What it hides the Count 'marital status'

Currently very popular received various social networks.When you register, or fill out a personal profile page, it is usually necessary to answer a few standard questions, and if filling out the fields "name" or "date of birth" is not in doubt, here is the graph "marital status" sometimes makes you wonder.

As a rule, girls like to invent nicknames that are listed next to the name, for example: Anastasia "Sweetie" Ivanov, etc.Not always they indicate, and his real date of birth, even if it is a very young lady, who has nothing to hide his age, apparently, it's the women "in the blood".

This girl happy to fill the Count marital status, indicating that they are "in a relationship", "Single", "meet with ..." etc.Even if the young lady alone, she prefers to hide this fact, writing that "love" or "a friend."Sometimes they are motivated by a banal desire to be better than your contemporaries or, at least, to keep up with friends.

can not say the same about the boys, who often try not to indicate its st

atus as free men.Only ardent lover of boys loudly declares that his heart belongs to one particular lady, boldly pointing her marital status.

In many ways, the point here is that men are by nature polygamous, and always consider the opportunity to meet another, more interesting option and certainly they are very worried about their personal freedom, so they just hand does not rise to write that they are associated with a woman relationships.

however, fill the column "marital status" and falls into a critical documents than personal profile page on the Internet.These are the official forms in preparation of documents, loans, etc.

fill out a questionnaire for employment, for everybody has to answer this question.I must say that some jobs mean by themselves, the employee must be free from family relationships.This is largely due to the fact that the employer prefers to see his subordinate in a mission, not just in the office.Besides, the man waiting family home, is unlikely to think about working moments after a day's work, because he still has plenty of worries and troubles.

Employers women who are married and have small children, will often go to the hospital, and are unlikely to stay at work and business trips.

The same can be said about the men whose marital status is no less important criterion for leadership after his professional qualities.

In some cases, employers prefer married men because they find them more responsible and binding judgment.You can also assume that it is more stable and reliable workers, so the vacancy that requires just such qualities from a specialist, most of it will be given to a family man.

If the man in the graph indicates the marital status - not married, in hiring him, perhaps their hopes associated with frequent travel on business trips, as well as counting on the fact that he will fully devote themselves to the cause.However, there are fears that the employer thinks a guy flippant and frivolous, whose mind one more entertainment, and therefore it can hardly be trusted responsible job where you need to make informed decisions.However, the marital status - single, not a measure of how promising and responsible man is in office.

One can not say exactly who give preference to managers in hiring professionals - family people, or free, in many respects it depends not on the status and on the professional skills and personal qualities, as well as the characteristics of the proposed activity.