Spirits "Mary Mi" ("Lanvin").

girl - the creation of delicate and beautiful, and her beauty, she nurtures and improves in every way possible.One of the main decoration is considered a pleasant aroma.And if the spirits even with the telling name, then the smell of expected compliance with all emerging associations.What is fraught with the spirits "of Mary" ("Lanvin")?

Once upon a time a certain Jeanne Lanvin designer starts work.These were the twenties of the last century.First, she sewed clothes for her family, and then suddenly began to converge with customers to fulfill wholesale orders.Thank home grown, and now the brand "Lanvin" began to expand, to encompass not only the scope of clothing and accessories, and fragrances.Fragrances brand is always very fresh, delicate and feminine that appreciate admirers.

potential audience

No matter what desperate ranks of feminists, every girl at heart wants to be weak, and protected in order to go to work for pleasure and self-expression, and not for money.To be able to go to the spa

with or without.To have a reliable rear, and know that in difficult times always cover up the strong man.Therefore, the most important event in the life of a girl getting married.But times have changed, and today a rare man seeks to immediately formalize relations official.The stronger sex prefers non-burdensome option of a civil marriage.Here's the interests of the parties and not the same, and his desire to marry the girl transmit non-verbal way.

Inner Beauty

The spirits "of Mary" ("Lanvin") reveals the aura of happy days of summer with tantalizing flavor of fruits and flowers.There could be heard the notes of juicy peach and bitter orange chord freesia, magnolia and jasmine with a drop of pink, white cedar, amber and musk.It creates an atmosphere of the Garden of Eden with singing birds and perennial crops of fruits and berries.Spirits of "Lanvin" "Mary of" choosing nature romantic, creative and rebellious, who appreciate beauty and ease.It is a perfume for a special date or a party, but not for a business meeting or a family dinner.The aroma and slightly flirtatious frivolous, but very clean and innocent.It is unlikely that there will be among tsenitelnits lady of venerable age, although it is not excluded, because age does not always correspond to their own worldview.

History flavor

Women's Fragrances knows the exact date of reference, since time immemorial the fairer sex have used all sorts of tricks in order to increase its attractiveness.Previously, it had been scented oils, powders.Perfume is considered the birthplace of modern France, and most of the fans of the ladies gathered mark "Lanvin"."Mary of" flavor, which appeared in 2010, was another triumph for the company.It's crazy, and does it so softly and gently that she enjoys the sweet captivity, and with it they are fascinated and surrounding.The composition of the perfume is surprisingly harmonious and elegant;all the ingredients are fully in line with expectations.Spirits "Lanvin" ("of Mary") - a walk in the moonlight, the first kiss, from which the head is turned;it's a warm summer evening and all the beauty of the night, concealing unexpected encounters and deep feelings.

Appearance is important?

Any girl will answer this question in the affirmative, but almost no one will say he was satisfied with their own appearance at one hundred percent.But going to the perfume shop, we are happy to look at the rows of Fine vials: brittle and dense, and elongated puzatenky.If the bottle will be interesting, the potential buyer is interested in its contents, and then have to buy and close.The design of the bottle "of Mary" ("Lanvin") worked Alber Elbaz, embodied in the form of a single key features of the aesthetics of the fashion house.Asymmetry and abstract bottle with a touch of ar-deco complements the image of a young girl and mobile, and silver-plated cover adds a touch of glamor.Glamorous touch a fuchsia satin bow at the bottom of the cover.

Let us examine the points

So, what is fraught with toilet water "Lanvin" ("of Mary")?First of all it has a certain character: romantic, a little windy, refined and at the same time incredibly daring.It caught a clear face on the junction of fruit and floral aromas.The top note is opened orange, peach and freesia.In the heart of the fragrance of jasmine blossom, magnolia and rose.Well, the base gives alluring amber, cedar and musk.The result was a feminine, seductive and sexy in an amicable way.The harmonious combination of visual appeal and interesting content.This is not a winter fragrance: it is not suitable for the cold day, warm hats and scarves.This is a composition of a summer day or in the evening after the heat when just blows cool, the soul needs light chiffon skirts and tops.Perfume of this type will give confidence on a sunny day, adding to the image of a young girl and naughty enough noble to give priority to quality, but rather frivolous to emphasize their inner freedom.

For evening

What do they say about women customers spirits "Lanvin" ("of Mary")?Reviews are full of variety, because each girl fragrance opens differently.It is universal in composition, as based on the sensuality of amber, cedar wood and expressiveness astringency musk.It is this combination of sexuality and refinement that turns a head and an inexperienced youngster, and respectable gentleman.It would be strange to apply fragrance with such a basis only in the daytime!Yes, in the afternoon, he will create an atmosphere of ease in using subtle notes of peach and orange, but the evening was struck by its versatility.So, "Lanvin" ("of Mary") reviews shoppers are advised to wear in the evening, this fragrance is particularly relevant for a meeting, when an offer of marriage.The very name, which translates as "Marry me," says the solemnity of the moment and makes the heart flutter.Is it consistent?Dare he?How many questions!And the flavor is a dual care and depth: it is true the decision to get married?The final chords of smell put a beautiful point in the meeting and answer all questions.

lady that is so in the choice of fragrance is delicate, certainly made the right choice in the search for a life partner.This lady feels his inner freedom, defies complexes and public condemnation, so is free to choose at its discretion.The fragrance will remain in the memory independently of the actions of its owner, unanimously noted admirer "Lanvin" ("of Mary").Reviews allow prospective brides in all honesty be noted that such a direct allusion to the desire to start a family is perceived correctly and often pushes lover on decisive action.

Words girls

the publication is only if there is complete confidence in their own attractiveness - such a rule is shared by many beautiful ladies.But sometimes confidence depends on the details: the right perfume, comfortable shoes, neat makeup.A girl waiting for a marriage proposal is going to meet with the utmost care.She wants to be the most beautiful at this point and picks up his image with the care of a goldsmith.

Aroma with the speaker called "Marry Me", which translates as "marry me" is not only a hint of the original, but highlight the image, the final accent.The girls agree that this composition very feminine, delicate and light, but at the same time alluring and deep.Looking draws exquisite bottle of flirty pink bow.Version fragrance varies depending on the color of the ribbon.If you look closely, it becomes evident that the shape of the bottle is also reminiscent of the bow.

shoppers appreciate the presence of musk, which is essentially a male pheromone, but damped surprisingly feminine notes of freesia and jasmine.Get the perfect perfume for spring and summer, very fresh and persistent, they have enough for four hours in one application.

What do men do?

Men - creating a pragmatic, seeking profit and rationalism, wherever possible.Buying flavor to them are not always reasonable, in fact multiply the battery vials they do not like.What men say about this perfume?The stronger sex thinks quite flirtatious product brand "Lanvin" "of Mary."Photo, video and audio materials from this fashion house are perceived mostly cool and opinion is formed only by three main factors.This is the price, the first impression of the smell and the first impression of the fragrance to a woman.The first criterion is a very satisfactory - 50 ml will have to pay about 1500 rubles.By today's standards the price is quite democratic.

first contact with the smell goes almost always easy: the aroma seems familiar, vaguely pleasant and amicable "delicious."They want to breathe, they want to enjoy.It's nice when the smell of the beloved.But here comes into play a third factor - a lady fragrance opens on a different, deeper, thinner, more serious.On this lady wants to get married, or it can be just missed.That's how strong hint of perfume "of Mary" ("Lanvin").