Plamper lip: reviews

In recent years, women around the world gradually began to abandon dangerous Botox injections for lip augmentation.It has become an excellent alternative to cosmetic novelty - Plamper.The tool not only significantly increases the volume of the lips, but also perfectly nourishes the skin, giving a beautiful view.


In every age the same plump lips were considered a sign of femininity.Full lips look very attractive, they effectively emphasize finesse skinny person harmoniously look at the round or oval.Unfortunately, not all nature has endowed women lush lips.To help them scientists and cosmetologists have created special funds that no damage almost instantly help visually enlarge the lips and give them a nice shine.This is a great alternative to painful injections, which in recent decades have become very popular among celebrities and ordinary women.

Plumper lip designed for those women who do not want to risk the health and wish to get a quick effect.Especially since the creation P

lamper now engaged in dozens of companies in the world that allows every woman to choose its means and suitable in color and texture, and material possibilities.

What is it?

Plamper lip - a special tool that can instantly give the volume of the lips and make them visually larger and brighter.This is achieved through the special composition.Most often Plamper made of silicone-based additives with different caring substances - cosmetic oils, extracts and vitamins.The beautiful radiance and volume effect achieved through light-reflecting particles and natural ingredients, promotes blood flow to the lips.These include ginger extract, peppermint, and sweet red pepper.

After application Plumper lips should feel a slight tingling, tingling, or burning.Do not worry - it's just a work of natural ingredients that cause blood flow.Approximately one minute after applying lips look more vivid, juicy and voluminous, and caring ingredients smooth and soften the skin.

Most often Plamper lip is used as a standalone tool, but if you want you can put on lipstick or gloss.Thus, you can create even more visual volume and enhance the color.

advantages and disadvantages

Plamper lip has many advantages over other cosmetics and injections.Firstly, it is absolutely safe (if you do not have allergies to certain natural components included in this product).Secondly, Plamper lip gloss is applied as a normal pencil or lipstick, they can use anywhere, and he glosses over the very little space in a handbag or purse, and the speed achieve the effect of delight.

Of course, this facility has a significant negative - effect remains on the lips for a few hours, after which Plamper absorbed into the lips eaten at dialogue or during a meal.Of course, it is not difficult to re-apply means, but it may not suit women who want a more prolonged action.The more that prices Plamper lip higher than the other cosmetics.

How to use

Use Plamper may all women, regardless of skin type and condition lips.In winter means perfectly protects and cares for lips, they remain protected, smooth and moisturized.In some cases, possible allergic reaction, so before buying should explore the structure of assets and abandon the purchase if it has ingredients that cause you irritation to the skin.Do not buy Plamper questionable cosmetic companies.Remember that a slight burning sensation on the lips - lips normal reaction to the stimulus, but if you have any spots on the face, or the temperature has risen sharply, it is better not to use Plamper lip.Photos affected by incorrectly chosen Plumper look very unattractive - skin peeling and cracking.

Methods of application

Apply to lips Plamper can brush included in the package, if it is liquid, or immediately if it is in the form of lipstick.But it's best to use a special brush for applying lipstick and gloss, which can be bought separately.This brush will last much longer, because more is made of quality materials.Especially agent applied with a brush, it looks much neater and kept on the lips longer.It is also good to use a lip liner that will not allow Plamper spread.

Makeup artists recommend to combine Plamper a lip gloss with a volume effect, in order to achieve even greater results.Apply the product can be on the lips without makeup or already painted lips - the difference is small.

It should abandon the use of Plumper, if the skin of the lips has a strong cracks or sores, because such stimuli as peppermint oil or menthol, are part of the funds can only aggravate the situation.

Things to consider when choosing

best to focus on means-tested brands.It is composed of natural essential and base oils that do not harm the skin, gently apply and do not cause allergic reactions.If the lips are often weather-beaten, they appear cracks or skin fade, you need to use Plamper with antioxidants, retinol and vitamins.

Popular brands producing Plamper

great demand Plamper Lip Max Factor Lip Volumizer.The company offers an incredible number of colors means.It produced mostly in the form of a liquid lipstick or gloss with a soft brush.The manufacturer offers new items almost every season.Some have become true legends and produced in limited series.Effective remedy for 4-5 hours, then you need to re-apply lipstick and Lip Plumper.Reviews of the most popular speak for themselves.Below we consider the main points that mark buyers.

cost, but no less effective way to add volume is Plamper lip "Loreal".It also comes in the form of lip gloss with an original, very soft brush.Keeps lips 2-3 hours.

Plamper lip: reviews

In most cases, the reviews are positive, although there is a girl who did not fit Plamper lip.Before and after the use of all means, as noted by the majority of the fair sex, the lips are very different.Many argue that after application Plumper see the reflection mirror a completely different person.Some do not notice any changes, verified the said means are no better than any other lip gloss.However, how many people, so many opinions.In any case, to draw the right conclusions, it is worth trying a novelty in itself.

most popular and most affordable is Plamper Lip Max Factor Lip Volumizer.It has a soft texture, a pleasant smell and wonderfully kept on the lips for several hours.Unfortunately, the girls from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus do not have easy access to a huge range of Plamper that offer global manufacturers, because in those countries they have not yet become so popular in the West, and domestic manufacturers are in no hurry to make an original cosmetic novelty.

In Europe beauties less use proven over the years and lipsticks and glosses are increasingly buying Lip Plumper.Photos of the results are stunning.Lips really noticeable increase in volume.No Botox injections can not be compared with that stunning effect that give the girls Lip Plumper.Reviews also indicate that the vehicle is safe and suitable for almost everyone.

Despite the shortcomings, Plumper every day are becoming increasingly popular, so if you still have not got this wonderful new product, do it quickly.And become the happy owner of a beautiful lips!