What are spirits?

In the arsenal of any modern woman has a perfume that can be used both in everyday life and for special occasions.However, his selection depends not only on cost but also on personal preference.After all, through the fragrance can convey emotions, moods, express feelings.In this article you will learn what the spirits and how they have changed over time.We also look at how not to be mistaken with a choice of flavor.

What perfume?

Fragrances are very complex concentrate composition.Modern perfumers use a palette of 5-6 thousand different scents to create a unique flavor.However, the amount of perfume oils in the composition depends, to which category the final product.After all, it may just be a perfume, which contain up to 40% of pure essences of flavor.Maybe the toilet water with more air and light aroma.This colognes and lotions contain only 2% of essence, so they do not smell so strongly felt around.

Since spirits - highly concentrated mixture, it is based include not only natural essential o

ils, and alcohol.This keeps the flavor for a long time and to disclose its unique properties.

little history

Mention of spirits were left in ancient Egypt.The first perfumer considered a woman named Tapputi, who lived in the second millennium BCThat she created first aromatic composition based on essential oils, extracts from flowers, myrrh, filtered, and distilled water.

Over the lifetime of the perfume has undergone many changes, which are associated with the culture of peoples and geographic location.For example, in India, it has been popular astringent perfume based incense used in rituals and sacrifices.Persian physician Avicenna created the first rose water with a gentle and light flavor.And in medieval Europe were produced first perfume based on extracts of alcohol and fragrant plants and flowers.We know that today, France remains the leader in the production of luxury fragrances.

On the question of what the spirits can confidently answer that it is a real treasure of world civilization.After all, they brought a huge contribution to the development of culture and science of many nations of the world.

Women's Fragrance Perfume

are divided into male and female.The two categories differ from each other not only by the composition but also tartness flavor.So, perfumes for women are executed in soft and delicate notes.Their production uses essential oils of rose, jasmine, vanilla, and other native women's fragrances.This perfume must leave behind a trail that tells the whole story of its owner.

most popular women's perfumes today are the Joy of Pink by Lacoste and Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss.However, it does not lose its relevance and famous composition "Chanel №5", which has received international recognition and made history.

Men's fragrance Perfume

for representatives of the strong half of humanity is different tartness flavor.Fragrances for men are made on the basis of citrus and herbal scents.Often they contain essential oils of bergamot, eucalyptus and other invigorating extracts.In addition, perfume for men should be chosen with great care, because their flavor is able to tell a lot of women around.

very popular composition Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein and Allure Home Sport by Chanel.It is these scents are the best selling perfumes in the world market.

Perfume with pheromones

Recently, on the shelves of perfumeries can find fragrances with pheromones.But what is it?Let's consider.

Perfume with pheromones designed to seduce and attract the attention of the opposite sex, because in their manufacture are special aphrodisiac.At the same time there are similar composition for both women and men.

From natural aphrodisiacs can be identified ylang-ylang, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary and sandalwood.These components are added to the perfumers perfumes with pheromones.However, copies can be found even with different chemical additives.

How to avoid mistakes when buying perfume?

The choice of perfume, perhaps, excites many.After all, what perfume?It is an expression of individuality, internal state, emotions, moods, some even promise others.It is therefore important to choose the scent that is as accurate as possible to approach the man.

It is necessary to choose carefully the composition sweet, because not everyone around like their cloying.Moreover, some of this flavor may cause more negative emotions.Therefore it is better to prefer a mild odor.

For women the most concise version will be a light floral fragrance, which leaves barely visible plume caramel because aggressive fragrances can only scare men.But refreshing mint and citrus perfume composition will be to the liking of almost everyone.Moreover, they are suitable for both men and women.These spirits will give freshness for the whole day and will be an excellent complement everyday image.More extravagant fragrances should be reserved for an evening celebration.

Remember that when choosing a perfume need to rely more on their own feelings, because the aroma should cause you positive emotions and promote a positive attitude.So do not rush to buy all new world of perfumery.Pick your own scent that will go with you for life.