French striking short and long nails: photos and recommendations

nails - this is what catches the eye in the first place, so the character of the ladies can be seen by looking at her fingertips.Bright jacket with a picture or a manicure in pastel colors - each of us has the right to choose what fits the outfit and mood.Observance of simple rules at the time of varnishing and the ability to combine the color palette - a guarantee to get a quality manicure at home.

stars prefer french!

french manicure today continues to gain popularity.On the red carpet with a brilliant service jacket left the Madonna;Dita Von Teese prefers red moon jacket, Rihanna - black.During follow their idols and ordinary women who in everyday life practicing the same nail design.Megan Fox, despite his congenital diseases of the fingers, which are disproportionate, does not complex and makes a bright jacket even on their constantly short nails.Extravagant Victoria Behkem surprisingly prefers classic French manicure white and pink.By the way, this example should be the majority of women today


trend of the season - moon manicure

Each year the popularity begins to take "Hollywood jacket."Its other name "moon manicure" he received from the fact that it focuses on light base of the nail, called lanuloy.The advantage of this design is that it looks good both on the short and on the long nails.Due to the fact that dark colors visually shorten the length of miniature ladies' fingers should be done moon manicure in bright colors.The wells of the nail can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, select a different color, or leave is not shaded.In order to make a bright coat of this type, it is necessary must be applied to the basecoat, and then the nail hole.After that you should paint over the main length.You can use a thin brush or stencil to manicure turned out smooth and beautiful.

Creative jacket with sequins and drawings

French manicure Opponents argue that it has long been out of fashion because of its severity.But add to the usual colors of glitter and drawings - a bright coat on the nails begin to look very different.The main thing - to choose a good combination of colors and ornaments are not abused, otherwise elegant Miss instantly acquire the status of an untidy girl.Preferably not more than three colors in manicure.The exceptions are cases where every shade is used in small quantities for the image pattern or a pattern.On long nails will look good big picture, and owners of miniature nogotochki should look for a small dot pattern.

Rainbow Bright

french manicure like extravagant personality who strive to look as impressive regardless of the situation.Often jacket is composed of several colors - such version is called "twist".The only negative is that it can afford to teenage girls, but not respectable lady working in the office.However, even adult women may find a reason to do it: it will look great with any swimsuit and sets you apart from all the rest on the beach.

bright jacket, a photo of which is presented above can be done in two ways, using special inks or varnishes.It is necessary to apply one drop of each color on both edges of the nail, toothpick, or feather orange stick and let dry.Then fix the color protective coating.Thus, in glowing jacket on every finger you have applied different shades, so manicure looks much more impressive.

Unsuccessful color combinations

from coverage on the nails depends on the reputation of women.Some of them admit that they do manicure with Shellac covering to less care of their nails at home, and some prefer black varnish to hide the dirt.Bright jacket is not advantageous to look at all types of nails: the classical oval is recommended to choose the classic shades, but not fluorescent.

Pastel colors are not recommended for use in manicure dark girl;and it should not be selected to match the nail skin, or nails look as an extension of the fingers.Making two-tone color, it is not recommended to use a coating with large sequins - so your hands will look unkempt.Do not make large figures like SpongeBob or ice cream on each nail - this idea too for the baby girl over 16 years.Avoid everyday life too bright colors.It is not necessary to cover the monotonous varnish long nails without additional decorations and figures - it looks boring.

How to do a French manicure?

girls who previously preferred to paint nails one color, will not be easy at first.In order to make a bright jacket, you must have the experience and patience, because the first result can be far from ideal.Occupation greatly simplify stencils of different lengths and shapes that must be imposed on the nail, the nail varnish and paint to give it to dry.Do not use the same label more than once, or it may stick to the uneven surface, because of which the protuberances are formed.Depending on the quality of varnish, remove the stencil must be at least 10 minutes later: matt varnish dries much faster glossy.On top of the nail covered with a protective coating, if desired, you can paste rhinestones and stickers.If you want to make a bright two-tone jacket, a photo of which you will see in magazines or newspapers, pay attention to the combination of colors and texture.After regular and enhanced training you in the future will be easy to apply a stencil paint without using a thin brush.