In an effort to improve its image as much as possible some of the girls are going to absolutely desperate measures.For example, pasting overhead plastic nails that spoil the natural nail plate.But there are a lot of simple, safe and affordable way to create a unique and stylish way.For example, space-manicure.

When he came into vogue?

in late 2013 on the fashion catwalks of the world began to appear a model showing the new space prints in clothes.Around the same time, the nail industry has undergone some changes.As a result, and entered the fashion space manicure.It is noteworthy that the first to try it is owner of natural nails, but not accrued.What was even some upheaval, as had previously been the opposite.New products often tried to accrued marigolds, then later introducing natural designs.

What is?

Before a manicure "space", is to understand that it is.The first thing that comes to mind - the stars, the planets, the Milky Way, comets or astronauts.However, space-manicure in classical perfor

mance at the Masters is a stellar galaxy.More often black or dark blue background.With the right approach manicure really looks like pieces of space at the tip of the nail.By the way, no special tools to create a charge.Therefore, to implement such a design can be anyone on their own at home.

easiest way

Manicure "space" in the home is performed on different technologies.However, the simplest and most affordable - only lacquer.To design required:

  • dark varnish for the base (black or dark-blue);
  • clearcoat with small sparkles;
  • clearcoat with a major figure glitter (preferably hexagon);
  • basis for manicure.

When nails are thoroughly cleaned of old coatings and rasped, should pay attention to the cuticle.Its pusher or push (special spatula) or removed with a special gel.Use clippers or scissors is not recommended because there is a risk cause injury.Prepared nail plate covers the basics.After it dries darker base lacquer is applied.The more layers, if required.Thereafter, the varnish is applied with a large shaped glitter.He must thoroughly dry, otherwise manicure will wrinkle and sliding.The final step is applying nail polish with fine glitter.Space manicure ready.It's the easiest way, which does not require special skills, tools, materials.

Design sponge

There is another way of how to do a manicure "space" in the home.Simple enough, but an interesting technology performance.Manicure required:

  • dark varnish for the base;
  • silver paint;
  • piece of foam or sponge;
  • Glitter nail with a fine brush or a thin brush separately;
  • gold lacquer;
  • sheet of paper;
  • palette;
  • nail polish remover;
  • basis for manicure.

Pre nails need to prepare: sawdust to a beautiful and symmetrical shape, remove cuticles, remove the old paint if it was.Even then applied a thin layer of foundation that dries quickly.Dark base lacquer covered all the nails.Enough and one layer.

The palette poured silver lacquer, it plunges into a piece of foam rubber.The first swab is placed on a piece of paper that prints of the nails did not look too nalyapisto.After that, the palette is added to gold lacquer.With him it held the same manipulation.On lacquer nail prints transferred very carefully.If necessary, the excess is removed from the skin with a special liquid.

Silvery paint with a fine brush drawn thin strips in the vertical direction.Naturally, each layer of lacquer must dry before applying the next, or get ugly manicure and jams.

Photo Design

varnish method, of course, is good, but not always justified.Quite often, because of the abundance of layers manicure too fast slides with nails.After about 4-6 days.Therefore advised to try to master space photo design.It is noteworthy that the procedure can be carried out independently at home.This will require only the basis for manicure, fixer and photo design.Last can be selected on an adhesive substrate that was easier to use.

Figure unstuck from the base, with the help of forceps is placed on a prepared claw (already coated substrates for manicure), cut off the excess with scissors.Alternately, the procedure is repeated on all the fingers.Then the design is covered by a fixer.Space pictures, there are many, so only the most difficult is the process of selecting suitable.Some photo design also glow in the dark, that is all the rage!