The necessary thing in the locker room - blouse office

Given the fact that the time spent in the office environment, occupies a large part of the day, and clothes must meet the dress code, and meet personal comfort women.In addition, I want to look good during the working process.The correct choice of clothing will allow to combine solid appearance with convenience.At business meetings, meetings, conferences, or at their workplace profitable cut and color combination suits able to emphasize individuality.But the feminine has not been canceled.

Needful Things for business lady

best elements of clothing, suitable for office furnishings are classic suits, pencil skirts, jackets, trousers and white office shirt.The cabinet should have more Chiffon scarves or handkerchiefs of different colors, a few belts.This arsenal will look great in an office or at a business meeting.

Such a set of things to help out in any situation, and picking up bright and stylish accessories, business style can easily be turned into a way to meet friends or a date.

tsvetotip choice and blouses

Blouse office - a universal element of the wardrobe that fits under the skirt, pants and even jeans.It is best to have a cabinet in several patterns of different colors.Thus, you can pick up clothes in the mood.

Warm milk tones suit girls with light skin and hair.It will emphasize tenderness and tsvetotip owner blouses.Girls with olive skin tones suitable for coffee.However, the most versatile option is the white blouse office.This color is suitable for almost everyone, while it is always refreshing and gives the image of formality.

Women's blouses office should be chosen, following one condition.Croy and must be uniquely simple and classic.Blouse well sit on the figure, emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages of hiding.This will also help the selection of the correct color.

This item of clothing sets up a working mood and formal setting.This blouse is different office from other models that can be worn outside of work.

fabric of this item of clothing should be selected with a high content of Koton.Blouse office can be made from completely natural fabric.In this case, it will not be flexible but strict cut does not imply this.This model will give a sense of comfort and save even in the summer heat.The hottest time of optimum wear blouses with short sleeves or long, three-quarters.

From what to wear?

options like this wearing office clothes, Mass.Good will look blouse and narrow pencil skirt.It can be refilled by the belt or let out.It is also a great option to the classic cut trousers or pipes.Blouse can be worn tucked or untucked, adding to the image of a thin belt to match the bag, chiffon scarf or shoes.

will look very elegant white blouse and skirt strict medium length midi.Color is better to pick the bottom of the dark deep.Contrast footwear and accessories will give the image of femininity, effectively highlighting the girl from the crowd.


Through properly selected office clothes can vary gray days and make notes of bright, even in the most boring day.Woman in blouse could not look less attractive than in the dress or any other dress.