Ukrainian cosmetics: producers and reviews

Many modern women of Ukraine recently drew attention to the makeup of the domestic manufacturer.Indeed, in many cases, it is not inferior in quality to foreign funds.And a definite plus is that the Ukrainian cosmetics has an affordable price.About 20 companies are involved in this area, and it is much more than it was before 1991.

Features production

Cosmetics Ukrainian production has several unique features.First of all, almost all the companies are guided by the buyer with an average income, so the products have a fairly low price.Among the whole range of the most commonly provided by tools that allow you to care for face, body and hair.But the factory that manufactured the decorative line a little bit.Ukrainian manufacturers of cosmetics used in its production components imported from countries such as France, Britain, Germany, Austria.Are domestic oils and plant extracts.However, scientists are developing their own unique recipes and formulations.Often foreign Estheticians borrow them in the pro

duction of its own funds.

company "Biocon»

starting out this brand as a medical center, which was founded in 1991.Employees engaged in research of the medicinal leech, its influence on the human body.It was revealed a special component that has a beneficial effect on the skin, making it supple and healthy.This fact was the impetus for the launch of series production of cosmetics.At the center of the factory it was opened, which was engaged in the cultivation of leeches in artificial conditions (a technology developed and patented by the laboratory staff).Since 1995 began mass production of creams and other means for the skin.Ukrainian producer of cosmetics is composed of a lot of natural ingredients, including an extract of leeches.It should be noted, and those designed to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.Cream of this line became the sales leader in Ukraine, because they use a special protective complex, which is tailored to the characteristics of the epidermis and is composed of up to 5 of filters.Among them are a means to protect the skin of children.

Irene Bucur and its products

Ukrainian organic cosmetics brand provided Iren Bukur.The main feature of the manufacturer - the use of natural ingredients.That is why the products are pretty small shelf life.This cosmetics is a result of cooperation between the two women - Irina Bucur (president) and Lydia Moskalenko (candidate and associate professor of pharmacological science).All funds are premium, respectively, and the price is quite high.Currently it produces about 40 kinds of products.Among them is the care of the skin (including the anti-aging effect), and preparations for the body.Also developed a special line for the mouth.This Ukrainian cosmetics is well proven and unique programs, and hair.The content in products to 80% of natural oils limits the storage time, the funds are released in small batches and are sold through its own stores.

Beauty Recipes of Beauty skin

Ukrainian producer of cosmetics is made on the basis of raw materials from Europe.The main task of technologists is a combination of natural elements and innovations in the field of cosmetology for maximum skin care.The company's logo contains an Egyptian symbol, which represents the water.Therefore, the effects of many agents directed to hydration and moisture retention in the cells.Pricing policy is quite loyal.Special attention should be antitselyullitny gel with extract of cocoa.It contains a special set of patented employees.Also, this is the Ukrainian and cosmetics line for men: Beauty skin produces good aftershave.

Holding «Elf»

More than 1000 items manufactured by "Elf."Ukrainian manufacturers of cosmetics are holding more than one line.The best-known brands of steel products Dr.Sante, Salon, "magic herbs", "Green Pharmacy", O'Herbal.Dr.Sante is releasing funds to care for your hands and face.The recipes are based on how the Soviet tradition and the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology.Characteristically, all products are hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for every woman.Another important point - in some of the applied technology of aquaporins, which pioneered the use of the brand Dior.Salon - this is a brand that specializes in the manufacture of hair and nails.Ukrainian Professional cosmetics of this brand is used in both the salon and at home.There were developed special treatment varnishes, whose action is directed to the existing problem (fragility, lamination, uneven surface of the nail plate).Production of the brand "Green Pharmacy" amazing variety.It is necessary to highlight the series for expectant mothers, which includes creams against stretch marks, for the prevention of varicose veins, edema."The magic of herbs" - is Ukrainian natural cosmetics, which is composed of more than 90% of extracts of medicinal plants.

Ukrainian cosmetics

few companies in Ukraine are engaged in production of decorative cosmetics.One of them - LORINA cosmetics.Products of this company deserves respect: an unusually broad range of colors, the quality of the mark, stylish and modern packaging design.The range includes lipsticks and glosses, pencils, mascara, foundation, compact and loose powder.Also available in various sets of shades: matte, glossy, baked.The palette is diverse, everyone can find the right shade.Even made a series of nail: it is as a decorative coating, and special curative and restorative coatings.In 2013 LORINA cosmetics earned the title "Industry Leader 2013".The range is constantly updated with new products.Affordable prices make this cosmetics available, so the number of satisfied customers is only growing.

Decorative products company Color Me

This brand originated in 1999.The peculiarity of the company is that the products are produced not only by enterprises in Ukraine and abroad (Germany, France).To date, the Ukrainian cosmetics won the hearts of many women as the quality and variety of make-up.The line shows excellent makeup lipstick, which are composed of substances that can stimulate the production of collagen.They have a rich color with long lasting durability and protect lips from harmful environmental effects.This Ukrainian cosmetics has only positive reviews, particularly popular with shoppers mascara and pencils to draw a clear and consistent line.The range is rich: it's nail polishes, and powders with excellent texture and shade of various species.

Brand "Cajetan»

One of the few companies that specializes in production of tools for professional use.Among the products of this brand are all sorts of masks, peels, products for SPA-procedures, as well as funds for a massage.In manufacture the plant extracts, which grow on the territory of Ukraine.Due to this risk of allergic reactions is minimal.It is recommended to use the products of this brand only professional beauticians who are able to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the skin and choose wisely drugs.

Piel Cosmetics

Another company, which is engaged in the inlet of professional cosmetics - Piel Cosmetics.Formulations containing high concentration of active substances.Packaging is quite large - tonics poured into 750 milliliters.A special feature is the ability to use drugs at home.The company has several product lines: care of the problem and mature skin, a basic set of facial care, means to strengthen eyelashes, hair.Also assortment is a special spray for the body, among which special attention should be given anti-cellulite.Not ignored and men - this Ukrainian cosmetics suitable for their skin to the same company produces gel after shaving.But the prices for the products Piel Cosmetics quite high, so it can afford far each.However, the manufacturer guarantees that the use of home consumption is small, and the funds will be used for a long time to take care of the skin owner.

English-Ukrainian joint venture

peculiarity of this company is that the products are manufactured in Ukraine, and the formulation is being developed by British experts.The production uses flavones bow - special substances that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and moisturize the skin.Moreover, they have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.Characteristically, the smell does not have this component.The range includes products for hair, which are composed of onion and garlic components.The company also has facilities for rough skin heels, for moisturizing hands, and, of course, complex entity.Reviews about this product positive women were satisfied.Besides democratic pricing, product is available.