Cherish Avon Eau de parfum for women (reviews)

company Avon - global cosmetics company.World it because its products are sold in 140 countries such as Russia, South Africa, Latin America, China, Central and Eastern Europe, Japan and Nicaragua.Impressive list, despite the fact that it is far from all countries.Avon Representatives there are more than 3 million worldwide.

Historical development

Its development began in 1886 in the United States.The founder is David McConnell, who gave us the name of a passionate love for England and its literature.He hires his first plenipotentiary agent - Mrs. Albi.This moment can be considered the beginning of the triumphal march of the world Avon.This Albi and developed the sales system that we today can observe.

Cherish Avon - fragrance for women.Description

There just no fragrances created by Avon.The new fragrance for women Cherish Avon - the undisputed leader.This new 2015 is in great demand and sold out instantly.Cherish Avon - fragrance for women, which belongs to the group of fruit and floral arom

as with woody notes.If you try to splash on the wrist, the first well will be felt notes: raspberry, bergamot and pink pepper.After a few minutes we hear jasmine, peony and cherry.But the base of the toilet in the water is still warm sandalwood, musk and tiara.Therefore, on the Cherish Avon for Women reviews the most pleasant, and many would agree that this perfume is excellent.

difference perfumes and toilet waters

main difference between perfume and toilet water is considered to be resistant.A minor is already becoming their global price difference.They say that spirits are more resistant and longer retain flavor.But we have to notice that the modern perfumes is not in place, so it is a decent toilet water is no worse than any perfume.

Perfume - is buttery texture that leaves traces on clothes.In this regard, they are sold in small vials, which are closed tightly stoppered.Their application must be neat and point.One drop on the neck or earlobes enough for a stable and long aroma throughout the day exactly.

As for toilet water, it is much easier.If perfume is desirable to use at celebrations or evening events, the eau de parfum - your friend and companion throughout the day.Toilet water may be used every day, and the smell will not fall around, because he was not sharp.In addition, many available with scented water spray, which facilitates their use in everyday life.It is also necessary to define a range of toilet water bottles of the same brand.It may be bold, sea, fresh, floral, fruity, etc.odors.List of toilet water today is huge, so you need to try everything.One of them - Cherish Avon for women.Photos can be found in any directory.

Tips for using fragrances

Aroma will feel better if he applied immediately after water treatments (sauna, bath, shower, etc.).At this point, the body breathe and expand the pores, so the perfume "crash" in the body for a long time, and the notes of pleasant aroma will play for hours.

You can not put perfume on the place where the sun's rays penetrate straight.The sun kills the flavor, so it is best to remove the bottle with toilet water or perfume away in a shaded place.So you will extend the life of your scent, and he will long to please you with its subtle and exciting fragrance.

better to have in its arsenal, at least a couple of different flavors.To day began with flavor, which is closest at the time and in tune with your mood.Each time of day has its own perfume.Happy is better to use a modest and tranquil scents in the evening to show all its "cat" nature.For all women, even if it is somewhere inside the far - kitties.

Cherish Avon for women.Reviews

For many women, the good mood is inseparable from the flavor of your favorite perfume.A spokeswoman suit any age Cherish Avon for women.Reviews very pleasant.Sold in carton and mica.Combined with Cherish Avon (perfume for women), you can buy products such as body lotion and deodorant of the same brand.And can be purchased individually and as a set.

sale in catalogs under the slogan "Your main role - the admired!", Which shows you the statements of buyers Cherish Avon for women.Reviews of real buyers, who personally tried to imagine the flavor.

About Cherish Avon

Cherish Avon - Eau de parfum for women who love the sweetness.Where you can catch the notes of candied fruit.They hear very close range.From a distance - is mixed with fruit tartness.Clearly felt cherry flavor.

After the fragrance is mixed with air, the game begins jasmine and tiare.Due to this, there is a strong sweet perfume.And Jasmine is dominant in the relationship with the other components.But Musk is hiding behind this layer of flavors, he could barely be heard.

good news mostly what still whatever it may seem sweet, it is not sugary taste, so it can be applied in the evening and during the day.

recommended to use during the first days of spring, when you want more fruit and vitamins.At this time the fragrance will create the most desirable mood.

elegant bottle, unusual cap, playing the role of the decor - all this is the desire to possess such a thing.

aroma of all ages

aroma of this product is very happy buyers.In the catalog it was described as feminine, sensual and cheerful.By purchasing it, a woman is not a bit disappointed.Really picked the very words that asks the language of after use.

Fruit and sweet flavor perfectly superimposed on woody notes.Therefore, unobtrusive flavor.Pink Pepper just heard, but the smell of oranges.

recommended purchase as the younger generation and adult ladies.He has to fit all.When to use it - decide for yourself, you can in the summer and spring.

Customer reviews of Cherish Avon.Advantages and disadvantages of this fragrance

Cherish Avon causes a lot of emotions in the real buyers.Everyone expresses his opinion in different ways.Among the advantages noted that this eau de toilette is different from many others of its durability, unrivaled aroma and sweet taste.Also, many noticed its original design: the packaging, the bottle, the presence of a sprayer for easy spraying.Disagreement users is price.For some, the price is very reasonable, and someone finds it exaggerated.Still, most buyers agree that virtually no drawbacks.

Compared to other stands out for its bright, unusual and memorable flavor.After spraying the alcohol is not felt, but rather are pleasant and subtle notes.Unlike many water for a long time retains flavor.

often notice it "goodies" and sweetness.As some say Cherish Avon wants to eat.In life there are people-a sweet tooth, which smells around you, too, prefer sweet.The ratio of quality and prices of all satisfied, and there are only a few who believe that it is expensive.

Additional comments often possible to meet opinion that this perfume is the best of the best.Sweetness combined with languor sets the mood incipient day, and smile guaranteed.Maybe someone does not believe, but even after washing clothes still trapped notes of this fragrance.One drop of perfume is enough for a long time, do not have to pour over polflakona.And, of course, due to this, he does not stop for a long time, and money will not be spent in vain.In addition, it is believed that perfume or toilet water - is an invisible second skin, so it must be smart.

excellent, sweet and bright flavor is a perfect gift for women.Women like, 100% guarantee.Such an opinion was expressed by young people who chose Cherish Avon, acquiring it as a gift."Perfume - the clothes that do not remove," - says Pierre Cardin.