Mascara for volume: rating reviews

long and lush eyelashes - the dream of every girl.However, not every nature has given such a wealth.That is why one has to resort to the help of makeup.In this article you will learn how to choose the amount of mascara for eyelashes.Reviews professionals and ordinary consumers tell us how not to be mistaken with the purchase.

What is so special mascara for volume lashes?

Women used to apply mascara to give additional volume and length of lashes.That is why this product is so popular in the cosmetic market.But what is different mascara for volume from the usual?

Firstly, it has a thick consistency.This allows you to create on the eyelashes thick, whereby an effect of volume.While conventional paint eyelashes mascara just in black.

Secondly, bulk ink has a special brush, which will allow a certain way to make up.Typically, such a brush is made of coarse fibers and has a sufficiently large diameter.In the conventional mascara brush is made of silicone or other soft material and has an elongated shap


And thirdly, mascara, increasing volume from manufacturers is done only from the tested materials.Surprisingly, even in the modern decorative cosmetics use ingredients such as soot and tar, which emphasizes the beauty of old women their eyes.However, a new generation of mascara enriched nutritional hypoallergenic substances, which makes them absolutely safe.A variety of preservatives you can save the product for a long time.

However, it is not necessary to use the same ink for a long time.In fact in the bottle are formed of different kinds of bacteria that can cause infection or inflammation.Ideally, you need to change the mascara every 3-4 months.The same goes for any other makeup.

How to choose a quality mascara?

One of the most popular products are decorative cosmetics make-up eyes.That is why such a widespread mascara.And as its scope as close as possible to the mucous membrane of the eye, her choice should be approached responsibly.For low-quality raw materials can cause different kinds of diseases and complications.That is why better to give preference to well-known manufacturers:

  • Oriflame "velvet effect".This mascara for volume is able to create the effect of natural makeup.A handy brush ensures even application.
  • Christian Dior "Diorshow Black Out".Luxurious Mascara French manufacturer has a persistent effect.And its unique formula not only increase, but also actively nourishes the lashes.However, users report that Diorshow Black Out dries quickly, so the period of its validity is quite small.
  • Bourjois "Queen Attitude" - the recommended ink make-up artists.Her professional brush allows you to apply the tool in a single layer.A deep black color will accentuate any makeup.
  • Maybelline "Volume Express Rocket" - the most popular mascara.The volume is formed by a thick consistency.This low price makes this tool available to any buyer.

When you buy should pay attention to the consistency of the ink.It should not be too thick and dry.Lumps on the brush indicate that the shelf life of cosmetics came to an end.In addition, it should pay attention to the presence of the seal and the serial number on the package.Their absence suggests that before you fake.

Disadvantages of mascara for volume lashes

main drawback, which have almost all of mascara for volume, is the formation of lumps.This is due to the thick consistency of cosmetics.Often, even the most professional brush can not provide a perfect eye makeup.So always keep with them a cotton swab.It helps to correct minor defects without damaging the base makeup.

addition, mascara for volume tends to dry up pretty quickly even if rarely used.This feature is also associated with a thick consistency.So try to avoid the entry of air into the vial.Always firmly tighten the lid with a brush and cosmetics store in a dry, dark place.

How to use mascara?

When applying make-up is very important to follow the sequence of actions.In addition, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the face and eyes before you use cosmetics.

Professionals recommend to apply ink directly after completed the entire make-up, including the shadow and eyeliner.The final touch will be a concise way of addition.A deep black mascara emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes.

also recommended every evening to wash off all makeup from her face.Especially this rule applies to the area around the eyes.It is thin and sensitive skin age needs special care.A regular use of cosmetics can contribute to its rapid aging and the appearance of under-eye circles.To remove mascara buy special milk fat-based.It gently removes make-up and provide the necessary nourishment for the skin.

Where to buy quality ink?

Mascara, gives volume sold to date in any store cosmetics.However, not all sellers have a certificate for the products, so you can easily run into a fake.It is better to give preference to large chain supermarkets decorative and care cosmetics.Typically, these stores have in any shopping center of the metropolis.In addition, with the purchase you can always test the product and find the perfect option for its cilia.

How much is the mascara for volume?

cost quality makeup is always higher than the price of low-grade counterparts.Therefore, a good mascara for volume cost about 700 rubles.For that amount you can buy only hypoallergenic means to be absolutely safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

best mascara for volume lashes, according to experts

When choosing a mascara is very important to listen to the views of experts in the field of makeup.After all, only an experienced master knows all the nuances of the use of decorative cosmetics from different manufacturers.

best mascara for eyelashes volume, which is used in their work make-up artists in the world, belongs to the French manufacturer Bourjois.That's it combines high-quality materials and a stunning effect of long and thick eyelashes.According to experts, this is one of the few items of decorative cosmetics, which rarely causes an allergic reaction.In addition, its lasting effect can appreciate anyone.Despite the fact that the ink costs about 600 rubles, the majority of customers are willing to pay money for such a quality product.

Mascara lashes volume: reviews of real customers

quality and efficiency of any makeup prove numerous commentaries regular consumers.And one of the best-selling product is just the volume of ink for eyelashes.

popularity rating of famous brands among customers fully converges with the preference of professional makeup artists who choose manufacturer Bourjois.Mascara actually creates volume and provides additional proof make-up for the whole day.User reviews about this tool are extremely positive.

but no less popular Maybelline "Volume Express Rocket", which is a more budget option.According to users, the effect of using this mascara also satisfies a request for giving volume and long eyelashes.In addition, the price of Maybelline "Volume Express Rocket" varies from 200 to 300 rubles, which is much cheaper Bourjois.