Rose of Damascus.

Damascus Rose - a beautiful shrub of the family Rosaceae.This variety - exclusive creation of breeders who have for hundreds of years, people are happy to use in various industries.

How does this sort of rose damask rose

grows mainly in the southern regions of the CIS.She loves the heat, but rather taxing to care for.Many people who grow it in the garden ornamental shrub, knows how useful its beautiful flowers, and happy to use it.

Damascus Rose has large buds of different colors, from white and pale pink to scarlet.From other types of these different flowers many petals in the bud and its disclosure.Roses exude an incredible flavor that pleases visitors to gardens in the first half of summer.

how beautiful damask rose, photos will help introduce you to the full.

process of making oil

damask rose oil has its price.It is an expensive tool, but many of his willingness to become, thanks to its irreplaceable properties.Before buying oil should be noted that it is a completely natural product.Th

e present damask rose essential oil should have no impurities, including alcohols.

There is also an interesting fact: in order to get just a couple of drops of the elixir should be processed at least 30 buds of this beautiful flower.Petals are separated by hand, then using the process of direct cold pressed and the oil is obtained.Then it is poured into a bottle and commercially available.

Note that the maximum healing effect will have only pure oil, without any additional components in the lineup.

Products of Damask Rose Damask Rose

since ancient times been used to treat various diseases, as well as for cosmetic purposes.From its petals brewed tea, which has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties.And some of them are preparing medicinal jam.

in the Crimea and in the Middle East petal Damask rose made valuable drug - rozanol, which is actively used in the treatment of kidney stones, inflammation of the kidneys and biliary tract.

damask rose is a valuable cosmetic soap.And of course, with its petals received healing and soothing baths.

But the most expensive product - Damask rose essential oil, which replaces almost all possible cosmetics.

Body Butter

This essential oil in cosmetics is simply an indispensable tool for problem and sensitive skin.And this applies not only to the skin.Damask rose oil is widely used in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, since it has a strong anti-inflammatory and soothing action.It is enough to take a bath with a few drops of the funds and the skin condition improved significantly.

effective remedies for skin

for healing skin is also used damask rose oil, the use of which is capable even help smooth out wrinkles.It is suitable for all skin types, and especially - for dry, sensitive, prone to allergic reactions.Largely enhanced elastic properties of skin, which has a positive effect on her appearance, and naturally rejuvenates it.

damask rose oil effectively combats this problem, like acne on the face.It is enough to put oil on the dotted space rashes and leave overnight.

tool is characterized in that moisturizes dry skin and at the same time normalize sebum for oily skin.And it supports the water-lipid balance of the dermis.

tired skin around the eyes, dark circles and fine lines also effectively eliminated by washes of healing oil.

damask rose oil for hands and nails

Troubleshooting hand skin and nails - in the sphere of modern cosmetology, which today is actively using the healing properties of oils of damask rose.Since many argue that the hand - this is the second face of the woman means is incredibly popular due to its high efficiency.The dry and inflamed skin of hands - a common problem for many women.As is the case with the skin, rose oil can significantly rejuvenate it, making it more supple and velvety.

Baths with damask rose oil strengthens the nail plate, nail growth accelerating significantly improve their condition.It is an indispensable tool when chapping and frostbite partial hand.Used oil, and after use of low-quality detergents for household purposes, so that often appear on the hands of an allergic reaction, what are fighting the same bath with damask rose.In addition to the oil, they may be added and flower petals.

As a means of improving the quality of hair

If a girl or a woman suffering from hair loss, their brittleness, dullness and fungi, leading to the emergence of dandruff, the aid will come again rose damask.The oil of this flower should be used for the manufacture of masks for hair healing.

In psoriasis in the scalp balm for added oil of damask rose, which promotes healing of damaged areas of the epidermis and soothes irritation and discomfort.

necessary to make hair silky, align their structure and give live shine?Just add a few drops of oil in the finished mask or hair conditioner.Or you can make a mask with aloe, chamomile and rose oil.If your hair is quickly becoming fat, a mask should add a bit of white clay and cucumber juice.The result is a versatile tool to address all the problems with hair and scalp.

Damascus rose

Neurology Neurology - an area in medicine, where this plant has been used for many centuries.The essential oil of damask rose - a sedative, which practically has no analogues in medicine.Bath with a few drops of this elixir not only help get rid of moral stress after a hard day.They eliminate the more serious consequences of nervous system disorders.For example, increased irritability, anxiety, excessive aggressiveness and depression.

Even in ancient times was used as a means of antidote to sentimentality, and increased sensitivity to other people's words and actions.It also helps to clean up the female nervous system.

Well, not only to take a bath, but use oil burner with essential oil of damask rose.When fatigue and lack of sleep means brings harmony in the mind and helps to sleep, if you do not succeed.

As more oil is used in medicine

Based on the damask rose oil produced various healing ointments and balms.It is widely used in the compositions and in pure form for the treatment of wounds, skin diseases, burns, and inflammation.

Funds with rose oil is recommended for the treatment of varicose veins.They effectively eliminate the problem of the visible venous and capillary nets on their feet.The oil is used for the healing of burns, including chemical.

Damask Rose is used as a powerful antioxidant.Green tea with the addition of oil is recommended as a means for weight loss and elimination from the body of toxins and cholesterol.

food use

Rose oil is used in the manufacture of desserts as a natural flavor.It is added to coffee or tea to improve the palatability of the beverage.