Russian cosmetics brands (names)

shelves of hypermarkets and specialty stores are bursting with an abundance of resources to care for face, body and hair.Foreign and domestic brands offer consumers a variety of means aimed at maintaining the health and beauty.Demand creates supply, which is why every year there are more companies involved in the production and sale of cosmetics.Often, the user selects "untwisted" brand, but it is worth remembering that behind the beautiful cover may hide medium or low quality.Beauty-experts in their blogs on a daily basis give us valuable advice on these or other means.Among them you can often see the Russian cosmetics brands, which undoubtedly deserve attention.In this article you will learn more about what a Russian cosmetics: brands, names and recommendations on the selection and use.

"Green Mama"

One of the pioneers of the Russian market of professional cosmetics company can be called "Green Mama", founded in 1996.Its creators - spouses Nasobiny.The family personally developed the concept of

brand, design and structure of valuable products, which included Siberian grasses, sea buckthorn extract and psyllium.Currently, Green Mama runs a staff of professionals.Tools brand produced not only in Russia but also in Japan, France and even South Africa.Russian professional cosmetics "Green Mama", as before, is made of natural raw materials with the addition of healing essential oils.It is worth noting that the brand entered the international market and has earned a reputation among international colleagues and is actively cooperating with foreign cosmetics brands, engaged in the development of production formulas.


Concern "Kalina" includes the Russian cosmetics brands, including such popular as "Clean Lniya", "Black Pearl" and "One hundred recipes for beauty".The funds are aimed at maintaining the health and beauty of hair and skin of the face and body.The composition includes natural ingredients, extracts from medicinal plants.The range of funds is constantly maintained and updated products for problem skin care, anti-aging cosmetics and hair.

"Alina Zanskar"

Another representative of the Russian professional cosmetics brand is "Alina Zanskar." Since 2006, the company trusted by the Russian cosmetic beauty treatment.With the use of the brand carry out various spa treatments.At the heart of the formula laid knowledge and traditions, carefully collected around the world by scientists of the company, are tested in laboratories in Russia and the UK.Ingredients funds difficult, it is composed of ingredients gathered from around the world: Africa, South America, Indonesia, the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.Manufactures products company "Alina Zanskar" in Russia, Germany and Thailand, helping to reduce the transport of raw materials and to preserve the useful properties.

Russian cosmetics "Faberlic"

Company "Faberlic" - a popular Russian brand for the production of high-quality products available, which is popular not only in Russia but also in many countries around the world.The uniqueness of the brand in the first place is a patented oxygen complex in the composition of cosmetics.The company "Faberlic" present range of care products for the skin of the hands, face, body, hair care and decorative.Also in the line means there is an exclusive French perfumery, household chemicals, clothing and all kinds of accessories.

Eva Mosaic - Russian cosmetics

Brands represents domestic cosmetics Eva Mosaic, which appeared on the market 10 years ago.Then she had a slightly different name.For 10 years of development and formation of the company does not stand still, regularly updating the production, composition and packaging design.Opinion female consumers has always been very important for the company and considered in the development of new and improvement of existing facilities.Produced cosmetics on the newest equipment and raw materials supply from France, England, Italy and Germany under constant quality control.The composition contains various organic components, such as aloe vera, shea butter, green tea and high oil and vitamins.The line is varied, it contains:

  1. products for the face.Bases, bases, creams and mousses, powders and blush.
  2. and eye.Different types of mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow liner century, gels and shadow.
  3. Funds lip.The line is rich in a wide range of lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils.
  4. tools polish.All for a perfect manicure!Creams for hands, cuticles, varnishes and means for nail care.
  5. Accessories.Sponges, brushes, napkins and sharpeners.


new brand on the market of professional cosmetics budget.Cosmetics made in Russia in cooperation with the Swiss company.It has a large color range of lipsticks and shadows of varying textures.Also in the range are the basics, the tonal resources, powder, blush and lip.Manufacturers have taken care of their women customers and divided into groups means for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women.


largest Russian manufacturers of cosmetics.On the market since 2005.All cosmetics are manufactured under strict quality control and meet the standards GOST and sanitary and epidemiological requirements.The range of companies have a variety of tools: pencils, blush, eye shadow, varnishes, lipsticks and tonal resources.The company works closely with a number of brands in Russia, Europe and the United States.Cosmetics are not tested on animals and is certified to ISO 9000.

Russian Professional

there on the market and the Russian professional cosmetics.Brands represented by different, among them - a new company "Mika".Premium mineral makeup that is generated solely from natural materials without adding harmful chemicals and perfumes.Thanks to the professional quality and a wide range of funds became popular professional make-up artists.The range of the brand can be found foundation powder finish, proofreaders, konsillery, blush and bronzer, eye shadow, brush and care for the skin.Cosmetic never tested on animals.

Studio Lab "Art Visage"

cosmetics company founded in 1997, while the Russian cosmetics, domestic brands were not popular abroad.Initially, the company has set a high bar - production at a high level, not inferior to foreign producers.Currently, the Russian cosmetics brand known in more than 70 cities of Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countries.The company produces professional cosmetics, which is not only quality, but also highly resistant, as well as cosmetics with a wide range of funds.The composition of cosmetics with natural ingredients, moisturizers and sunscreens.Cosmetics made in the Moscow region, approved by dermatologists.


Whatever makeup you choose, before you go to the store, look closely at what is a Russian cosmetics: brands, product names, composition, reviews.Various beauty bloggers often left interesting and useful reviews of the stamps, as well as recommendations for the use and master classes.Do not bypass them attention and Russian brands of cosmetics.Successful purchases and experiments!