Lipstick "Lots of color" ("Avon"): reviews and expert opinion

Today, the company "Avon" (Avon) is one of the most prominent leaders in the field of sales of cosmetics and perfumes.Experts call it the most successful cosmetics company among direct competitors.Despite the fact that Avon - a modern and trendy brand, the company has a rich history dating back to back in the last century.In 2011, it celebrated the anniversary - 125 years on the market.Of course, the incredible success of Avon cosmetics associated with the high quality of its products.Millions of modern women living in all parts of the world, chosen for myself this particular makeup.

little history

Interestingly, the creator of the world famous brand of women's makeup is just a man - David McConnell.At the beginning of his career, McConnell is not going to do makeup, math teacher by training, he worked part time as a salesman in one of the many book publishers.When brooding over how to boost book sales, the idea came to David, later changed his whole life.McConnell decided to give every woman to buy

books, a small bottle of perfume, it is hoped to attract more buyers.Soon, however, McConnell realized that the spirits are much more interested in women than they sold books.Then he organized together with his wife Lucy her first fragrance company.Even in those days, David has selected the correct method of distributing the company's products - direct sales, the method used by the company today.

Over time, range of goods produced by the company has expanded, and there was a need to establish the first ever Avon catalog, which at the time contained a printed description of the goods offered by the company.Avon is rapidly evolving, more and more laboratories, and by the early 20th century, the company began to actively produce not only perfumes, but also shampoos, lipsticks, balms and other body care products.50 years of the 20th century were marked for Avon exit to the world market, which is several times increased trade.

Today, Avon - one of the most famous cosmetic companies in the world.It is famous for creating products using the latest technology, high-quality cosmetics and prices.

Key Features lipstick

first thing we see when we take up a brand new lipstick - packing.In this case, it is nothing special - plain black plastic cover on the lid which is a special opening through which you can see the color of the lipstick.Lipstick "Avon" "Lots of color," our attention is varied palette includes 15 shades, ranging from standard and quite accustomed to very unexpected colors that dare to use a very confident girl.The texture is dense and creamy lipstick.A distinctive feature of the new lipstick is as easy application, with just one move to the bright color completely cover your lips.They do not shrink, stay hydrated, do not peel.Lipstick easily erased using special cosmetics, and the pigment is not lipstick on the mouth eats.All these characteristics lead to the conclusion that the choice of these fashionistas who know a lot about beauty - lipstick "Lots of color" ("Avon").Reviews of lipstick - absolute proof.

Lipstick "Lots of color" ("Avon"): Product reviews

Stunning new has pleased thousands of women. Lipstick "Lots of color" ("Avon"), reviews of which do not get tired to please, surely won the hearts.

The collection consists of 15 unique colors.New Lipstick "Avon" differs mostly bright colors and saturation is achieved by only one simple movement of the substrate.New lipstick recommend the real experts of the beauty industry, noting the set of its positive qualities.Lipstick in demand among fashion makeup artists who prefer to work with high-quality cosmetics.Women who have been lucky enough to use the new product, in addition to the brightness of the colors, and also note resistance.Lipstick "Avon" emphasize the individuality of the owner, will showcase around her delicate and refined taste.Each woman will be able to choose the most suitable exactly for her lipstick color.The photo below illustrates the whole palette of colors provided by the novelty.

Negative reviews

The bulk of the negative reviews of the product are connected to the brightness of colors, shades because, as promised the producers really are incredibly juicy, not To each will be enjoyed.Some women call the color of lipstick "clown" because of their brightness.Well, everyone is free to make their choice.If you are not a fan of bright colors, if you think that makeup should be natural and calm, the novelty of the "Avon" you will not do.

Brunettes recommended

When choosing a lipstick is of great importance not only for its quality, but also the color.It is necessary to choose the color of lipstick in accordance with their external data, each type suited his appearance shades.For example, brunettes especially the face burgundy, plum and red lipstick.You should also pay attention to the tone of the skin, because in order to perfect shade of lipstick went, you must take into account this factor.For example, dark skin is best to choose shades of coffee, and red suit and plum, but for owners of light skin better - bright pink.

Note blondes

Owners blond curls have the opportunity to experiment, they do not need to be afraid of bright colors.Blond hair perfectly combined both with red lipstick or coral, and pink.For summer romantic image of blonde perfect lipstick pink.

It is necessary to remember that focusing on the lips with the help of a bright lipstick, do not paint too bright eyes, because make-up should be moderate and not provocative.

Moisturizing lip, it is important?

If we talk not only about the beauty of the lips, but also about their health, not to mention such an important quality of lipstick as hydration.If the selected lipstick dry lips, the natural desire of every girl will moisten them, that is - to lick.Not only does such a spectacle does not look aesthetically pleasing and hygienic lipstick just eaten, and therefore have to tint the lips several times a day, which is not very convenient.If moisture has for you of great importance is the best choice for you - lipstick "Lots of color" ("Avon). Reviews confirm that it moistens the lips and protects them from any bad weather, for example, from the winter cold, and the color is bright all day.

Pricing Policy

One of the main differences between the company "Avon" is that for a reasonable price at 179 rubles you can buy cosmetics really high quality. Ordering cosmetics "Avon" through the catalog, you not only get your favorite products, but alsoa huge amount of discounts and gifts from the manufacturer, which is certainly a nice bonus for any buyer. It is also possible to purchase a collection of samplers news "Lots of color" at an affordable price, which gives the opportunity to try the product, assess its quality, determine the shadebefore ordering lipstick. In general, according to experts, lipstick "Avon" - a great choice in all respects, is combined expressive colors, high quality, durability, easy application and removal, as well as reasonable price.