Cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" (reviews)

joint Belarusian-Italian company that gave us the cosmetics that are appreciated not only in Russia but also abroad.It is about "Belita-Vitex".Reviews of this manufacturer are usually positive color.What is the secret of this success?It means the brand can be found not only in the markets of Belarus, Russia and other former Soviet republics, but also in Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and others.In this ever-expanding product range and increase capacity.

Cosmetics "Belita-Vitex" received positive reviews deservedly so: the manufacturer has set itself the task not just to produce a budget worthy makeup and perfect products.The combination of efficiency and the high quality and environmental friendliness - the key to success.


«Belita-Vitex" is characterized by the variety of product lines:

• decorative and care cosmetics for women;
• children;
• for men;
• for adolescents;
• Hotel;
• protection from the sun;
• household chemicals;
• for oral care.

Among these means a huge number of th

ose who are released every year and no longer need any advertising because steel product Masthev "Belita-Vitex".Reviews are consistently good.

How to evaluate the usefulness of reviews

Any manufacturer, producing even the expensive and branded items, there are not too successful products.It is no exception and the Belarusian cosmetics "Belita-Vitex".Reviews having a negative connotation, in this case, you need to take note, unless they contain specifics.

descriptions of personal experiences with the use of "Belita-Vitex" can be different: not very informative.But most of all, you can extract useful information, if you know what to look for.

should remember that skin reaction to the shampoo, tonic, cream, and any other means of looking after cosmetics largely individual.Therefore, the same products "Belita-Vitex» Reviews get both praise and negative.Only after the evaluation of their own use will be subjectively true and most useful.But usually reviews about cosmetics are interested in those who want to understand whether or not to buy it.In this case, can only recommend to take seriously the information available and focus on those opinions are expressed, at least a few people.

With respect makeup of the skin especially in the less affected by the nature of the comments.The product is any good or not.But here, it is desirable to take into account the skin type (normal, dry, oily) and its sensitivity.These parameters directly affect the evaluation of the effect of the use of decorative cosmetics.Rave reviews from women with oily skin lo-tonalnika almost certainly will be useful one in which the dermis dry and sensitive.And vice versa.

Benefits "Belita-Vitex»

And the facts, and numerous customer reviews indicate such undoubted merits of the brand as:

• widest range;
• availability of means of professional care;
• consistently high quality;
• strict monitoring of quality and safety;
• affordable pricing.

Disadvantages "Belita-Vitex»

most picky buyers at this Belarusian manufacturer may find such deficiencies as:

• small number of company stores;
• the individual as a whole failed products.

Tools leaders

The following funds have a high rating based on multiple assessments.


  • lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and a whole lot of Charm Gold;
  • nail ProNail neon;
  • base polish ProNail;
  • ink "Lengthening-Bending" series Classic;
  • corrector "Control shine" Classic;
  • eyeshadow compact series Classic;
  • mascara "Royal volume» Luxury;
  • baked blush Series Premium;
  • corrector "Camouflage Face tone";
  • «Complex daytime BB-cream";
  • cream-lifting "Tone with hyaluron";
  • toning balm Hair Color Lux.

The caring cosmetics:

  • cream 'moistening generator ";
  • tonic "Thermal water";
  • tonic "moistening generator";
  • tonic "Calming extracts of sea buckthorn and lime-colored";
  • phytotonics "Moisture on medicinal herbs";
  • body cream "Macadamia and Shea Butter";
  • eye cream "against swelling and dark circles under the eyes";
  • cream butter "Ultimate massage" series "Bath. Sauna. Massage."

are just a small part of the funds with high ratings, that is, those that remain completely happy with 90-95% trialled.

Funds outsider

The following means of cosmetics are not successful from the point of view of consumers.


• mascara "Splendor-volume" Classic;
• eyeliner Series Classic;
• mascara Series Premium;
• mascara "Volume Glamour" series In Love;
• hair dye Betty.

The caring cosmetics:

• Serum for hair "indelible against hair loss";
• biodezodorant "Natural chitosan and water lily";
• shaving foam "Belita for men (for normal skin)";
• mask film for skin F-control;
• Paste "Hair care for hair modeling superstrong fixation";
• deodorant "for sensitive skin with allantoin Sensitive";
• Mask "with Q10 + Energy nanosomes";
• tonic "for deep cleaning pores Stopacne".

Reviews of decorative cosmetics

Almost all means of decorative cosmetics have a quality far above the average.

lipstick failed, apparently of poor quality - is not there.Special mention deserves the Charm Gold - the leader in the number of customers who are satisfied with their quality.Almost all say that this lipstick will not melt, dry lips, is applied evenly and smoothly.However, its resistance is the most common: rather quickly disappears after taking food or liquids.It is unfortunate, but there are no special line of lipsticks stable.

Overall very pleased with a product like mascara "Belita-Vitex".Reviews with the highest score obtained means "Royal volume» Luxury - nobody expected such quality.Interestingly, in one Classic Series mascara "Lengthening-Bending" is highly appreciated customers and "Splendor-volume" - very low.Her and, oddly enough, the product is released in a series of Premium, scolded.Not
been unsuccessful funds among ordinary tonalnikov and proofreaders, as well pleases modern novelty - "BB Cream" Belita-Vitex ".Perfect skin. "Reviews of all - the assessment of the above four on a five-point system.

include nail polish "Belita-Vitex" is also not at all "losers."And this despite the fact that they are available for every taste and take into account the latest fashion trends!Special mention deserves ProNail neon.

relatively blush and shadow, too, can say that they differ consistently high quality.Of the variety of individual products are evaluated approximately C grade on the five-point system (the shadow of Luxury and monoteni In Love).

reviews of hair

At the mention of this company are almost always appears first as an association of a product like shampoo "Belita-Vitex".Product Reviews "Green Tea", "With Argan Oil", "With wheat proteins and D-panthenol," "Air and golden mustache," and the other the desire to give birth to personally try these wonderful tools.Most positive recommendations specifically about shampoos.As home care salon cosmetics characterize "Belita-Vitex" reviews.Hair released funds to satisfy the most demanding customer: balms, masks, serums, sprays, and others.

Comments about looking after cosmetics

On set of reviews it seems that's Skin direction from "Belita-Vitex" even more successful than ornamental.It logically explained by a wider range and more prolonged existence.

Somehow there is more cautious (in comparison with the means of hair care) related to this product as a cream "Belita-Vitex".Reviews recommend certain product lines as a truly magical means.For example, the miraculous anti-aging formulations:

  • "Matrix Collagen Cream. Smoothing";
  • "fitouvlazhnyayuschy natural, anti-aging";
  • "Deep action Retinol + Mg".

worth mentioning a product that really helps to keep in shape shape - cellulite cream "Belita-Vitex".Reviews of it left a lot of people, so no doubt its effectiveness can not be.The only unpleasant moment - after the application of the specific sensation from mild tingling to severe burning sensation.

very decent product from "Belita-Vitex" - glycolic peels.Reviews have used this tool for professional use in the home show a striking effect.

alignment and refreshing complexion, elimination of minor skin defects - all of this is easy to achieve, but it is important to observe the correct use of the technique of peeling, to do no harm.