Baked Blush "Pupa": reviews.

facial skin almost any woman not ideal.Freckles, red veins, spots, and even a pimple jumped at the wrong time in the most prominent place.One girl is too pale, the other does not like bright glow.Yes, almost all of something in their looks are not satisfied.Each representative of the fairer sex solves these problems on your own.But there is still the general trend as the protection of skin and masking minor defects.

care products for problem skin

They depend on the woman's age, skin type (oily, dry, combination).

Perhaps oily skin creates for its owner of more problems than dry.Behind her constant need special care.It is necessary to use only the tools created for such skin.They are labeled noncomedogenic.This makeup prevents the formation of black dots.Means labeled for acne-prone skin is suitable for the skin, which often form acne pimples.

Do not use blush, instead, can take dry shade.Better to choose a loose powder.You can use a paint pen.

Particular attention should be paid to the pharmacy

brand that is sold in the pharmacy network.They contain substances that dries the skin.

It is desirable to apply the tools of the manufacturer.Because they are designed so that the complementary elements of one substance present in the other.Be sure to take into account their feelings, to watch how the skin reacts to the agent.

Cosmetics company "Navel"

Italian company founded in the 70s of the last century.

Cosmetics Pupa initially intended for teenagers.Now the products of this brand are sold in many countries around the world.It is the United States, Western Europe, Japan, the countries of the East, South Africa.It is not only the quality but also the design.Cosmetics Pupa works towards modern and classic.In the development of new products involving leading experts, including the company's founder, Mr. Gatti.

produce such means of decorative cosmetics as cosmetic lip gloss, pencil, lipstick, rouge, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, cosmetic set for makeup.

foundation and powder

total between what he and the other type of makeup to hide imperfections.Both of them serve as a basis for make-up.After applying foundation face powder fix.It removes excess skin shine.Apply this complex for evening makeup.If the skin is clean enough, the day can be applied to something one.Another difference: concealer color matches the color of the skin.Powder for the face should be on the lighter shade.

Apply foundation, as powder, skin treated with day cream.He absorbed remnants of the cream 15 minutes, if necessary, remove the paper towel.When applying foundation to be careful.If you apply it too much, the result is the return required.Will noticeable wrinkles and other skin imperfections.After applying foundation face powder oneself.

Powder Pupa

Helps quickly even out skin tone.Sometimes friable and compact.The latter, in turn, has many varieties, among which are:

  • matting (gives the skin a matte finish, removes unwanted shine);
  • bronzer (creating the impression of tanned skin);
  • antibacterial (medical);
  • baked.

Acquisition powder Pupa

  • powder one shade.
  • Set of two colors.
  • Set of blush powder two shades, window that highlights points of light on the face.
  • Four colors in one box (powder, blush).

compact face powder has a dense texture, it is more stable than crumbly.It is easier to carry in a handbag, occasionally looking into the mirror on the lid and adjusting makeup.Apply it with a puff, sponge or brush.

Baked Powder

Among these types of baked appeared relatively recently.

It is created by using special technology.When baking powder inside it retains moisture and wetting agents.

This texture is obtained very fine.This makes it possible to apply a very thin layer powder.

It does not crumble easily applied to the skin and lasts a long time on it.It has a glow effect.It protects against ultraviolet radiation using a factor 15 SPF.Held control for allergenicity using special tests that verify the face powder.Rate this product indicates that the baked powder is included in the top ten.

In view of the box, it differs in that it has a non-uniform color.

Benefits baked powder

  • light texture makes the invisible powder on her face.
  • hides the flaws.
  • give the face a healthy look.

in box 9 grams of powder.There are 01 shades, 04, 05, 06. The first two bright.The fifth room is suitable for summer.Last - the darkest.All of them are very persistent.All allows you to find the right tone powder baked "Navel".Customer reviews note that the first bit more yellow than the fourth.It is suitable for many women, who have long sought such.

Apply powder on the foundation.But you can not use it, but to limit the daily face cream.And then we will have an unpleasant surprise.Not everyone is able to choose the right cream, which responds well to powder baked "Navel".Reviews of some customers say that the cream came only one: Natura Siberica for oily skin with a Japanese pagoda.More experienced users have determined that the face before applying the powder is moistened light cream water-based.They emphasize that this cream should be applied previously and well soak into the skin.Otherwise it causes uneven powder.If the cream is matched successfully, the minor flaking on the face is not visible.Large, unfortunately, obvious.

face superimposed on wet or dry powder applicator baked "Navel".Reviews of some buyers suggest that it is best applied fluffy sponge, which is in the box with the powder.Box itself is very beautiful, like a shell.It is quite heavy.Refills with powder is recessed in the bottom of the box.This is useful because when using a powder brush dusts.


baked powder Pupa has the following composition:

  • silicone;
  • mineral oil;
  • talc.

Powder dries slightly oily skin.

Due to the fine grinding is almost not noticeable on the face powder baked "Navel".Reviews suggest that different colors have different effects.Women say that they did not even dull, and have a satin shine.And all from a perfect resistance.

Masks defects, as it has a good pigmentation.The very inhomogeneous powder color.And the substrate particles are mixed, resulting in complexion turns alive not flat.


Many users have a positive attitude towards the brand "Navel" cosmetics that meet their requirements.This applies in particular to the baked powder this company.It is believed that it is - the best powder from affordable.Long held without slipping into lumps.Dry method is applied on day wet - evening.It hides not only small spots or freckles, but also masks dark circles under the eyes.

Users report interesting details:

  • After applying powder on the face of it looks like a flour and defects do not disappear.But after a few minutes it is absorbed, changing its structure, it becomes invisible.Disadvantages are hidden from prying eyes.
  • matte leather effect is observed for about an hour.Then there is a light satin finish.After a couple of hours (in the summer), you need to touch up makeup.In winter, it can be done through the afternoon.

Celebrating economy powder "Navel".Some, only one box for 8 months of daily use.Others have only enough for 2 months.Some believe that the baked powder - most winter version.In the summer is better to take silk loose.

Buyers who for many years used only powder "Pupa", sometimes for some reason switching to products of other manufacturers.As a result, they recognize that this is done in vain.After using the powder "Navel" they have amazing silky skin with a barely noticeable glow.Pores powder target.The complexion becomes fresh.

not fit all baked powder "Navel".Cosmetics - is an individual matter.Some feel it on his face, like a mask.Other apparent pores after application.

Some consumers believe that the baked powder "Navel" makes them much older in appearance.Wrinkles, which they had not noticed.Perhaps this is because they do not take into account the above-described application techniques.

Powder baked "Lyuminus"

One of cosmetic products "Navel".It contains jojoba oil, which moisturizes the skin and helps protect against the effects of atmospheric factors.The skin becomes smooth, matte, has a natural look.Powder "Lyuminus" has four colors, allowing you to choose the most suitable.It does not cause allergies.

Many consumers with dry skin, which is usually very difficult to find appropriate means to protect the face, argue that the product they came.Four-sets and used as blush.After all, they are easily shaded, they can be mixed to create the desired effect.

Interestingly, some women with dry skin is applied powder "Navel Lyuminus" on a person other than its pre lubricating nourishing cream.And the skin is pulled together, no sense of a mask, peeling is not observed.As you can see, the use of strict algorithm powder "Navel" no.There are general guidelines, each potrebitelnits shares his experiences, while others may choose to try something of my own.

Girls usually like cosmetics, which contains a lot of sequins.For them, the suit 05 and 06 tons of powdered "Lyuminus."It is dense, well mask the deficiencies, improves the complexion.This relatively inexpensive, as well as all powder "Navel".Price - $ 15.

Buyers enjoy a pleasant smell, noticeable but not intrusive, light texture powder - matt, silky, cool (it's 04 tons).It does not clog pores, which positively affects the skin condition in the fight against acne.It does not create the effect of a mask.It gives the skin a healthy and fresh look all day.

lot of rave reviews from admirers and baked powder "Navel" have combination skin.They note that the powder goes smoothly, the type of skin from a healthy, natural color.

Some customers indicate that they can not now apply the foundation.Baked Blush "Pupa" copes with protection of the skin without it.It aligns the shortcomings and hides them.

Many women customers with oily skin notice that immediately after the application of powder "Lyuminus" shine disappears.

all very pleased that the powder does not leave marks on clothing.Most compacts like stylish design.

Some buyers who did not like the result of applying the powder "Pupa", throw it and buy another.But many do not do so and continue to understand the reasons for the failure.They approach to the analysis of the properties of the powder thoroughly.Apply it with a sponge and brush in turn, try different creams (tone, nourishing).It happens that a good powder gloss over the flaws, but it is already clear herself.Leather, and this without fat begins to shine more.Peeling become even more noticeable.

suffer a bit insistent women customers usually come to the desired result.Gets thinner layer of powder, it quietly on his face.It emits a pleasant glow instead of boring finish.

interesting approach: Apply powder only on certain areas of the face, such as cheeks.What is especially convenient - at any moment can be corrected makeup brush, which is a set of make-up.

Powder "Silk Tech" (silk touch)

Loose powder.Well suited for combination skin prone to fat.Apply powder brush.Very good mattes, smells good.Not everyone likes to pack as quickly scratched cover.

Pros and Cons

positive ratings when using it do not need a foundation.Good hides the flaws.Matting (removes the luster) for the whole day.

Some buyers believe that there are some disadvantages:

  • Powder is very noticeable on the face.
  • It underlines the very pores, making them "crater".
  • Stresses wrinkles.
  • Large sequins, which are in some shades of powder (for example, number 05), it is poured directly on the face.
  • If rain falls on the face, then there are divorces.

Where can I buy quality cosmetics such as powder "Navel"?"Letual" - a good example of the store, where you can make a purchase without fear of running into fake.

How to pick up the tone of the powder?

If you're going to go to a party, a date, you can use the twinkling elements.Daily make-up to perform better in natural tones.

As can be seen from the reviews, it's a quality powder, noteworthy women.