"Garnier" (cream).

cosmetic stores shelves filled with all sorts of means to care for skin.How not to get lost among this diversity and choose worthy products with an excellent combination of price and quality?Many prefer cheap domestic cosmetics.But not everyone knows, in any production environment, these tools are created and what standards are checked.Luxury cosmetics brand in the first place may not be too expensive, and secondly, they are recommended to be used in the complex, and the whole system that is not for everyone.

facial skin chooses Garnier

versatile, proven over the years, well-established for girls of all generations are cosmetics brand "Garnier".It is well known, its homeland - a country of well-groomed and sophisticated women.This is France.How to care for the skin, the French knew from ancient times.Only the manufacturer "Garnier" made available to the public, and this knowledge gave women all over the world a unique budgetary and cosmetics.

proposal from "Garnier»

person - a business card of

the person.According to him the state can tell a lot about yesterday and all about the quality of his life.In order to look good at any time of the day, you need to know how to care for skin, how to use professional cosmetics and hygiene should be able to face and correct and intended use creams.

The company offers a series of products for all ages.Cream "Garnier" offered to hydrate, can be nourishing, protective, for oily skin, sensitive skin.You can buy the product at the price of 200 rubles.Stages of facial skin care includes cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment.

Cleansing facial

First, the skin is cleansed of make-up and dirt.For oily and sensitive skin "Garnier" suggests using micellar water.She needed to get wet a cotton pad and clean the face well without friction.

suitable for normal skin gel for washing of coal from the series "Pure Skin Active".This tool is a new generation of great struggles with the problems of young skin, prevents redness and pimples.Feedback from those who have used this gel, argue that fade dark spots and pores are narrowed markedly.

Once a week the skin is deep cleaned using a peeling or a scrub to remove the dead layers of the skin, rejuvenate and gently massage.

Facial scrub firm "Garnier" presented in several series: in the "basic care" in the "Active Clean skin."They are well and gently exfoliate the skin, do not leave redness, do not cause feelings of tightness or dryness.After using such means, facial skin is better to take other means to care, turns pink and has a healthy glow.Application scrub promotes active regeneration of cells.The price is 200 rubles.

Moisturize skin

It's time to moisturize the skin.In "Basic care" ("Garnier") Cream «Skin Naturals» can be used after cleansing and exfoliating the face.With a good smell, soft, light texture, not sticky, quickly absorbed, it moisturizes, soothes skin, eliminates the tightness of the skin after washing.Though this cream is a daily series, he showed himself perfectly when used at night.Suitable for normal and for oily skin, greasy leaves.Its cost is 300-400 rubles.

Company "Garnier" cream "Basic care 25+" offers for dry and sensitive skin.It helps to moisturize the skin and keep it young.This tool is used young women before applying makeup, because it tends to be absorbed very quickly.It's easy, with a good smell means will not allow dry skin to peel off, not rolls, does not cause allergies.

Company "Garnier" cream "Humidification non-stop for 24 hours," a series of "basic care" is positioned as a good tool for normal and combination skin.It moisturizes and eliminates excess shine oily skin, gives a matte and velvety.Reviews of girls talk about cost-cream and excellent results after use: it with a light texture, soft, and the skin after application smooth and elastic.Price - 300 rubles.

skin nutrition

Any type of skin needs nutrition, especially in winter and spring, when the man became poor diet, not enough vitamins and minerals, and this is reflected in the condition of the skin.Cream "Garnier" for oily skin "Miracle Skin protekshn" specially designed for her power.Increased work of glands that produce fat, often causes problems in the skin.This cream moisturizes and nourishes it, helps to narrow pores, protects against the harmful effects of the sun, eliminating the disadvantages.

For very dry skin cream developed by other wonderful series of "basic care" - "deep power 24 hours", which has found many fans and gave them a wonderful feeling, and the use of positive emotions.Components of a cream (such as rose extract, vitamin E, shea butter), will make the skin soft and velvety, nourish useful elements completely eliminate dryness and discomfort.

Restoring skin

after all the procedures on the night of tired skin can be applied to reducing gel-cream "Garnier" face "Eye Care" - and the result will not take long: after the first night of using stronger protection cover freshensAfter several weeks, skin looks rested, refreshed.

mature skin

For the category of women with mature skin "Garnier" produces anti-aging cream in different series.

composition of this magical means includes vitamins, antioxidants, tightens matter - peptides.The drug "Garnier" "Magic Care" (cream) for use around the eyes is recommended for women with the first signs of "mesh" can be applied to the 30 years.

use of this tool leads to a leveling of the skin around the eyes, the skin shines, missing signs of fatigue skin.

Anti-aging cream "Garnier" Face "transforms care" from the series "Magic Care" quickly changes the structure of the skin and its appearance.Cover quickly sees all the life-giving components and reacts healthy changes, beauty and rejuvenation.Active components eliminate the signs of aging of the skin after 5 days of applying the cream.Estimated cost - 300 rubles.

Creams Special

Some girls like to look aristocratic pale, and someone needs to eliminate freckles, age spots after a busy summer.For this purpose it was issued bleaching creams - day and night cream peeling.

Day for dry and combination skin.After the first use, it becomes smooth and satiny.Clarification one tone occurs after a longer application (about 14 days).Night whitening peeling with lemon extract delivers natural whitening and peeling throughout the night.The dark spots are reduced significantly after a ten use.

for comprehensive skin care and use of transparent fashion make-up, which should show a natural radiant looking skin, "Garnier" gave women a line of creams BB series.It includes BB-Cream "Garnier" for a problem, for normal skin, the roller around the eyes, for oily and combination skin, as well as the BB cream with anti-aging effect.

This means as a part of a substance with UV-filter, which have a protective effect on the skin during strong solar activity.As well as pigments light beige color and natural beige color which replace the transparent tonal resources.Cream for oily skin prevents acne, matting and moisturizes.

Company "Garnier" cream Series "BB" proposes to use for normal skin.It evens gives radiance hides imperfections.

BB-Cream "Garnier" for oily and combination skin has revolutionary properties and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.The skin becomes matte tone, radiance, hydration pleasant.Funds in this series can be bought for 300-600 rubles.

order to achieve a good effect, it is important to choose the right tools according to skin type and age.You can do this on their own, to consider the recommendations that give manufacturers of cosmetics "Garnier" or seek help from a beautician.