"Eleveyshn Time Stops": reviews.

most cherished dream of every woman - as long as possible to preserve youth and beauty.To achieve this, the ladies from time immemorial have used a variety of means.In the days of our grandmothers caring for their own skin based on herbal decoctions and infusions.Later, the women were able to assess all the wonders of cosmetics, which gave them balms, lotions, masks and other necessary and useful products.The modern market offers a lot of different tools that promise to make us young and beautiful.Buy them today - no problem.There is another problem: how not to get lost in the fragrant world of cosmetics and choose the brand that does not give vain promises, but pleased with the result?If you are in search of their favorite in the field of cosmetology, pay attention to the brand "Eleveyshn Time Stops" reviews which give hope for the effectiveness of the proceeds of this producer.

What is the highlight of the Israeli cosmetics?

More and more women are choosing cosmetics, turn their gaze toward the Pro

mised Land.I wonder what attracts today's young ladies Israeli manufacturers?Casket just opened.

  • This country is valued for its high level of development of medicine, including cosmetology.Modern research center built there, has several laboratories are constantly developing new tools.
  • Almost all Israeli cosmetics includes in its membership the generous gifts of the Dead Sea.The benefits produced there mud, algae, mineral salts and their effects on our skin, hair, nails says a lot.
  • Israelis prefer natural throughout.The cosmetics are not used synthetic components (eg, parabens), which makes them hypoallergenic, and, therefore, completely safe.
  • All products produced in this country, have international certificates, ie the placing on the market of substandard products is completely excluded.

That's why it is valued Israeli cosmetics for the face.Buy it seeks any woman, confident in the efficacy and safety.

Cosmetics Elevatione Time Stops

Israeli scientists and cosmetologists do not stop, constantly delighting the ladies with their innovations.Another gift - cosmetics "Eleveyshn Time Stops".Reviews of recently published brand not long in coming.Women who already had time to purchase new items, note their natural composition and comprehensive skin care."Eleveyshn Time Stops" - precisely the cosmetics, which is able to bring to life the famous phrase classics of German literature: "Stop a moment!" This is evidenced by its name that speaks.

This is what the producers wanted to 8 years of developing a new product capable, if not turn back time, then slow down the aging of the skin.So far in the arsenal of the brand is only one lot - Repair Your Youth, but what!All that you need to preserve youthful skin, you can easily find it.Presented funds complement each other perfectly.

great power of art

surprising, as we did at times affects the legacy of the classics.Quite possibly, a new brand would never have appeared if not for Salvador Dali.Yes, this is the artist, or rather, his painting with melted pocket watches, inspired the creators to develop cosmetics that can tame the rebellious time.This image became the logo of the company, its trademark.

Innovative technologies

I want to say and know-how "Eleveyshn Time Stops".This is a 2 component, developed by the Israeli "Erman" specifically for the production of a new brand.Their task is to carry out comprehensive care and prevent aging of the skin.

  • TIGHTOX.A unique component, which is based on the stem cells of the mountain plant called globulyariya serdtsevidnolistnaya.It helps to activate regenerative processes, resulting in the skin quickly updated, becomes elastic.
  • REVIVEYE.Another newly developed components.It consists of antioxidants, peptides, vitamins.This cocktail of nutrients confidently cope with redness, dark circles under the eyes, regenerates the skin from stress and activates the production of collagen.

composition of funds from the "Time Stops Eleveyshn»

addition to the above components, the Israeli cosmetics includes other natural substances.They have long been widely used in the world of cosmetology and appreciated its beneficial properties.

  • raspberry extract, known for its essential fatty acids omega-3 and 6. It is part of vitamin E, it is not for nothing called vitamin of youth.This component normalizes the sebaceous glands and nourishes the skin.
  • extract roses and rose oil valued the presence of oleic acid, which gives the skin elasticity and restores it at the cellular level.
  • hibiscus extract is responsible for elasticity.It is easy to cope with small wrinkles and makes the skin soft and velvety.
  • Olive oil has a whole arsenal of vitamins supplemented with omega acids.It is considered the most powerful antioxidant that helps to keep the skin young.

This useful set of components with carefully selected concentration can not simply be ineffective.Many women already rated "Eleveyshn Time Stops".Price cosmetics fully justified by its quality.

The results of

What would please us new Israeli?Manufacturers, and after them, and the employees' Eleveyshn Time Stops "(responses which can be seen in major journals), argue that after using cosmetics brand, you will notice that:

  • leather gained once lost elasticity and become more elastic;
  • chin noticeably reduced, facial contours become much clearer;
  • skin looks revitalized;
  • wrinkles significantly reduced.

Such metamorphoses will be possible thanks to the magical properties of cosmetics that will boost the immunity of the skin of the face and provide her proper hydration.

product range

Despite the fact that so far developed only one series, a variety of lethal.Nine products are included in the line Repair Your Youth.It:

  • Two lifting mask."Gold" nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.In its structure contains herbal extracts, essential oils and microparticles 24-carat gold."60 seconds" contains extracts of green tea and basil, elastin, TIGHTOX, which slow down the aging process, tighten the skin.
  • 3 cream varieties.Israeli cosmetics takes care of all areas of the skin, so among its products a special eye cream.He seals the skin texture, retains moisture for a long time, thereby preventing the occurrence of spider veins wrinkles.
  • 2 skulpturiruyuschih means: face mask and essences for the skin around the lips and eyes.They increase the elasticity of the skin, protect it and restore.
  • Cleansing milk foaming (mikropudroy with Apricot kernel oil and avocado oil and almond) and restoring serum (it is composed of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10).

«Eleveyshn Time Stops": reviews

Despite the young age of the brand, its name today on the lips of many fashionistas.Most women are positive about the company's products.There are negative statements about the new line.But if you look objectively, criticism is not the production of the Israelis, and the inability to buy it in retail stores.After receiving a gift at the launch of the probe, the result will not see.It is this and complain disgruntled woman.There is one caveat, which is criticized in a review of the means of "Eleveyshn Time Stops" - price.But any Israeli cosmetics always differed high cost.Prices start at her 400 rubles and can be "off scale" for 2000.This high cost is due to the unique formula and natural.

In general, all agree on the fact that the products are brand deserves the attention of buyers.Buy it must be at least in order to personally assess novelty.