"Trussardi" (fragrance) - Basis for Dynamic Style

For over a hundred years, this well-known trading house produces extremely popular and high-quality products.However, perfumery water issued for the anniversary, made the fans a new look for the brand, "Trussardi".Perfume (for men and women) are distinguished by a new combination of oriental plants and fruits.Advanced modern flavor formula was able to demonstrate the other side of the brand.His works are filled with clarity and brevity as the inner content and external.

Brand Story "Trussardi"

Originally a family business, "Trussardi" was founded in 1910 to produce high quality leather gloves.It was not until 1970, while the company management was not transferred to the company founder's nephew - Nicholas.It was at this point in the fashion world took an irreversible turn.The brand comes to the fore, thanks to its unique collection of leather products.The symbol of the collection was a small hound dog as a symbol of the movement.His first bags are extraordinarily comfortable: they fit phones, docume

nts and computers.It produces clothing and accessories, and then their first women's perfume.This debut was distinguished its special concept, like all works of Nicola Trussardi.Perfume for women as well as men, were allocated a multi-faceted luxury that could only assess the person elected.The composition of the perfume has been very difficult, every note has been selected very delicately, to form not only pleasant, but very deep and noble aroma.But the main ingredient in a bouquet of scents has become unused earlier for women perfume note of genuine leather.

men's fragrance of the wizard also remarkable for its special flavor.Trussardi managed to create a unique bouquet of oriental spices, notes of leather and expensive natural honey inflorescence.From this moment begins a new page in the history of the brand "Trussardi": spirits (male and female) crowd out production of leather goods.

duet of Trussardi fragrances for men and women

From the moment Trussardi established its first men's fragrance, he became one of the most famous fashion designers.To this day, the smell is able to turn the head of millions of women.Its products have become an integral part of expensive men's stylish image.Fragrance is associated with the Italian luxury and high social status.However, the perfumer has not stopped and has pleased its fans novelty from fashion house "Trussardi": fragrance and perfume for men in the same package.The issue is so unusual at the time the duo produced a perfume market is a real furor.Although his collection had nothing in common with the first fragrance, it is the present day popular in fashionable boutiques.Its main purpose was to raise a sports fragrance for a new higher level.

Perfumes "Trussardi"

Women's perfumes from the brand has always been particularly attractive, well, women's perfume "Trussardi Donna" is no exception.The inspiration for the creation of the fragrance were the female beauty and sex appeal.Within this composition can discern the flavors of lemon and other fruit components.He further reveals aromas of jasmine, sandalwood, orange blossom, lotus, orange, lily pads.And as a nice loop is sandalwood, Virginian cedar and patchouli, vanilla flavored sweet note.Thanks to consonance of all these components gives light flavor oriental sound.

Fragrances "Trussardi" Women: photo anniversary issue

These scents prefer active and cheerful woman.To his centennial of Trussardi company has updated the old composition of flavor and was able to combine all the current trends and classic perfumes secrets.Invigorating fruit juicy chords, surrounded by the sounds of Japanese mandarin and Italian lemon, once isolated from the crowd of spirits Trussardi.Women's responses are filled with enthusiastic performance.Many fans were pleasantly surprised by the flavor renewed elegance and richness of perfume.Women consider him the most important summer accessory.The main focus became the flavor combination of simplicity, naturalness and dynamism combined in one package.