Nourishing Serum lash

Eyes - mirror of the soul.It sounds corny, but to argue with this statement is very difficult.And the beauty of the eyes determines not only their shape and fit, but the state of the eyelashes.These hairs are assigned two important functions:

- protection - is to save the eye from foreign contaminants such as sand, dust and the like;

- aesthetic.

The reference considered long thick lashes that softly frame the eyes, making it look more visually expressive.But, unfortunately many women, the nature of such wealth is not scattered, and the most beautiful women have to resort to various tricks like building and irons to achieve the desired result.But the most global issue considered eyelash loss.

reasons for loss of eyelashes

Regular use of decorative cosmetics, adverse effects of environmental factors and some experiments with the beauty industry lead to the fact that the cilia have already short period of life, become more brittle and start to fall rapidly.Moreover, loss of eyelashes may be du

e to:

- thyroid problems;

- inflammatory processes;

- allergic reactions to cosmetics used;

- inadequate or improper nutrition.

If no health problems, and the cilia still are not encouraging density and fluffy, it is necessary to resort to the means that will stimulate growth and improve the structure.

Armed with every woman there are lots of means to care for face, lip and hands, but in the beautician majority of the fair sex do not find the means to care for lashes.And they need no less than other parts of your body.

Care for lashes

To date, developed a lot of ways and means to care for lashes.The most common drug for strengthening them is castor oil.Many call this method of care "grandmother", but it has already proved the effectiveness of many generations.This oil stimulates the hair follicles, which in the best way affects the state of the cilia.It can be applied once daily in the evening, after removal of cosmetics.This can be done with a cotton swab, brush or fingers from the already dried carcasses, which had previously been necessary to wash and dry well.Sale agent in all pharmacies at very affordable price.

oil concentrates of vitamins A and E can also be purchased in a pharmacy in the form of capsules, called "Aevitum" or individually to take these vitamins and mix them, apply on line growth of eyelashes.You can combine the use of castor oil and vitamins.

assortment of cosmeceuticals is quite large.For the care of eyelashes can also use almond oil, sea buckthorn, burdock.They will provide a stable positive effect, and clinical trials of these funds is not confidence in their quality.

Innovative technologies for the care of eyelashes

So, in the charming sight is necessary, on the one hand, the process to minimize loss of eyelashes, and on the other - to enhance the growth of new hairs.With these tasks copes new achievement in cosmetology - for eyelash growth serum.The result of the drug will be noticeable only when used regularly.It is produced in the form of a tube as the standard ink, but the liquid is colorless.Some brands can be used as a basis under ink, performing not only stronger, but also a decorative function.They make eyelashes longer, bulkier create alluring bend.

Serum lash presented many cosmetic brands.The impact of these funds equally, the main differences are in the set of components, which are regularly improved.

composition for eyelash growth serum

Sera stimulate the growth of eyelashes, are composed of extracts from plants and algae, restores the structure of the eyelashes, as well as natural oils and nutrients.Furthermore, these polymers and waxes are added to protect the eyelashes, giving it elasticity.It is mandatory the presence of hyaluronic acid, which has a reducing effect and loss warning.Serum lash must be supplemented with vitamins and antioxidants, active in the synthesis of collagen and fibers.The composition of the industrial sera may differ by the presence or absence of these hormones.

acquire these funds is better in specialized stores, ensuring the integrity of the packaging, check the expiration date and carefully study the composition.

types of non-hormonal means to care for eyelashes

Non-hormonal serum lash exclusively characterized by the presence of natural natural components: oils, vitamins, keratin.It is suitable for women who are prone to the emergence of allergic reactions.They are using such serum overnight and removed the remains of the morning with warm water.The result will be noticeable within two months.

Hormonal types of sera

From the title it is clear that the main components of serum are hormones.Mainly used to stimulate growth travoprost and bimatoprost.After one month of using visible and eyelashes begin active growth, but it will be chaotic.Hormonal serum can trigger the occurrence of allergies, expressed in the swelling, itching and redness of the eyelids.It is undesirable to use them pregnant and breastfeeding women.

use for eyelash growth serums

For maximum effect, the serum should be used every day - in the morning before applying makeup and at night after a full withdrawal.Thus, serum has a dual effect: during the day to protect lashes from the adverse effects of the surrounding stimuli, and at night - recovers.This is also the reviews using this means women.

With a brush serum is easily applied to the roots and distributed throughout the length of the lashes.Like all remedies, it should be applied courses.Between them can be a break of two months.

main types of sera

One common means to care for eyelashes considered Almea Xlash.Serum lash this company unique in its composition, which includes:

- coral and extracts of Chinese herbs, anti-aging, and promote the growth of eyelashes;

- leaves of the plant woad, activating hair follicles of these;

- Nigella sativa - spice, restoring damaged cells.

It is absolutely colorless and odorless serum to the lash.Reviews and numerous pictures with the results before and after the use of evidence of the effectiveness of the composition.

Eveline Cosmetics company also has in its arsenal of active serum to the lash.The developers claim that the composition of the unique nutrients helps to restore damaged lashes and activates the growth of new ones.Among the components can be found:

- soy protein, stimulates the hair follicles;

- D-panthenol, enhances nutrition, making lashes more flexible;

- hyaluronic acid, responsible for moisturizing.

In short, components are well known in the cosmetic medium and are actively used by Eveline.Serum lash Active Volumiere 3 1 contains no hormonal substances.Apply easily - with the help of friendly silicone brush.It has a white color, which fits well mascara if you use this as the basis of serum.

Cosmetics company "Tiande" presented on the shelves in a wide range, which continues to grow.Serum lash "Tiande" was another innovative solution, and with regular use will be a great alternative to the false eyelashes.Suitable for stimulating hair growth on eyebrows.Nourishing Serum lash in its composition has:

- squalene - softener;

- protein EGF, responsible for the stimulation of cell growth;

- polysaccharides of algae;

- bisabolol.

combined effects of the components will protect the eyelashes during the day, nutrition and recovery.

Serum lash Lr Deluxe contributes to lengthening and strengthening lashes, increasing their volume, reduce breakage and loss.Among the main components necessary to allocate:

- extract of clover;

- provitamin B5, and biopeptid that comprehensively promote nutrition and strengthen the cilia;

- caffeine and amino acids responsible for the increase in volume.

Serum successfully passed all clinical trials.Reviews note a marked effect after six weeks of once a day.After the preliminary cleansing agent should be applied only on the upper eyelid.

Another option, which is worth mentioning - a serum lash Genive.Its uniqueness is due to the scope of which is not limited to the eyebrows and eyelashes.The makers claim that its members provide the density and volume of the beard, mustache and bald patches areas.The tool has an oily consistency and is applied, unlike the previous embodiments, by the roller.Stimulation of blood circulation and saturation of the essential elements of the follicle - that's how this Thai Serum lash.Reviews of this product are not numerous, but they are all positive.

Today, specialty stores and pharmacies in the number and variety of means to care for appearance, including the eyelashes, can satisfy even the most discerning buyers.What to choose - the good old "granny" methods or innovative formulations and technologies, - depends only on your wishes and possibilities.