Ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss "Avon": reviews.

Lip Gloss - is a universal tool that allows you to make a natural make-up every day or create a vivid image for the evening out.The main thing - to choose a good option shine.It should not be too sticky.Better if it will be a tool with a nice texture and smell, uplifting.

selection of the most suitable means is further complicated by the fact that the market for decorative cosmetics there are so many glosses from different companies.Their price categories may also have a wide range.But in this case, the price has not yet been said about the quality of the goods.So you need to choose a nice, inexpensive gloss, which will take care of the delicate skin of the lips and does not cause allergic reactions.

Many believe that all these requirements are met ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss "Avon", reviews of which speak in favor of choosing this product.

as gloss is presented in the catalog

order this product from the well-known companies can be in the catalog.The pages of the cosmetics "Avon" is presented in

the most attractive terms.Because you can choose exactly the shade that is most relevant to a particular case.

Most catalogs lipgloss Gloss takes a whole page.So you can see all the details.Each of the colors are as close to the real effect created on the lips, and when ordering means there should be no confusion about the fact that the buyer was not the product that is expected.

Each of the sixteen shades can be considered in detail.One commonly applied to the lips of the model.This photo embellish a little sparkle effect, but it is on this kind can be expected in bright daylight or artificial light.Usually all cosmetics "Avon" in reality looks very impressive.

Main characteristics shine

This stable lip gloss lasts really long.But this is not its most characteristic feature.Ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss "Avon", reviews of which note the brightness of colors and radiant effect, has a unique composition.It includes jojoba oil, shea butter and other ingredients making a soft lip.Because the effect is not well-groomed skin under lip gloss, as is often the case with others.

product also has a long-term protective effect.This contributes to UV protection, which is achieved thanks to its special composition.In addition, the gloss has a soothing and moisturizing effect.

naturally beautiful shine on your lips - this is the main characteristic of this product.It is achieved through ultrasiyayuschim particles that provide a visual increase in the volume of the lips and seductive look.

lot of people like that this product is not sticky, although quite resistant.

looks like sheen on the lips

The creators of this product, it has a focus on its decorative properties because ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss "Avon" responses in the majority of it has an external effect.Many say that the gloss on the lips looks exactly as pictured in the catalog.Moisturized lips look more bulky and attract the views of others.

With many shades of current buyers are able to choose the option that is suitable for any situation.Despite the pronounced effect of glowing, shiny pale shades can be used in the daily makeup.It would not look very festive on your lips, but only emphasize the natural appeal of the lips.

One of bright colors can be chosen as a supplement to a spectacular evening make-up.It can also be color luster Nude, which is advantageous to emphasize the makeup in the style of "Smokey Eyes".

Caring effect

Not many lip glosses with characteristics boast even caring action.With these components as nutritious shea butter and jojoba oil, even women with sensitive or damaged lips can use glitter.

Many say that the constant use of ultrasiyayuschego brilliance of "Avon" significantly improves the condition of the skin of the lips.The tool makes it softer, heals cracks and eliminates pain if her lips were damaged due to the use of poor-quality cosmetics or in connection with the influence of other negative factors.

use of this cosmetic product is recommended in hot and dry weather as well as gloss acts as a UV filter, and further hydrates the lips.It is also hypoallergenic and has a calming effect.

Ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss: color

This line glosses presented in 16 shades from red to clear juicy.The following will describe all the colors and how they use:

  • shade "Cinnamon" has a rich maroon-chocolate color and perfectly girls with golden and dark skin;
  • «Latte" and "Muse" - similar but less intense shades;
  • «Festive red" is most often used for evening makeup.He has an intense strawberry color, which is very important, given the current trends;
  • ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss "highlight Pink," "Pink watermelon", "Crystal Lily", "Ice Rose", "Light Peach" and "Raspberry Summer" - nyudovye shades that perfectly complement the natural makeup;
  • purple shades presented glitter "Dazzling plum", "shimmering" and "Party";
  • «Tangerine flash" - a gentle tone with hints of orange;
  • «Transparent" can be used as a colorless balm.

Which means combining brilliance

Cosmetics "Avon" is very diverse.Because in the catalog you can find all the tools to help you create a complete image.

For example, many people love ultrasiyayuschy gloss applied over lipstick.It is better to use lipstick, lip pencil from the "Avon", that it has a suitable texture, which will shine not smeared.

As for nail polish, which can be combined with radiant shine, it is best to choose one of the shades of varnish from the "Avon", such as "gel-effect".

Price range

Ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss has an attractive price compared with counterparts from other manufacturers.For example, similar in its characteristics lip gloss "Oriflame" ("Energy shine") will cost about $ 100 more expensive than the Russian Federation.

In addition, the optimal ratio of price and quality makes the product even more attractive to buyers waiting on the light-resistant and bright effect.

Ultrasiyayuschy Blackjack by "Avon" has a simple package that does not increase its prices, the main emphasis is placed on the product and its properties.

Who buys ultrasiyayuschy lipgloss

Since the gloss has an attractive price (an average of 200-300 rubles of the Russian Federation), allow it to yourself may even student.It is impossible not to note the variety of colors that are relevant to natural makeup.According to statistics, it is young girls and buy ultrasiyayuschy shine most.

Since lip lips look expensive and impressive, buy them for evening makeup and representatives of the senior age category.Some shades suited for the daily business of make-up.

transparent or shine the brightest shades even bought a schoolgirl as lip balm.It means having a positive effect on the skin of the lips, which is very important for the younger members of the fairer sex.

Ultrasiyayuschy lip gloss "Avon": reviews

buyers Judging by the reviews, we can conclude that these glosses are a versatile option for those who want to keep in your purse shine for any situation.Many were encouraged by the fact that the shine for a long time kept on the lips, and there is no need to update it frequently.

Gentle Skin Care Lip ensure their good condition for frequent use, regardless of the color intensity of the light.

he looks most effectively in bright light.Because many people buy it is a means for parties or other noisy activities.

In rare cases, there are allergic to shine, with the result that there is redness and discomfort.But this is only a consequence of individual intolerance of separate components of the composition, but not of their poor quality.