clean, smooth and silky skin, which is not a single hair protruding treacherous - that's something that tends nowadays any lady.There are many ways to combat unwanted hair: hair removal wax in a beauty salon and wax strips for self-use, creams for hair removal and laser hair removal and photo-epilation Elos hair removal, the use of home hair removal epilator and sugar (shugaring).How long does the result - largely depends on the chosen method of getting rid of unwanted hair, quality consumables and experience of the person performing the procedure.

What is shugaring?

Sugar hair removal was known in ancient Egypt for several thousand years ago.Even in the times of Cleopatra women removed hair with a mixture of water and sugar.But European and Russian Beauty Salon shugaring began offering recently, instantly gaining popularity among the fair sex.

Shugaring is a procedure that uses a special sugar paste, enveloping the substrate hairs and remove them in the direction of growth.Cook the pasta can be

both independently and by entrusting the matter to masters that have required qualification.With shugaring can get rid of hair on the face, armpits, legs, hips, arms, bikini area, on the abdomen, back, buttocks.Also, this procedure will help get rid of ingrown hairs on the body.

now have developed an understanding of what is shugaring.How do the results of the procedure carried out?This question worries many beauties who want to permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body.Learn about it, you can continue.

Shugaring.How do the results?

skin after hair removal sugar remains smooth and silky to 3 weeks.Lasting effect of the procedure is facilitated by the fact that the hair is removed in the direction of their growth during anaphase.This allows to increase hair regeneration step.

Furthermore, when the sugar epilation composition penetrates deep enough into the hair follicle and removes the hairs completely, breaking off or bending them.At the same time the skin on the body is inflamed, excluded burns, redness and allergy.

Benefits shugaring

addition to questions about what shugaring how do the results of the procedure, and public areas on the body, you can use this technique, women are also concerned about the benefits of the sugar hair removal.

Here are the main advantages of the method:

  1. painless procedure.Compared to waxing and mechanical epilation almost atraumatic procedure.
  2. lasting effect shugaring.
  3. use during epilation hypoallergenic natural composition of water and sugar without the use of harmful dyes and perfume additives.
  4. convenience.For the quality of the procedure shugaring enough to hair had grown by only 1-2 mm.
  5. not only removal of hairs on the skin surface, and ingrown hair without further inflammatory reactions.
  6. additional effect as a gentle exfoliation, who saves a woman from peeling of the skin.
  7. ability to use sugar paste on sensitive skin and problems with blood vessels as it gipotermichna.

Savings from shugaring home

Quite often women, visiting the sugar hair removal procedure in the beauty salon, and then try to make it yourself at home.Moreover, the technique is quite simple shugaring and an opportunity not to overpay for the wizard is very attractive.Even a woman with low income can make shugaring home.The result is a photo before, after, a month after the procedure confirmed that the selection process has been done correctly.You do not need to buy something special, you just sugar, lemon and water.The real savings can be calculated simply having estimated that one kilogram of sugar is enough for holding shugaring within six months.

recipe for sugar paste shugaring home

to cook the syrup at home it will take no more than half an hour.Step by step recipe is as follows:

  1. mixed in pan 10 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 5 tablespoons of water, put on the stove over high heat and cook stirring constantly for two minutes.
  2. Then the fire should be reduced by half, cover pot and cook the mixture, stirring occasionally, until such time as it is smooth and fluid.
  3. soon the mixture begins to simmer and gradually darken, and the consistency and smell will remind caramel.Continue to cook it with constant stirring.
  4. When you see that the mixture is covered with foam and bubbles, it will need to mix and leave to heat for 5 minutes with the lid open.
  5. Once the pasta has cooled a little, you can go directly to the procedure shugaring.

Technique of shugaring home

First we need to take a piece of already unheated, but not quite solidified paste in his hands and carefully knead until elastic state.At first, it will not be easy, but then the mixture become more supple due to the heat source.If, however, have difficulty in kneading due to the fact that too much sugar is thickened, it is possible to add a little water in the composition.

sugar gradually turn from the dark mass of hardened lighter and stretching soft paste.Slides down from it a ball and rolled it across the skin against the hairline, with the force of pressing to epiliruemomu site.Then, abruptly severing toffee roll out in the direction of hair growth.

hair on different parts of the body grow differently, so keep track of the direction of their growth when doing shugaring.How do the results from the procedure done at home?In fact, the duration of effect from spent sugar home epilation stored is not less than after salon treatments, with the proviso that the paste has been properly prepared, and the technique used is correct.But to achieve the desired result when using sugar paste home turns out not all and not immediately.We need to be patient and prilovchilis.

Shugaring.How do the results?Reviews

women can find completely opposite to each other reviews of women who have tried this remedy as a means of controlling unwanted hair.Who else sees shugaring?Result (picture reviews often included) often lives up to expectations.

Many, for example, argue that this method was the salvation, because tired of shaving everyday.Women do the procedure themselves at home, but uses special paste, which is bought in a shop of professional cosmetics.The effect of using quite satisfied.Other

the fair sex assure that home cooked pasta for shugaring does not penetrate as deeply into the hair as it is necessary, therefore, leads to the breaking of the hair, and subsequently to their ingrowth.Therefore, in their opinion, do shugaring need in the cabin with the master, or at least with a special paste for hair removal sugar and experiment have a gas stove is not necessary.

others regularly using home-cooked sugar mass to get rid of hair, inspired by his experience of girlfriends.Some of the respondents were not happy, they noted that the procedure is painful, and some hairs remained in place.

There are those who, having tried the first time to make shugaring home, just left bruises on the legs, so it was necessary to push hard on the skin when applied.So they did for a conclusion that the house shugaring can only be used for removing hair in small areas of the body (for example, in the legs).