Cosmetics Holika Holika: customer reviews

By choosing cosmetics, any modern woman fits very carefully.Long gone are the days when the Russian ladies bought the first available means only due to the fact that they are attracted by bright design and producing countries.Now the price of quality, safety of use, availability, and all sorts of factors, which we are accustomed to paying attention.Not least in the choice of goods and took the advice of friends, colleagues and acquaintances opinion.In recent years, the market leader in the cosmetic products are brand Holika Holika.It has earned positive reviews, and experts assure the high quality of cosmetic products.

Meet South Korean brand

Products of this resounding brand originally from Korea.Holika Holika belongs to the well-known Asian company Enprani.It is its subsidiary.The brand itself can rightly be called one of the youngest in the modern cosmetic market.It was founded only 5 years ago - in 2010.However, its development has been rapid and lightning.Today, not only at home but also in Eur

opean countries, and in recent years in Russia, a genuine interest in women causes cosmetics Holika Holika.Reviews you can hear it from a friend or read in popular women's magazines.

Design - a head

road to success and recognition is made up of a variety of factors.Not the last role is played here and design.South Korean brand in this regard is original.Its products are surrounded by an aura of magic.The magic comes through in everything, promising eternal youth and beauty.Pay attention to the design of cosmetics and you will feel the fascinating fluids.Already the logo refers to the fairy-tale motifs.It depicts a cute little witch on a broom.In fairy tales, as we know, everything is possible.It is worth noting and registration vials, causing them to become like magic potions.

Benefits Cosmetics

What distinguishes from similar cosmetic products Holika Holika?Feedback from those who use the products of this brand eloquently about their merits.Judge for yourself.

  • natural.It would seem that today you will surprise nobody organic drugs, but the Koreans them special treatment.This is due to their mentality, traditions.Even in the food they prefer to use only fresh vegetables, roots and seafood.The same principle prevails in the production of cosmetics.They added plant extracts that can tone up or calm the skin, saturate it with the necessary elements and cure disease.
  • The outstanding.Another distinctive feature of the new-fangled brand Holika Holika.Reviews owners "magic potion" say innovation vendors.In this cosmetics combine incongruous, used the most unusual ingredients that are beneficial to our skin.For example, you might surprise a special series, which is based on the means to extract the snail slime.Can capture the imagination and luxury cosmetics, containing in its composition caviar.
  • tradition and innovation.Products Holika Holika (reviews producers often emphasize on this account) is made based on the ancient Chinese recipe, which locals use for centuries.But at the same time for the production of goods, the latest technologies and innovations.Such a synthesis of past and present - a pledge of high quality and efficiency.
  • complexity.South Korean brand - is not a single agent and combination of decorative and medical cosmetics, which not only masks the shortcomings, but also to the overall skin care.If you use each product in stages, you will notice a stunning result that will exceed all your expectations.
  • Security.Using only natural ingredients in itself speaks of the safety of goods.In addition, products undergo numerous tests and testing.That's why buying your favorite makeup, you can not worry about side effects.

Popular series of cosmetics Holika Holika

brand assortment is rich and varied.Here there are facilities for every taste and for every skin.But this cosmetics valued because of the unique series, able to solve this or that problem.In addition, it includes rare ingredients are used, which are almost impossible to meet in the goods of other brands.For example:

  • Popular moisturizing Aqua Fantasy series created by glacier water, which is taken in Iceland.
  • Poreseastem cleansing product line contains in its composition of seawater, algae, corals.
  • Anti-aging series Prime Youth Placenta phytoextract is at the heart of the placenta, has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

All this makes the products of the brand is very popular.

What is the strength of whey?

Among all cosmetics South Korean women especially loved serum Holika Holika, reviews of which cause a burning desire to get this miracle product.Most of these cosmetic products are used to combat wrinkles.Prized and whey to narrow pores.It includes several essential components that are useful for our skin.

  • extract boswelia.He is able to normalize the lipid balance, restore skin elasticity, to save her from minor inflammation.
  • extract pansies.And this component is responsible for hydro-balance of the epidermis, kills bacteria, it saves from peeling.
  • glacial water.It tones and gives an incredible feeling of freshness, accelerates cell renewal and smoothes wrinkles.

If you see in a store lovely bottle called Holika Holika Skin & amp;Pore ​​Zero Tightening Serum, not Indulge yourself and get it.Pity then you just do not have.

Masks famous brand

Want to see a real miracle?Then you need a mask Holika Holika.Responses about it can turn the head of any modern woman.Actually, such a product contains two means.This mask and white mask with red wine.The first of these lightening, the second - rejuvenating.They resemble the consistency of jelly, which begins to slowly melt away in a few minutes, allowing it evenly to the skin.Excellent flavor, interesting packaging, together with a spoon, which is very convenient to take the vehicle, and a refreshing, revitalizing effects make this product a real gift for women.

healing properties of aloe

There is one more magic thing, which boasts brand Holika Holika, - Gel "Aloe".Reviews of this product confirms its effectiveness.In some cases it is necessary to use it?Apply the gel can be a variety of purposes, such as:

  • as a moisturizer.It nourishes the skin with moisture, making it silky, eliminates irritation.
  • as a base for everyday make-up.
  • after shaving.Such use true for men too.
  • in the form of restoring the essence for the hands and nails.
  • as first-aid for sunburn.

see what multipurpose tool gave us the Korean firm.

New cosmetology - hydrophilic oil

It's no secret that every year the cosmetics is becoming more stable.On the one hand, this is a huge plus.On the other - there are difficulties when removing makeup.To facilitate this manipulation, the market appeared hydrophilic oil Holika Holika.Opinions about the product (its full name Holika Holika Soda Pore Light Cleansing Oil) range from great to just good.Some women claim that the removal of waterproof makeup have to repeat the procedure with the washing and massaging twice.This follows a significant and negative - wasteful product.However, all those who enjoyed the novelty, note its ability to perfectly clean the skin from dust and excess fat, refreshing it.

Besides, we should not forget the fact that the company has a range of as much as 4 kinds of oil:

  1. Refreshing (for oily skin).
  2. Soothing (Sensitive).
  3. Moisturizer (dehydrated skin).
  4. Supply (for coarse, lost elasticity of the skin).

Try each of the funds, and you're sure one of them will find your own favorite.

products, giving the beauty

And what with decorative cosmetics, as in the arsenal of the brand and has such funds?Worth noting:

  • Mascara Holika Holika.Reviews have awarded it the status of "magic wand".This is due to the amazing form of tassels, which has a different shape of the villi.Such a wonderful means to increase the strength of eyelashes and give them thickness.It is able to withstand any rain, but washed off with warm water normal.
  • Another product from Holika Holika - powder.Reviews confirms its economical consumption and matting effect.And yet it is valued for its high sunscreen.Reflective particles excellent camouflage flaws and make the skin is literally glowing from within.Amaze your sense of smell and a wonderful berry flavor, reminiscent of summer and causes a feeling of celebration.

As you can see, the brand Holika Holika quite by chance is considered the favorite in the world of cosmetology.He has plenty to offer the discerning shopper.Unbelievable but true: those women who has ever purchased a product from this manufacturer, remain his devoted fans forever.