"Belobaza" (cream): instructions, composition, reviews

Face and body needs daily care - about every woman knows.Owners of dry skin type often have to resort to different means which do not give consistent effect.In this article you'll learn all about the moisturizer "Belobaza" and its features.

What is "Belobaza"?

This unique tool has been developed in a joint operation of domestic cosmetology and dermatology company Belupo.Cream "Belobaza" is designed specifically for dry and very dry skin and set up all the rules and safety hypoallergenic.Furthermore, its composition does not contain chemical fragrances, flavors and dyes, which are very appreciated in selecting means for modern caregiver skin.

moisturizing effect of the cream are able to evaluate thousands of women in Russia and CIS countries.After all, it is designed to soothe irritated skin, nourishing it safe inside and creating an additional layer of protection.Then the effect of moisture can store up to 24 hours.

According to dermatologists, this innovative tool can be safely used in a numbe

r of skin diseases that have an inflammatory character.Moreover, its effect is fast enough that allows a short time to get rid of the problems.

Basic properties of cream "Belobaza"

Elimination dryness, feeling of tightness and flaking, the normalization of water balance of the skin - all this and more able to give means "Belobaza."Cream, instruction is clear and simple for everyday use, it helps to solve a lot of problems with the skin when used regularly.

Its components improve skin elasticity, filling it with the necessary lipids.Thus there is not only an active moisturizing, but also lifting effect.As is known, the dry skin is most susceptible to the formation of early facial wrinkles and age.

As noted earlier, in addition to the cosmetic effect, the cream "Belobaza" struggling with some dermatological diseases.It is often prescribed for eczema and various skin lesions as an aid in the overall therapy.Furthermore, it can be used when an allergic inflammation.

the cream "Belobaza"

unique composition of the cream has been developed taking into account the characteristics of dry and sensitive skin types.

So, avocado extract is aimed at active hydration and stimulate collagen production.This feature has long been used in cosmetics and well established among consumers.

Vitamin B5, which is also known as panthenol, capable of microcracks heal and protect the skin from the bright sunlight.

Glycerin improves the properties of the components means "Belobaza."The cream reviews which proved its effectiveness, is indeed one of the most effective and proven drugs for the treatment of skin diseases.

Q10-algae extract and coenzyme formed smooth wrinkles and make skin more elastic, increasing its tone.Furthermore, these active ingredients enhance removal of residues and the color of the skin.

There are some chemical components in the means "Belobaza."The cream reviews which prove its positive effect on the skin, contains propylene glycol, which acts as a preservative.A technical oil creates a protective water-repellent film is made from petroleum products.

Cream "Belobaza": instructions for use

Use cream for caring and therapeutic purposes is quite simple.It is enough to cleanse the skin and apply a thin layer of means "Belobaza."Cream, instruction which describes the whole process of use, requires a uniform distribution of massage.This will allow existing components as possible to penetrate deeply into the skin.It should follow the changes of the skin during use and control the amount of funds.

consistency of the cream is light enough so it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue on clothes.Furthermore, there is no discomfort due to formation of an oily film.That is why women can be applied as the basis for the daily makeup.This skin will look hydrated all day.


large number of people have already appreciated the quality of the means "Belobaza."Cream, analogues of which are not yet known in Russia has practically no contraindications.After all, according to the manual, it can be used not only allergies, but also pregnant and breastfeeding women.It is allowed to use a cream anywhere on the skin, which is prone to dryness and inflammation activity.

However, if you doubt the safety of cream, perform the test on a small area of ​​the body.It will definitely make sure that it is hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most irritated and sensitive skin.

Cost cream

Today, virtually every major pharmacy Russia and CIS countries can buy Dermatological "Belobaza."Cream, whose composition is unique, cost about 450 rubles per tube in 40 ml.Of course, this value can not be called democratic.But it is exactly what the effect of which can be obtained after using the cream.

In addition, the drug can be ordered in many online stores that offer free shipping to your home.Before placing your order be sure to compare rates and pick the very best deal.

Reviews consumers about the cream "Belobaza"

Nothing to tell about the quality of a product as good as the reviews of real customers.The same applies to the means "Belobaza."Cream, instruction which is understandable to anyone, really is an effective means for dry to very dry skin.Members noted that it copes well with redness and has a moisturizing effect.

However, you can meet and negative reviews.Generally, they relate to the composition of funds.For example, some consumers wary of the components of petroleum products, which are contained in the cream "Belobaza."But, as shown by numerous laboratory studies, technical oil is safe to use.Especially the dose in a cream is very small.

It's safe to say that one of the latest achievements of dermatology - it means "Belobaza."Cream, instruction which is simple and clear, has established itself as a quality and safe product that can in the shortest possible time to solve the problems associated with dryness and inflammation of the skin.