Trichloroacetic acid.

about peeling and its results today know a lot.But how it happens, on the preparations for it and aftercare know not all.It solves various problems - from acne to age-related changes, and renews and refreshes the skin.


Peeling - is peeling, partial removal of the middle and upper layers of the skin.The procedure aims to restore its relief.With peeling removes dead skin, dead cells, it is updated, improving its relief, fade fine lines and age spots.

What needs exfoliation?

Indications him different:

  • age, wrinkles, dull skin photoaging;
  • freckles, hyperpigmentation, age spots;
  • excessive oiliness of the skin, acne;
  • preparation for the various injection procedures Bioreinforcement, contouring;
  • scars.

cleaning effect is achieved due to the presence in the means for peeling action of the active element, which is known as trichloroacetic acid.It is in their chemical properties comparable to acetic acid, can cause burns, toxic.

Indications for use

peeling Peeling TCA recommend doi

ng to address various skin defects: stretch marks, scars, acne, facial wrinkles, scars, acne, pigmented age spots.In a manner as possible to narrow pores and improve skin tone.

The most common practice is considered peeling TCA 15 and 30. The digital signage is said about the interest the acid concentration in the solution.They can reach 50%.Peeling 50% is used to influence the deeper layers of the skin by removing genital warts, tattoos and scars.Trichloroacetic acid doctor selects an optimal concentration depending upon the health and the patient's skin phototype.

principle impact

Such peeling on the upper layers of the dermis has a shock effect, as it stimulates, in turn, the production of elastin and collagen.This procedure can be quite painful.It should only be performed by a qualified dermatologist.

TCA presupposes predpilingovoy mandatory training.This procedure if tempers and prepares the skin for further aggressive action of the drug.

In the preparatory period is necessary to moisten and cleanse the skin and saturate it with various vitamins.Good results can be achieved using a set of various fruit cleansing mask with lotion or moisturizer.This purification of skin cleansers, scrubs, hard sponges should refrain.

Peeling TCA is carried out for about forty minutes.The duration of this procedure depends on the number of layers of the acidic solution to be applied.

To start the skin clean and degrease the surface with peeling compositions which contain 8-10% glycolic acid.Then a layer of trichloroacetic acid.At this point, you can feel the unpleasant burning sensation.After the acid action to reach the desired depth of the epidermis, the doctor will stop further progress of the reaction with a neutralizing icy brine solution.

A few days after the procedure on the skin surface will be the stratum corneum.He flaking, reveals a deeper, a new, flexible and smooth layer.

Side effects

  • Itching and redness.
  • Burns.
  • swelling of the skin.
  • strong peeling and flaking, which does not stop for a week.

Basically, after the procedure rehabilitation time up to 2 weeks.The recovery period dermis depends on its type, but also on the intensity of the procedure.At this time, you need to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight, to avoid its dehydration and chapping.Do not take hot baths, as well as the need to refrain from visiting the solarium or sauna.Every day we need to use emollient and moisturizer.

TCA (the formula her - CCl₃COOH) can be used to peel no more than twice a year.Price quality procedures performed in a specialized beauty parlor, is quite high.For example, the median cost of cleaning up to 15 000 rubles.This cleansing of the skin around the mouth or eyes will cost half the price.

effect of peeling can last from 6 months to 2 years.Secure the duration of the effect can be the regular use of cosmetic means caring.

TCA peels house

Despite the fact that the procedure should be performed median peeling dermatologist, having some knowledge, a cleaning session can be done at home by yourself.

For the first time trichloroacetic acid (its formula is given in the article above) in solution should be minimized concentration.You can increase it in the future for the accumulation of experience.

before using the peel should be familiar with contraindications, the method of the procedure, side effects, ways of getting rid of them.

main difficulty of this procedure is that the house that trichloroacetic acid must be applied uniformly on the skin.This is achieved without assistance, independently, is very problematic.Therefore, it is not recommended at home to carry out a thorough cleaning of the skin.Cleanable with a small individual parts.For example, the eyes, nose, mouth or temples.

Precautions Be sure to perform test applications.Before you make a TCA peel, reviews about which you can read in the article below, dip a cotton swab into the prepared solution, and then apply a small patch of skin.This way you can verify the absence of reactions and side effects.

more layers in a short period of time to be profitable.Remember!It is toxic, corrosive and highly active substances.

Avoid getting ready solution in the mouth or eyes.Trichloroacetic peeling procedure has been conducted, if the forces you are not sure.

The consequences of incorrect use of the product in the home can be very serious.There is a great probability of getting intoxication, chemical burn, carry infection, injure skin.

After the procedure, be sure to moisturize the skin cream and take antiviral drug that will eliminate the possibility of infection with herpes.

should take precautions, to closely monitor the application of the solution procedure.This must be done according to the attached instructions.The following graph clearly acid deposition.

sets peeling

TCA (instructions to the drug based on it is usually attached to the package) is becoming more common.Deserved popular sets of Skin Rebirth - Easy TCA.They are recommended for the treatment of acne, photo-aging of the skin, superficial wrinkles, hyperpigmentation.

Easy TCA is considered the safest and easiest peeling, which is based on trichloroacetic acid.In this way the product can be used both in the professional beauty clinics and home.It does not require long and complex predpilingovoy training.Suitable for all phototypes.Can be applied on the face, hands, neck, forearms and chest.

set consists of the main solution and the post-peeling masks solution of trichloroacetic acid (50%).

main solution contains vitamins, alpha-hydroxy acids, saponins and antioxidants.Trichloroacetic acid (its structural formula was shown in the above article) is further added to the solution to a concentration of 15%.

main components of the solution contribute to the deep and uniform penetration of the active substance into the epidermis, thereby minimizing the occurrence of side effects.

mask, which is included in the set, also has a huge amount of a variety of useful properties.It helps rapid regeneration of the dermis after the procedure to reduce the risk of burns and swelling.Using the post-peeling mask allows predpilingovoy lack of preparation, thus allowing fearlessly applied to the skin peeling of European, Mediterranean and Asian styles.Post-peeling mask rich in vitamins, as it contains fatty acids.


TCA peeling face, as we found out, and you can do yourself at home.A burning sensation after the procedure takes a couple of minutes.The use of anesthetic is not required.

Visible effects of such a procedure can be seen on the 2nd week.The recovery period after the peeling of the skin is 2 weeks.At this time, it may be redness, discomfort and irritation in the treated areas.

TCA: reviews

Today, more and more women are starting to make a procedure such as peeling, including TCA.Many say that it helps to get rid of visible skin imperfections such as wrinkles, pimples and blackheads.But there are those who are afraid to put acid on the skin, it is enough to mention the discomfort that it causes.