What is a civil marriage

concept of marriage has recently lost its former importance.To him they were treated contemptuously and, to some extent irresponsible.What is a civil marriage, is now known to few.Most confuse this concept with the official registration of relations.However, this is not true.

Civil marriage - a cohabitation of men and women, a common household.This in fact they are not husband and wife.The common people call them ugly word "roommates."

Not long ago, such marriages were despised and considered a disgrace for a couple.Today, young people consider them normal.According to statistics, every tenth marriage is now a civilian and every year the number is growing.

Most often the initiators of such relationships are men.Unlike women, they continue to feel free and independent.

What is civil marriage for a woman?Any of the fair sex in the depths of the soul dreams of a prince, a white dress, a gold ring and honeymoon.For many women become lawful wife is very important.However, seeing the complete absen

ce of a mutual desire in the man she loved, agree to live together without the marriage certificate.

One of the main problems in civil marriage is the birth of a child.In this case, women fear for their future and are forced to put ultimatum: either the marriage or end the relationship.According to the Family Code, parents born in wedlock children automatically become husband and wife.Otherwise, the woman will have to prove paternity.In addition, it may refuse to recognize the father of your child's roommate, and even prevent them from seeing.In this case, the man would be very difficult to prove their rights to the child as a minor DNA analysis can be done only with the consent of the mother.Thus, both men and women to build relationships before you need to know what the civil marriage and what it has consequences.

In an open relationship has its advantages.They are perfect for very young people who failed to "stand up" to earn money, and so on.They have the opportunity to learn to live together, know each other, to understand whether they are ready for this marriage.In case of failure to disperse young people can quickly and without unnecessary formalities.

As a rule, a strong passion and love can not withstand the test of life and concerns.Feelings pass, and once the favorite person becomes unpleasant and even annoying.And absolutely do not need a relationship or a civil marriage.Setting priorities and goals in life will help to avoid such mistakes.

If people believe their feelings and lived for some time together, not disappointed in each other, you should not delay the official registration of relations.From a legal point of view, it gives a lot of benefits in the event of divorce:

  • all property is divided in half (regardless of the level of income of the spouses), if not a pre-nuptial agreement or contract providing otherwise;
  • spouses are entitled to maintenance in the event of sickness;
  • if children were born in marriage, the one with whom they remain after divorce, is entitled to receive child support for each child.

learning what civil marriage, everyone has the right to decide which path to choose.In any case, no harm will be safe, and to conclude a contract.The current legislation allows for the registration of families without marriage.In this case, all the rights and obligations of the parties prescribed in the contract, which is required to be certified by a notary.It spells out all the rules by which to live the family, provided the situation of divorce and division of property, and also spells out the responsibilities that will be assigned to the spouses in the event of the child's birth.