clothing with fairly reasonable prices and good quality parameters, especially relevant for young people;

- O'stin - belongs to a network of shops "Sportmaster" clothing brand offers versatility, simplicity and low prices;

- «Zolla» - brand of collectible items for men and women of the popular Russian company «Factor LLC»;

- Oodji (OGGI) - a brand of the same company, which manufactures women's, men's and children's clothing;

- brands of high-quality women's and men's clothing «INCITY» and underwear « DESEO» publishes the Russian company "Fashion continent";

- among the well-known Russian brands for the production of outer clothing stands out: «BEARLOGA», «Lab Fashion», «PLAXA», «nes & amp; west», «Vizani», «Sinta», «Marnelli» ;

- on hearing we also have clothing brands «Vassa & amp; Co», «Pelican», «Mondigo», «Eniland».

Unfortunately buyers, even at very many widely advertised apparel brands positioned with the unusual name of foreign origin in no way confirmed, in addition to beautifully describe the history of sites, including those associated with the names of well-known people, which contains both a network only Russianboutiques and shops.Abroad as little is known about these lines of clothing.Many of them are sewed on conventional Russian factories or China.As an example, mark: «Ketroy», «Simoni», «Al Franco», «Meucci», «Alfred Muller», «Taya Jeans», «Giovanni Botticelli».Many are cost characteristics, which do not always match the quality of the goods.

This is not a complete listing of domestic clothing brands, but only some of their examples, have earned the trust of customers, observe the traditions of production and quality standards, and have not found acceptance among consumers.