Brushes "Louis" - the choice of professionals

quality brushes are necessary not only make-up artist, but every woman performing make-up at home.From these accessories depends on the uniformity of application and economical consumption of cosmetics.Superb proven brush "Louis."Each brush designed to trifles, so is very easy to use, and has received excellent reviews from the masters.

What advantages Makeup Brushes "LouisĀ»

  • Each brush is made of inlaid cloth.Natural tip allows you to impose even the most sophisticated makeup.
  • products have good density and dense packing.It promotes practical set of cosmetics and application of dense color.
  • gluing quality at the base allows them to be washed whenever necessary, that does not spoil the properties.
  • Practical handles make the process of applying makeup comfortable.
  • completely absent preponderance brush thanks to a balanced weight elements.
  • Price range available wizards that provide high-quality professional services.
  • Opportunity to purchase a set or individually.This allows you to have everyth
    ing you need for the job.
  • Ideal for professional use.Also suitable for applying cosmetics in the home.

Brushes "Louis" are represented in a wide range, allowing you to put even the most sophisticated makeup.

Brushes for drawing shadows

most suitable product flat oval, usually made of sable.For small dense brush application is recommended, but the shading is easier to carry out a long nap.We have a clear flat brushes rib that allows you to clear the line.

have cylindrical and round brushes longest villi located in the center.This makes it possible to carry out feather in any direction.

Each tool has its own number and different size, length and thickness of the pile.

brushes blush

red squirrel has the best nap for such purposes.Hairs have a high density and porosity.Even in the most delicate job application will be soft.

also used for laying rouge oblique form of the pile raccoon.They allow you to make a smooth transition and a soft feather.

Very often used sable hair.It is highly resistant to virtually all cosmetics.

Powder Brush

Work with convenient powder brush from the squirrel a big pile.Because of its softness, it allows you to relax and make the process of overlaying makeup as pleasant as possible for the client.The master can use the required amount of powder without fraying.

In the collection there is also a cheaper option is to brush "Louis" pile of goat.Most often used for bright saturated makeup, ideal when performing body art.

Other variants of brushes for makeup

  • Beveled .For the application of lipstick is suitable form of the tongue.Professional work will be done very quickly and with good results.Just one movement and a dense color.The tool allows you to create sharp contours and soft shading.Also in the collection can be found beveled brush for eyebrows.Even the most complex drawing is executed masterfully.
  • Synthetic brushes "LouisĀ» .Ideal cosmetic work with liquid or greasy consistency.Base, tonal foundation, concealer applied easily and professionally.These accessories will last a long time using aggressive cosmetics.
  • brush eyelashes .Made of synthetic material and uniformly paints over thanks to the pointed shape.
  • liner used the finest options for products that let you clear line.

not just very popular with professional make-up artists use a brush "Louis."Guest artists confirm their high quality that enables unsurpassed makeup.

Why a cover brush

worth noting that it is an exquisite accessory that enhances the image of the master.Cases for brushes "Louis" are made of high quality material, possess excellent design and serve a long time.

In these covers, each brush will extend its service life.Careful storage will preserve its properties.This accessory is a must craftsmen who often to perform make-up, go out of his studio.

Products branded "Louis" is very popular among makeup artists most prestigious beauty salons and studios.Due consideration of each product you can make a professional even at home.Small enough skills and can apply makeup for everyday or evening out.These brushes will be a great gift for any woman.