Gift Certificate "Letual" - the best gift for woman

All women, without exception, love to pamper yourself shopping in the shops of decorative and care cosmetics.That is why a gift certificate "Letual" are a great asset to the family.They can be present as special occasion, or just a sign of attention.

cosmetics shop "Letual" - caring about women

Chain stores "Letual" known, perhaps, every resident of Russia.After its affiliates have in almost every shopping center of the country.A huge range of decorative and care cosmetics, elite perfumery and various accessories make the brand recognizable and popular among women.

In stores you can find the latest trends in the field of cosmetics and perfumes.In addition, "LEtual" regularly holds master classes in make-up from leading manufacturers.At these events you can get good discounts and gifts.A flexible price policy allow to make purchases as a low cost and high class.

friendly sales consultants will always help you choose the right product and will even offer a free test sample.A discount card that can

be purchased at the box office, saving storage and collect bonuses.In other words, the store "Letual" did everything to attract maximum number of customers.It should be noted that the approach of the organizers for the very successful.

"Letual": a gift certificate

In recent years become very popular different kinds of certificates, which teaches people to each other as a gift.Here and cosmetics stores are in step with the times.Gift certificates "L'Etoile" can buy anyone.Thus you can be sure that such a gift is absolutely appreciate any woman.After all, what could be better than the prepaid shopping?

Gift Certificate "Letual" comes in a stylish package since 2009 and is a plastic card with a bar code.When you purchase goods at the amount specified on the card, the owner is enough to show it to the seller.In addition, the gift certificate "Letual" allows you to purchase promotional items even cosmetics.

Where to buy a certificate?

Buy Gift Certificate "Letual" can in any store network.It is enough to refer to the sales assistant or cashier.In addition, the certificate can be ordered over the Internet for home delivery.This will save time searching and buying gifts for loved ones.

Today, the Internet can find a lot of offers on resale certificate "Letual."Such proposals tend to cost a little less Limit the amount claimed.That is, there is always the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate at a slight discount.However, be careful when you buy cards from an authorized representative.After all, there is always the risk of running into a scam.

Denomination gift certificate

Currently released several denominations of gift certificates "Letual" - from 300 to 10 000, which are made in different colors and design solutions.A card of 25 thousand rubles will allow to receive a gift of a diamond discount card customer, which provides a 25% discount on the entire range of the store.Very good offer, is not it?

In addition, the store provided for the so-called corporate gift certificates - from 20 to 500 thousand rubles.Such a gift is relevant for employees of large companies, which is used by their sighted leaders.After all, if the purchase certificates for large sums of money, you can get a good discount.

Gift certificates "Letual": the duration and the nuances of use

many exciting questions: When can use the certificate?You can go shopping immediately after giving presents to its owner.Furthermore, gift certificates "Letual", the validity of which is unlimited, allow to make purchases at any of the branches of the store.That is, you can buy a card in Moscow and make a purchase, for example, in Voronezh.This system is very convenient for customers and fans of the store "Letual."

However, we must remember that we can not get the goods on the gift certificate several times.The rules of the shop says that the client can use the face value of the card once only, after which it is removed.In addition, the amount of the certificate can not be divided into several parts.The only thing that is allowed - is to pay that amount in excess of par value card if your purchases exceed the stated limit.

you still do not know what to give a friend or colleague?Buy a gift certificate "Letual" that any representative of the fairer sex will appreciate.