Reviews of cosmetics "Sefora."

Cosmetics "Sefora" specifically designed to isolate the woman from the crowd, to create a bright creative image.Funds differ rich palette of colors and all kinds of excellent quality.

Brand Story

Brand Sephora appeared thanks to Dominic Madonnaudu who wanted to kiss a woman has a thousand shades.His first shop he opened in 1969 in Limoges, France.Cosmetics quickly gained popularity.In 1979, the number of outlets has increased to ten, and they were called Shop 8. Start the 90s has given the business development, and another 40 branded outlets were opened in the UK.In 1994 shops Shop 8 were renamed Sephora.

soon on the Champs Elysees in Paris opened the doors of the biggest cosmetic store Sephora.In 1997, the cosmetics industry was bought by the French holding Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), which is famous for the production of luxury goods in the world.

In 1999, the first Sephora stores appeared in the US in New Norke.At the same time, the company opened online stores in the US, France, an

d becomes instantly recognizable.In cosmetics outlets presented as a well-known brands as well as its own production, on the boxes which flaunts the name of Sephora.

popularity in Russia

Under the brand name "Sefora" in 2005 operated 700 elite shops in 14 countries of the world.Now in Russia there are about 150. The first opened its doors in Moscow in 2003.

Trading network of the brand a distinctive signature style.The store focuses on the location of the goods on the shelves: alphabetically, intended for men and women.

In gratitude for the purchase of the company presents customers discount cards, discount which sometimes reaches 25%.All sales consultants are well trained and are able to easily pick up the goods corresponding to the requirements of the client.

across the capital and major cities of the Russian Federation outlets spread "Sefora."Cosmetics in Moscow is sold in stores "Letual" and "Ile de Beaute" as well as major shopping malls.In Russia, the brand Sephora is company "Alcor".

Product Quality

Cosmetics "Sefora" became popular because of the quality, which is constantly being improved.Developed a special formula creams are great shades in decorative cosmetics and made weightless, like a veil texture tonalnika and powder.For these purposes, the firm draws its permanent partners from France, Europe and America.

All products are tested on volunteers.It meets the standards and international quality standards.Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and problematic.

of developments in the field of cosmetology company has repeatedly encouraged by high awards and won the most prestigious award, for example, Retailing Innovator of the Year Award.

range of goods

But not only the quality but also affordable prices famous brand "Sefora."Cosmetics of brand and other (about 150) was collected in a huge range of shows and in retail stores.It:

  • Cosmetics for skin care.Designed for any type of skin.The range includes nourishing, moisturizing and caring means: creams, lotions, masks, toners, scrubs, oils - all that is necessary for a woman to care fully for themselves.
  • Cosmetics.This wide range of products and an amazing range of colors.This shadow and blush, powder and tonal foundation glosses, lipsticks, balms.These tools are designed to make a woman unique.
  • Perfumes.This section is able to please everyone.Here are the flavors for all occasions and for all categories of people, whether men, women or children.Perfumes supplemented with body lotions and shower gels, deodorants, prolonging the pleasure a favorite flavor.
  • products for bath and shower.Include soaps, gels, creams, scrubs, moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing the body.
  • tools polish.Disclosed are a rich palette of paints, means to strengthen, the treatment of the nail plate.The collection complements the creation of products for gel nails at home, as well as tools for manicure and pedicure.
  • products for hair.It provides a means for stacking and washing hair.It includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, and oils, as well as means for styling hair sprays, gels, mousses, waxes.
  • Accessories.The assortment of this section includes: makeup brushes, devices for hair removal, the razor, tweezers, cosmetic, facial massagers and more.
  • goods for men.Section filled with facilities for the hygienic care of the face and body, masculine perfume and deodorant products for and after shaving.

Cost of goods

Products "Sefora" prefer to buy because of the quality, effectiveness, impact and cost.The cost of cosmetic products is different, and the online store merchandise is much cheaper than the branded outlets in large cities.

Thus, the average price of the shadows "Sefora" is 600 rubles, mascara - 800 rubles, powder - 500-900 rubles, tonal basis - 600 rubles, face cream - 1,200 rubles, body cream -500 rubles.

Internet-shop "Sefora┬╗

It affects rich selection of goods, even the most sophisticated women.He makes beautiful ladies to find the right and something new for a long time "wandering" on the electronic pages of the catalog gives them good mood, confidence, quality cosmetics.

Buying here has its advantages, it:

  • good customer support;
  • fast delivery;
  • extraordinary gifts, discounts and special offers;
  • seasonal sales;
  • more than 7 different categories of products to suit every taste from cosmetics mass market to luxury products.

If you follow the shares, will get a good discount on products "Sefora."Cosmetics acquired here is cheaper than in traditional stores.To order it is enough to register on the official website of the United States or France, and make a purchase.

Reviews of purchase from the online store "Sefora┬╗

Buy online cosmetics dare not everyone, but sometimes the product range so lures that patience is leaning toward order.So this online store, where, except for products of different brands, sold and cosmetics "Sefora."Prices are encouraging.Searching on the internet coupon, you can make your purchase as profitable and get as cashback and a lot of all kinds of gifts, including a discount on goods.In addition, there are all kinds of action permanently.So, the online store "Sefora" (USA) with the purchase of a $ 50 delivery is free.

Many ladies, cosmetics ordered here at least once, come back here again and again.Some women buy expensive cosmetics in duty-free and saves on it long ago abandoned such acquisitions in favor of the online store "Sefora."

Cosmetics "Sefora": reviews

Reviews of cosmetics "Sefora" variety.Professionals consider this semi cosmetics and use of the entire range of brushes, makeup remover, and concealers.Ordinary women like thin black eyeliner saturated colors, allows you to quickly create a straight line that lasts throughout the day unchanged.A good impression of yourself left nail polish.He steadfastly held for a week, is applied without strips and an additional layer.

not impressed give shade.According to them, on the eyelids, they do not look bright and contain little coloring pigment.Conquering concealers four shades collected in one case.They are great camouflage, are easy weightless texture quite noticeable on the face.I leave a good impression body cream, because it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaves no greasy residue.Besides an unobtrusive flavor.

conquer women of performance that gives cosmetics "Sefora" price.Reviews talk about the democratic value of the product and its availability and quality.

From all of the above it can be concluded that the cosmetics "Sefora" can transform any woman, and the brand shops in every way contribute to achieving this goal.