Beautiful make-up on March 8

Pathways to Women's Day - it is always nice and responsible.Every woman wants to look perfect to impress those around her dazzling beauty.Ladies hours choosing clothes, suitable footwear, make hairstyle.Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements is the make-up on March 8.When the image of fashionable designed and complements the clothes make the girl, all eyes in this day will be directed toward her, a woman will be left without a bouquet.It is important to take everything seriously consider the advantages and disadvantages of a person only if you can hide the fact that others have not noticed, and highlight what you think is its main highlight.

Natural makeup

For those girls who are fully confident in itself and its natural beauty, the right for natural make-up.In fact, if you already have regular features and healthy skin, we can only emphasize the advantages minimal makeup.Just another young beauties as it is necessary to resort to this method and make a natural make-up on March 8 in the sch

ool.Thus, you'll feel beautiful, and without causing the disturbance director.So, this make-up involves a minimal amount of makeup enough even out skin tone with a suitable foundation may moderate applying blush bright pink shades.The lips in this case, preferably painted beige tones of lipstick.As a result, you get a fresh and rested festive look.Natural gentle make-up on March 8 beautifully emphasize modest romantic hairstyle, for example, collected hair.

bright lipstick

those ladies who prefer to stand out and look bright, perfect bright lipstick.Such a bold emphasis on the lips give the image of spice to attract attention to himself.Bright colors always speak of courage and confidence.Nothing complicated make-up is not, however, despite its simplicity, it is used by many stylists and makeup artists even for fashion shows and photo shoots.Most often applied bright red lipstick shades.Beautiful make-up on March 8, with an emphasis on the lips can be supplemented with false eyelashes, which will make your look even deeper and more inviting.The advantage of such makeup is that it is perfectly combined both with a long evening dress and with ordinary monochromatic turtleneck.


For even more daring of the fairer sex make-up artists have developed a new product - eyelash-beams.The effect is achieved by applying a large amount of mascara, eyelashes stick together, forming small bundles.What was once considered an inability to paint, now a fashionable and stylish way for those ladies who are ready for the most daring experiments.Please note that to apply shadow or eyebrow to emphasize in this case is not necessary.To add an image to help bright purple lipstick.Note that such a make-up on March 8 requires appropriate attire, otherwise the make-up will look simply out of place, or at least strange.

double arrows

Many are of the opinion that the spring make-up - it's sure hand.Indeed, this focus on the eyes look amazing and festive.If you are bored with ordinary arrows and a holiday I would like to look in a special way, stop for a version with double arrows.This make-up is used in various fashion shows, focus on the eye - it is always a win.The essence of makeup that is applied to the eyelid two parallel lines of contrasting colors in contact with each other.In order not to detract from the expressive eyes, lips often painted bright lipstick or shine palely.The unusual make-up on March 8 is ready!

peach-colored spring

want warm colors not only in clothing, but also in the face.After a long and cold winter and would like to see around the paint and sunny colors, especially in the Women's Day.Latest fashion trends - peach shades - were presented to the public a variety of make-up artists.The first concerns the idea, of course, the shadows.Eyebrow pencil tint, thereby making them more dark and intense, the eyelashes lightly applied carcasses and eyelids painted a warm peach color.It is not necessary to dwell on one shade, you can choose just a few, one of which will be a bit darker another.Thus, you get a popular smokey-eyes in the design of the new peach.Makeup on March 8 for brown eyes and warm spring colors looks particularly magical.

festive make-up step by step

There are a few simple rules of perfect makeup.Should not neglect them, because you want to look your best, especially on a holiday Women's Day, when everything is perfect.To the delight of the men and the envy of rivals, you just have to show your face in the most favorable light.In order to get a nice make-up, one at a time to perform several actions.So, make-up on March 8 (photo) steps.

Step number 1: hide under-eye circles

Before evens skin tone, experts advise to use a moisturizer, thus foundation cream will gradually be applied to the skin.Please note that the color of cream must comply with the natural tone of your skin, many people mistakenly choose the cream to lighten the tone, to get rid of the circles, but the result is a kind of effect as if you were sunbathing with glasses.Apply concealer brush, small strips, then distribute the cream light touch around the site of the problem area.

number Step 2: Blush

best thing to spice up the cheeks use that cream blush, it is better to fall on the skin.Lovely pink cheeks - a beautiful make-up on March 8.Photo below shows how it should be applied blush.Next, smooth movements of the fingers on the cheeks to the temples distribute color evenly.Correctly applying blush - the key to any natural spring image.

Step number 3: the shadow

Next apply the shadow, in this case, a bronze hue, with a special flat brush for shadows, and then a little shade fingers lightly on the corner of the eye to the brow line.For a brighter effect, you can apply a little shadow on the lower eyelid flick of a finger.So the eyes appear larger, and make-up - brighter.For more intensity, apply to the area just above the eyelashes brown pencil and blend color, combining it with bronze shadows.If necessary, touch up eyebrows, comb their brush.

Gently apply mascara without sullying with the face.In fact, many experts advise to begin to paint it with the eyes, because it is often crumbles and ink stain has powdered surface of the face.

Step number 4: lips

In that case, if the lips are chapped, apply a special balm.In our case we used a strawberry lipstick color, but you can experiment.First apply lipstick or gloss in the center, then to the corners.There is one secret of plump lips and resistant colors before applying lipstick on the lips move a little ice cube.Makeup on March 8 is ready, you can please yourself and loved ones with gifts and be confident in their appearance.

Conclusion Every woman March 8 simply has to look attractive, if only to prove to herself that she is beautiful and deserves attention.On this day, leave all the worries and dedicate it to his beloved, his own beauty.Enjoy the very process of pre-holiday preparations, the choice of clothes, makeup, hairstyles, do everything with pleasure, guided by the fashion tips and advice.Be sure you will look delightful in every holiday photos and memories of this bright day will stay with you for a long time.The main thing - is to look at 100, beauty sets the mood!