Cream with the effect of foundation (reviews)

Recently in modern cosmetology cream became popular with the effect of foundation.He is not only beautifully aligns the skin, but also has the effect of moisture and nutrition.Without this money today, probably will not do any woman.But it is important not only to choose the right moisturizer with a touch-tone effect, but also to learn all the secrets of his application.After all, then your face will look just perfect, fresh and natural.

main objective cream

cream with the effect of foundation is designed primarily to visually align the texture of the skin and refresh the color.Do not try using it to change the color of their skin.Otherwise, you get the effect of "mask."Besides the wrong tone matched only it emphasizes the weaknesses of your skin and you will grow old in appearance.

Remember also that all cosmetics looks good only on healthy skin.If you have pimples, rashes, irritation, a cream foundation with the effect of partially disguise them, but will not solve the underlying problem.So b

efore you apply this cosmetic product, first bring your skin in order.


foundation itself invented 90 years ago.Its creation is attributed to the master makeup Max Factor, who make up the singers in the Opera House.Later, he was appointed an expert on cosmetics at the imperial court, he served seven Nicholas II.He then emigrated to America, where it gained popularity and fame.

It was he who invented the famous foundation, which went well on the skin and does not dry on the face.By the way, later on in honor of the inventor named the whole line of makeup - "Max Factor".Today it is one of the most popular and sought after.

Hollywood actors were quick to appreciate this invention and began to actively use the foundation not only for makeup, but also as a day or evening makeup.But later it issued a cosmetic product in the mass market.

modern cosmetic industry offers us an improved version - the cream with the effect of foundation.

It is, in addition to decorative, performs several functions at once - disguises flaws, nourishes, moisturizes and protects from the sun.

How to choose a foundation?

cream foundation with the effect produced, taking into account the fact that there are different types of skin.Before you buy a cosmetic product, you need to determine what is right for you.

types of creams are the following:

  • for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation;
  • foundation for normal skin;
  • Drying cream for oily skin;
  • superuvlazhnyayuschie funds;
  • cream that reduces the pores;
  • anti-aging creams that contribute to wrinkles and slow the aging;
  • particularly resistant creams.

also commercially available cosmetics that have protovovospalitelnoe action.The remedy for "Avon" (cream-tone effect) shows young women who have small flaws in the form of blackheads and pimples.In its composition it has anti-inflammatory agents that treat skin.

for winter and summer

It is important to choose the right cosmetic product is the color of their skin.Cream with a light tone effect should be only one tone lighter than the color of your face.Then he will not be visible during application and look natural.Remember that a good cream must possess two qualities: a moisturizing effect and a light texture.

woman in the arsenal must have at least 2 creams: lighter (for the winter) and darker (for the summer months).After all, summer is covered with a skin tan, and cream should not be too pale.In addition, the cream of the summer for a lot less oil and fat, so your skin will not shine.

When buying pay attention to the expiration date.This cosmetic product must necessarily be fresh and not have lumps.

What tone prefer?

Remember that each line offers several shades.From Avon cream-tone effect, for example, consists of more than a dozen.These are the colors:

  • porcelain;
  • pale pink;
  • pink;
  • ivory;
  • warm beige;
  • sand;
  • caramel and others.

If you go shopping in the store, do it only in the afternoon.Pick yourself cream in daylight.

Many color tools are tested on the hand.It is not right.It is better to apply a modicum of funds under the jawbone.Then you definitely will see this shade is right for you or not.

few secrets

If your skin is gray or earthy hue, the pinkish-orange tone considerably refresh your complexion.

If the skin is pale, the apricot tone will give a healthy glow.But with bronze tones should be careful, they are only suitable swarthy women or used exclusively for evening makeup.

For dry skin cream is preferred in which a lot of moisturizers.

women in the age recommended to buy the cream, which has a tightening effect and wrinkle.

For oily skin, choose a cream, which is composed of herbs.

Can I use creams for those who have problem skin?

Ideally, of course, first consult a dermatologist and undergo the necessary treatment.The same expert will advise you and cosmetic products that do not harm.For example, BB-Cream-tone effect is not only good disguises flaws, but also has a therapeutic effect.But do not just use it too often.

When purchasing tools, pay attention to its composition.For problematic skin is very important that the cream contains medicinal ingredients: vitamins A, C, E, F. Good, if there is a cream antioxidants such as grape seed extract and green tea.Choose creams that are based there herbal extracts.Developers

cosmetics provided that the tone means, which are designed for problem skin, there was no fatty components and oils.It does not irritate the skin.

those girls who have oily skin, it is important to choose a cream that absorbs body fat and dries.Otherwise, you can not avoid the unhealthy shine.

against the sun and ultraviolet

Can I use these creams in the summer when it's hot and the sun shines brightly?If earlier Estheticians are not advised to use creams in the heat, but today cosmetic industry offers such an opportunity.Yes, you can, but for hot days, experts recommend choosing a sunscreen with a tone effect.It protects against UV and - very important!- Does not shine in the sun.Apply it should not very often, but only when you go out into the street.If the skin inflammation appear, you can hide them using corrective tone pencil.

remember that cream-tone effect - this decorative cosmetics.Apply it only when necessary.Let your skin rest - once or twice a week, give up entirely on the use of the cream.

How to apply

cream tone effect should be applied only on perfectly cleansed skin.Do not forget to use scrubs as often as once a week.And be sure to moisturize your skin.

That's what algorithm applying the cream-tone effect.

  1. Remove excess hair on the face, giving an expressive eyebrows, apply mascara and eye shadow on.
  2. Begin to apply foundation on the nose to the cheeks.Then he goes smoothly and naturally.
  3. Use a sponge or brush application.You can also feather the foundation with your fingers, but not smeared his face and lightly driven into the skin with fingertips.
  4. Do not forget to put the cream on the neck, under the jawbone and ears.In this case, you can avoid the effect of the mask.

sure to remove the remnants of the cream in the evening before bedtime.Let your skin rest.

To contraindicated

Some women who used the cream-tone effect, leave the negative feedback.What was the reason for the discontent - The wrong cosmetic or incorrect application?Most likely, both factors played a role.Try changing the brand, perhaps you chose not fit for your body.

It is worth remembering also that cosmetics have any contraindications.So, it is not recommended to use a cream-tone effect for those who have the following diseases:

  • allergic diseases in the acute stage;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • acute viral infection;
  • herpes.

happens that women can be idiosyncrasy of a component that is part of the cream: silicone, preservatives, herbal supplements, perfumes.In this case, you need to try another option.

In general, women who have long used a cream-tone effect, leave a very good reviews.After all, this cosmetic product contains a number of security features.They perfectly protect your face from the wind, cold, sun and dust.

There are even creams, which you can safely go to the pool and look at the sea of ​​course.

Face Cream-tone effect - a new word in modern cosmetology.With the right mix, he will help you look spectacular, elegant, stylish and young.