White Converse - the perfect solution for everyday image

Sneakers - it's not just athletic shoes.Today they have become an integral part of the wardrobe of any girl that looks after his appearance.In this article you will learn what combination of white conversion.

Converse - World youth footwear brand

history gym shoes manufacturing company has more than a hundred years.After all, in the early 20th century, manufacturers began to produce the first batch of athletic shoes for men and women.The design and usability of sneakers Converse so liked mods that have become a real symbol of a century.It is not surprising that even today this shoe does not lose its relevance.

Today, Converse are not only representatives of the informal movements, as it was made in the 90s.White sneakers allow themselves to men and women of every age and social status.After all, this classic shoe industry will always be in fashion.

conversion for women (white) - great for everyday image

If your wardrobe yet this unique shoe is the time to buy it.After Converse sneakers will

complement almost any everyday image of a modern girl.

Due to the flat geometry of the sole and comfortable shoes suitable for active walking, shopping and even a job that requires constant movement.At the same time the legs do not get tired as when wearing high heels.

And if you give preference to white, it will be an absolute trend.After all, things are relevant light for summer 2015.The white color is able to adjust the figure flaws and give a beautiful shade of tan.That is why the world's designers are actively using it in their collections.

From what to wear white conversions?

uniqueness of this shoe is that it can be combined with almost any outfit.Perhaps this is why women all over the world are choosing conversion.White low sneakers are a great way to complement the style of casual.They can be worn with skinny jeans and with short shorts.At the same time it is not necessary to select the top to match the shoes.

perfectly match the white Converse with short summer sundresses cotton or staple.The material from which the dress can be both monotonous and with a floral or geometric pattern.Fashionistas also wear white sneakers with long sundresses on the floor.However, in this case, you need to carefully select accessories.

In the case of sneakers you can experiment.After all, young girls are almost all.This means that we should not be afraid to try on the most daring images.

We select accessories

If you decide to supplement your image sneakers, then Heed to the choice of accessories.From sports shoes go perfectly with floral print backpacks, which are very popular this season.As the headgear, you can choose not only a cap, but a straw hat with a narrow brim.

When creating the image of the summer, you can not limit yourself to choosing jewelry.So feel free to try on colorful bracelets and earrings.White Converse combined with almost any material by practical color.But do not wear jewelry and natural stones.These accessories should be reserved for shoes or ballet shoes.

also possible to vary the plain white sneakers with colored laces.This solution is suitable for those who are not accustomed to appear in the same way in front of friends.Easy replacement of the factory white laces on the color will bring in casual outfit zest.

When buying kedov note that they must close-fitting leg.After the tissue from which they are made, it tends to stretch over time.Therefore, even after a long period of socks you should be comfortable in the shoe.