NYX (cosmetics): reviews beauticians

bright and fascinating, rapid and dynamic, romantic and unique - all this can be said about a woman who enjoys NYX.Cosmetics reviews about themselves collected the most positive.It is designed for young, stylish and dynamic persons.It entered the Russian market recently, but despite this, managed to find thousands of fans.

History of the brand

The history of the brand dates back to Los Angeles.It is here that it was engaged in the production of young and active businesswoman Toni Ko.

Funds are among the other rich colors and many new products coming out every season.Along with the products, calculated on the normal philistine, and produced professional cosmetics NYX.

American company got its name in honor of the Greek goddess of the Knicks.It was not only the lady of the night, but also bold, bright woman.

NYX brand is constantly evolving, conquering new lands and the hearts of fans.This trend contributes to the stylish design and ultra-saturated colors well pigmented product.Professional makeu

p trends look forward to thousands of make-up artists from around the world.

Company more than 10 years.All this time, it offers a wide range of high-quality and cutting-edge cosmetics at attractive prices.Specialists of the company is constantly improving the formula of decorative means and added to the new range of bold colors and composition - herbal components of caring.

Products brand is not just used in shows New York City Fashion week.

range of goods

range of products offered by NYX, is extensive and includes the following categories of cosmetics:

  • Eyes decorative cosmetics.
  • cosmetics for lips.
  • products for the face.
  • Products for manicure.
  • professional line.

Excellent quality, wide color palette, durability and skin care - all this distinguishes the range of NYX.Cosmetics - reviews of her make-up is very favorable - leaves behind only a pleasant experience.She was not crumbling and kept intact throughout the day.It helps to create a perfect woman bright makeup, emphasizing its beneficial among others.

Products Eye

One of the main elements in the make-up are the eyes.For beautiful eyes is impossible to forget, but in order to be established, the company has released a number of cosmetic products for make-up.This is especially mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyeliner, funds for the care of the eyebrows, the base primer under the shadow, concealer.

Mascara is presented in nine different variants.This range includes a special nourishing serum for lashes.It strengthens the hair, makes them thicker and stops hair loss.There are three color ink colors: brown, purple and blue.It gives your lashes a saturated hue makes them original and unique.It is applied in 1-2 layers.Other types of mascara are presented in a classic black color.Their versatile high-tech composition is supplemented with vitamins E and B5.Contains D-panthenol and extracts of green tea, as well as several other herbal ingredients, which are carefully looked after by the eyelashes.

Each ink has a specific function, whether the volume, lengthening, twisting or bending.Special brushes help to cope with the tasks.

No less extensive range of cosmetics is the rest of NYX.Reviews of the carcass and other media for the eyes and say only positive about their qualitative composition, unsurpassed color range, durability and reliability.

Goods Lip

NYX Cosmetics lip is not inferior facilities for eye makeup.It includes lip pencil, lipstick, gloss and balm.Means are both classic and the most avant-garde hues.

Lipsticks are presented in the classical form, the liquid in the form of a pencil.They have a glossy, matte and pearl colors.Their composition is supplemented by special caring ingredients, such as minerals, vitamin E, vegetable oils.They soften and moisturize the skin of the lips, preventing it from peeling and chapping.

Shines also differ rich palette.Resistant, do not flow, fit well, are light and delicate texture.Stands out the lips, give them volume, shine and hydration.These tools are essential in creating an evening and daytime make-up.


In the "person" you can find everything to make a perfect skin: foundation, powder, blush, bronzers, primers, proofreaders and highlighter.

tonal framework is weightless texture that was designed with the sophisticated technology.It is convenient and versatile, like all cosmetics NYX.Reviews creams women leave only admiration, because if you compare it with other brands of cover-ups, then it becomes the most beloved and popular.Divided by purpose, design and tones.

powder is not inferior in its properties tonalnika and may be used alone, without the use of bases.It helps fix makeup and remove excess shine, apply the finishing touch.Sometimes the finish, mineral, with light reflecting particles, matting, compact, compact, powder, concealer.Enclosed in a stylish case with a mirror and convenient functional sponge.

means this section complement each other and help hide imperfections, excessive greasiness, align the complexion and the surface of the skin.

Means for nail

No woman can not be considered without first-class groomed manicure.It also took into account in its production company NYX.Cosmetics, reviews of which speak for themselves, has been supplemented by two series of nail care - this Nail Polish Salon Formula, which has 144 shades, and Milani Color Statement Nail Laquer, which consists of 53 colors.Awesome set of enamel nail plate Living In A Dream, which will be available in the near future.Complementing the range of products for drying nail polish strengthener and nail with the addition of calcium.

cost decorative funds

Decorative NYX means becoming every day more and more popular, and in Russia you can buy them in any regional center.Mostly it is the major trading houses, chain stores and cosmetic shops like "L'Etoile" and "Ile de Beauté".Distributed cosmetics store chain "Girlfriend."Online stores also abound in a wide range of goods NYX.

Cosmetics, reviews of which talk about its popularity, has a price corresponding to its quality.Thus, ink, depending on the type and purpose can be purchased for 450, 600 or 800 rubles.Shadow palette of six colors costs 750 rubles, and one tone - about 200 rubles.Price eyeliner is around 300 rubles, and the gloss and lipstick can be bought for 250 rubles and above.

NYX - kosmetika.Otzyvy

Women during the existence of the company managed to create a very different picture of decorative cosmetics NYX.

Many ladies like mascara.According to them, it has the effect of puppet eyelashes, well lengthens them, especially if the pre-tweak hairs tweezers for eyelashes, but not attached to the volume declared by the manufacturer.Do not fall off, and lasts for 24 hours.Well proven lipstick, which, despite its peculiar smell, steadfastly kept on the lips, not slipping and not flowing.Perfectly fits and tightens the skin of the lips.The range of goods is presented bright and saturated colors.

performed well and masking cosmetics NYX.Reviews creams say that they are capable of performing miracles.Thanks to them, any skin may become perfect.The main thing here - to choose the right agent based on the individual needs of the skin.The base has a liquid consistency, spreads easily, especially if you use a special makeup brush.Do not grease and does not flow.Bears up, and it is not necessary to correct for the day.Ideal in combination with a primer.Base primer also deserve a lot of praise.It perfectly aligns the surface of the epidermis, absorbs quickly and does not make heavier makeup.

did not like the ladies basis under the shade.According to them, it is too thick, going into the folds of the eyelid.Not only prolongs the shadow resistance, but rather with her, they quickly lose their appearance.

For a long time, and a lot to say about cosmetics NYX, but basically just good, as negative reviews about it very, very little.Makeup artists include these products to professional and fun to use it in beauty salons.