Refectocil - paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Gschwentner Haarkosmetik - known worldwide Austrian company, which was founded in Vienna in 1930.Gradually, professional eyebrow dye Refectocil gained worldwide fame as one of the leading lines of caring for hair cosmetics.

advantages funds Refectocil

Refectocil - paint eyebrows high quality, with a number of significant advantages.Advantages means:

  1. not cause allergies.
  2. carefully affects the hair, taking care of their integrity.
  3. Subject to the recommendations of the instructions for use resulting effect lasts six weeks.
  4. Nine commercially available paint colors can be mixed to give a lot of new colors.
  5. result coincides with the color palette of promises.
  6. Convenient packaging of 15 ml, which is sufficient for 30 staining.
  7. completely fills the gray hair.
  8. applied in bikini design.
  9. Suitable for painting a mustache, sideburns, beards.
  10. Paint can be used on their own at home.

use cosmetics company is preferable for women with busy schedule, traveling to and sportswomen, as it allows to look go

od without constantly adjusting makeup.

why consumers choose Refectocil

Customers appreciate the high quality, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and security agents Refectocil.Dye eyebrow hairs gives rich color.Every woman with this tool can greatly facilitate your morning makeup.Eyebrows are brilliant and expressive, acquire circuit, and the need for dyeing eyelashes ink is significantly reduced due to the produced volume and length.

more remarkable and that means a brand popular with the stronger sex as a truly well-groomed man today should not only for precision haircut, but also the state of the mustache, sideburns and beard.The tool allows you to change the color or to give the desired hue.

Hypoallergenicity paint makes it permissible for use in bikini design, as well as safe for the people who use contact lenses.With regular use Refectocil paint for eyebrows and eyelashes penetrates deep into the hair, which is why resistance, intensity and depth of color are increasing.Means the brand prefer to use for professional beauticians.

Customer Reviews

Any cosmetic drugs to be used in the eye area, select the required special attention.The feedback women agree that the reaction to cosmetic paint all people are different, but it means a more gentle as compared with its analogues.That is, if there is a tingling, the weaker than when using other means.Basically absolutely painless paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Refectocil.Reviews also suggest that the agent is resistant, and the color palette - quite diverse.

consumers also share what is happening, not only coloring the hair, but also a slight discoloration of the skin under them, enhancing brightness and expressive eyebrows and eyelashes.The paint can be easily applied brush (for mascara), wait 15-20 minutes, while doing their own thing, and then rinse with water.Also, buyers have noted the absence of odor means.

tips girls who used paint

addition of paint is required to buy sold separately from her creamy or liquid oxidizer of the same brand.In potrebitelnits sometimes means there is an idea to try another brand, but it is better not to do so (may cause severe irritation).For one time is enough to use the amount of ink sized "pea", mixing it with an oxidizing agent in an amount of 1: 1.

to give your lashes a bright black color as the Council potrebitelnits ideal appropriate color from the palette Refectocil.Dye for eyebrows brown color helps to achieve the most natural results.

for bright girls recommended to mix two shades: "3.1.Dark brown "and" 1.1.Graphite ".This color is obtained with natural eyebrows, right and in harmony with the light brown hair.And about the color "Light brown 3.1" in a review, noted that after dyeing the eyebrows look naturally not very dark and without red color.

assortment of Refectocil

color palette consisting of nine shades (15 ml tube), represented by names:

  1. №1 - black.
  2. №1.1 - color "graphite".
  3. №2 - blue-black.
  4. №2.1 - color dark blue.
  5. №3 - brown.
  6. №3.1 - light brown.
  7. №4 - Red.
  8. №4.1 - red.
  9. №5 - purple.

This trendy colors, they can be mixed to create new shades.The result of staining can be strengthened, increasing the duration of exposure to the paint.At the same time consumers are expected to have full coincidence of hair color to the promising results, the property also pleased tone paint is completely gray hair.There is also a special paste Refectocil, which allows to make eyebrows lighter tone for 3, which is the best option in order to get the desired color.

For a company characterized by professional approach to coloring.Therefore quality of procedures have been developed such products:

  1. paper under the lashes, to apply at coloring.
  2. developer liquid and cream (50 ml and 100 ml, respectively).
  3. means for cleansing the skin of paint.
  4. set hard brushes.
  5. Silicone petals to protect the skin.
  6. bowl of paint.

How is painting

hairs must be pre-cleaned, dry and free of grease, only in this case will provide optimum results eyebrow dye Refectocil.Instruction indicates that about 2 cm and 10 ink drops of liquid (15-20 drops creamy) the solvent must be placed in a special jar and mix until uniform.

During the procedure you want to close your eyes and protect your skin with special petals or paper.Use the brush gently applied to the eyelashes tool first, prokrashivaya them completely, and then on the brow in the direction of their growth.The duration of exposure to the paint should be 5-10 minutes, because it affects the color saturation as a result.

After removing the protective petals eyebrows and eyelashes should be cleaned very carefully, first dry, then wet a cotton swab.When removing the means necessary to close his eyes.

excellent modern drug, able to satisfy the preferences of people who want to color gray hair, change the shade of hair or to create a fashionable image, a paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Refectocil.The price of it is about 450 rubles.The cost of funds is fully consistent with its quality.