Makeup for dark hair and dark eyes.

Certainly in the world there is no adult woman who would ever not tried to cosmetics.Of course, many of the fair sex prefer the natural look.But here, not without a variety of skin care secrets.This article focuses on women who have dark hair and brown eyes.Makeup of brunettes can be very diverse.However, there are a few general points applying makeup to the face.

Makeup for dark hair and dark eyes

What are the secrets of this care?There are some important rules, under which you will always look nice and presentable.

  • Always apply makeup only to clean skin.Wash your face with a cleanser and use a tonic lotion or a few hours before the event.
  • isolated in the face should always be only one element.If you make a bright eyes, it is necessary to leave the most natural lip.The only exception is an evening make-up.
  • Do not use more than three colors for eye makeup.Otherwise you will look vulgar and more to resemble a clown.
  • tried to hide obvious defects of the face.To do this, use a concealer, powder
    and pencils.
  • your makeup should ideally complements the overall appearance.That is why the image is to think before you proceed to the application of make-up.

How to do makeup for dark-eyed brunettes

Makeup for dark hair and dark eyes can be made using your own hands and imagination.You can also turn to a professional who pretty quickly create an image on the face.The first option is to consider that the makeup for dark hair and dark eyes is applied in several stages.Let us examine them in detail.

First step: preparing the skin for the application of paints

addition to cleansing the face this kind of make-up requires careful preparation of the working area.You will need some improvised materials and cosmetics.Stock up of tonal foundation corrector and powder.Also prepare brown and black pencils, shade matching shades, lipstick and blush.

After cleansing, apply a small amount of day cream.Give the structure thoroughly absorbed.After that, inspect your skin.It has flaws, redness and pimples?They certainly need to be addressed at this stage.Pick up concealer and apply it to dot the desired area.If the defect has a dark or red, you should use the green color.This is the perfect shade can hide unwanted nuances.Next, you need a little shade plotted points and start using tonal framework.

Remember that during the day is to give preference to matte and translucent shade most suitable for your skin color.If you have blue eyes (dark hair), make-up can be created without this step.However, brown-eyed girls tonal basis is an indispensable tool to create a harmonious image.At night and in the evening the day make-up can be made by using more dense tone pearl powder or cream.Thoroughly blend the transitions.The minimum amount of this material should be on the forehead, nose and chin.

Step two: processing eyebrows

Makeup for dark hair and dark eyes necessarily implies the selection area above the eyes.If you cook the daily way, you can use brown or graphite pencil.Emphasize eyebrow area and Doris the missing hairs.Evening make-up can be used for this black pencil.

Currently, many of the fair sex are permanent makeup.If you have suffered permanent makeup eyebrow, then you can skip this step.In that case, when you have gray eyes, dark hair, makeup eyebrows can be created using the powder or dark shadows.

Step Three: Use shadows

Before to this paragraph is to choose the right paint.If you create an image of the day, you should give preference to a matte, transparent and pastel tones.When applied evening make-up, you can use brighter colors.Brunette with dark hair, perfect blue, purple, pink and black shades.Also, do not forget the transparent pearl, which can make a highlight in every shade of shadows.

applying paint on the eyelids can be vertical or horizontal.If you use a solid color, you can draw an accurate pre-arrow.The lower part of the century should leave no makeup at all during the day, especially if your work requires a strict style.In the evening, the lower eyelid can be isolated using colored pencils or shadows.

Step Four: mascara

Prerequisite make-up for dark-eyed brunettes is mascara.There are conditions under which you can skip and not run the makeup.Green eyes, dark hair or light hair does not require for the application of mascara to the eyelashes.

In this case, however, should give preference to natural dark tones.In the afternoon, you can choose brown mascara, and in the evening or dark color.Apply it must ensure sharp movements, paying particular attention to the outer corners of the eyes.On the lower eyelid is better not to apply this type of cosmetics

Step Five: Lipstick

This makeup should be established to complement the overall image.For daytime make-up should choose soft, pastel shades and matte.You can do all lip gloss.In the evening, you can prefer the red, violet or carrot color.They emphasize the sensuality of your lips and make them attractive.

When applying bright colors you should use a pencil the same color to denote the path.This method will allow the makeup to stay longer and do not spread.


If desired, you can use blush to highlight the cheeks.However, many women prefer matte pale complexion combined with dark eyes and hair the same shade.

Create your make-up correctly and always be beautiful!