Proper skin care spring

spring our skin needs more care compared to other seasons.Even in the winter diet of the skin is not given as much attention as the beginning of the spring season.Throughout the long Russian winter, our body is exposed to relatively heavy loads: the cold air, lack of vitamins and trace elements, as well as sunlight is extremely negative impact on immunity.In turn, its decrease leads to problems not only with the health of the whole body, but also its individual organs, including the skin.And to look good, you need to know how to prepare the skin for the spring.

reasons for the poor condition of the skin in the spring

brings the main problems, of course, winter time.The skin under the influence of cold and wind dries out, loses its protective properties and begins to peel off.But spring adds hardships.Its impact has a constant temperature difference, starting vitamin deficiency and poor environment.Also at this time, we are experiencing the greatest amount of stress, which also have a negative effect

on the skin.

In order to improve the condition of the skin in the case of conventional cosmetics is not enough, so it is more efficient to use facial spring.To do this, look at the main issues that appear at this time of year.

Cleaning epidermis

Before initiating any procedure for hydration and nutrition of the skin, you must first clear its top layer - the epidermis.By the way, the spring is not recommended for deep cleaning of the person, as the skin and so is under stress, and that is useful at other times of the year, in the spring will bring only harm.Instead of having to go to a beauty salon, it is best to hold gentle cleaning at home.

Cleaning face

Typically, such skin care is carried out by means of the spring purchased scrubs or masks that can be made with their own hands.For different skin types, various components, so when buying a ready-made cosmetics pay attention to the composition of the funds.

As for normal to dry skin needed a softer care, it is applied to the face mask with sea salt.Massaging is carried out not more than one minute, after which the composition is applied and washed off with a nourishing cream.

In the case of aged skin, after 35 years, it is necessary to use compositions containing avocado oil, jojoba oil and other emollients.

Caring for combination skin spring involves the use of a coarse cleaner, such as apricot, amber or ground almonds.Massage is performed about 2-3 minutes.If there is a problem of enlarged pores, their restrictions to use the mask of cosmetic clay.

How to apply cleansers?

When using cosmetics is to follow a few rules:

  • Do not use gel scrubs, because usually they contain fruit acids.The principle of operation of such means is to dissolve dead cells on the skin surface, and thus destroyed the natural protection.
  • Care in the spring and all cleaning activities carried out in the evening before bedtime.
  • Observe the massage to prevent stretching of the skin, which is now so easy.
  • Ready scrub washed immediately after use, home - 5-7 minutes.
  • To raise the skin tone make contrast rinse, wash off the mask with warm water and then rinse with cold skin.

additional measures to clean the body of toxins

skin condition depends on the overall health of the body and especially on the amount of toxins are in it.In order to return the skin a healthy and youthful appearance, clean not only its layers, but also the whole body.There are several safe ways to do it yourself.

Drink every morning cup of warm water with dissolved in it freshly squeezed lemon juice.This product contains large amounts of antioxidants, making good toxins.It has similar properties and grated apple, milk or beets.The use of these products three times a day also helps to cleanse the body and provides a proper skin care in the spring.

good way to purify - visit bath or sauna.Due to high temperature all the pores open, the body is derived from a large number of harmful substances.This process can be helped by taking during procedures currant tea and calendula.

Restoring skin protection

After cleaning, protection must be restored, as it was due to violation of the hydrolipidic film in the skin breaks down fat and water balance.As a result, the skin becomes dry, flaky and irritated.

In this case, proper skin care in the spring will help restore its former radiance back elasticity and smoothness.It needs to provide hydration and nutrition not only from the outside by means of masks, but also eating a sufficient quantity of water, and vitamins.On the day after the winter dehydrated body needs at least 2 liters of water, a lot of fruit or vegetables, and if necessary, the use of pharmacy of vitamins.In the latter case, before buying products recommended to see a doctor, who will determine exactly what specific vitamins and minerals have a drawback.

means used to moisturize and nourish the skin?

Skin Care Spring generally involves wetting and only after meals.Therefore, as long as the epidermis actively cleaned, refuse creams with nutrients and use moisturizing serums and masks.Good results give kefir mask with the addition of various vitamins in capsules that will help not only moisturize, but also protect the skin.

There are certain substances, the need for which skin tests in the spring.Tips on the application of pharmacy of vitamins:

  • Vitamin A restores the body's immunity.Vitamin E is
  • restores moisture balance and promotes the revival of the hydrolipid film, the main protection of the skin.
  • Vitamin C is to protect the skin from free radicals and restores its tone and elasticity.
  • Vitamin B6 relieve irritation and inflammation of the skin.

However, before you start a facial, you must pay attention to is the problem area, the so-called T-zone.

Problems T-Zone Shine

in the T-zone may appear in the case, even if the skin is quite dry.And it's not a sign of oily skin, as a signal of his dehydration.If you violate hydrolipidic film on the surface of the skin is trying to protect her body, using its other resources, namely sebum.Therefore, trying to get rid of unpleasant brightness using degreasing agents, you only aggravate the situation.

Care for problem skin in the spring should include mainly moisturizing creams containing hyaluronic acid and lactic acid.The tool should be chosen according to the type of skin, the correct choice can be judged by the disappearance of the light and feeling of tightness after using the cream.

General rules of care

Features skincare spring suggest some limitations in daily life.

not use facial wash water from the tap, it contains a large amount of chlorine.The best option would be to use bottled water or melted snow.If for some reason this is not possible, you must get rid of the chlorine component.To this end the water from the tap in the bottle was frozen, thawed at room temperature and allowed to settle.

Do not use ordinary soap for daily facial wash, in this case, skin care spring is best done with the help of non-alcoholic lotions, appropriate for your skin type.

Avoid a large number of applied makeup, use a light moisturizing with added UV filter.