Why hurt the roots of the hair on your head?

happens that feeling when the hair roots hurt on the head, we are leaving without much attention, because just removed intricate styling.The pain caused by tight beam will go by itself after a few minutes, the hair is just to come to its natural position.And what do you do if discomfort arise out of nowhere, for no apparent reason?Let's try to deal with this problem.

there enough hair roots power?

If you regularly hurt the hair roots, and you can not guess what the reason, first of all analyze, whether enough scalp power both outside and inside.The modern pace of life is often accompanied by stress, nervous disorders, snacks on the run, a lack of oxygen and mineral micronutrients.The scalp, like all bodies, needs vitamins, which can only give a balanced quality food.Hair follicles need a massage and a regular flow of blood.In this regard, remember how often you wash your hair and how much time you spend on the massage with natural good combing hair comb?Trying to answer the question, why hurt the hai

r roots, analyze how much styling you use daily?Maybe it is in many mousses, foams and varnishes is the cause of the pain?

may occur when pain?

As we have seen, the most common of pain in the hair follicles is too tight haircut.Also hurt the roots of the hair on the head and combing when throwing hair and even when laying.All these feelings can not be ignored.Body through the hair follicles alert you that it is time to take some action.Next, we analyze in detail the causes of discomfort and consider measures to prevent them.

Improper care of the scalp

How often do you buy tools for cleaning, balms and masks, it is not suitable for your hair type?It so happens that the time to seek suitable means no, and we take any advertised in the store shampoo that was not designed for our type of hair.Or mom gives a holiday on another beautifully packaged set, which is a pity to throw, and that we have to use.And for good reason.After all, the hair follicles will not tell you "thank you", and the answer to the question: "Why hurt the roots of the hair on your head?" On the surface.Even more prosaic reason is the regular use of cheap plastic combs, against whom rebelled and head.

How to fix the situation?

To prevent the effects, use sanitizing products suitable to your hair, but better consult a beautician.Forget about the cheap combs that can only irritate the scalp.Get a good massage or a wooden comb comb with round, smooth and natural teeth.And the hair often need to give a break from the chemical compositions that make styling.Therefore, if you hurt the hair roots, do sophisticated styling with fixation only on holidays.By the way, this applies to the excessively tight hairstyles that you should not create more often than 3 times a week.Clean loose hair is not weighed down by chemical compounds - is a guarantee to prevent pain.

Dry scalp

When dry skin on the face, we can determine visually the same problem on the head alone reveal, unfortunately, we can not.About overdried scalp, we can only guess at the sudden discomfort.Therefore, if you hurt the hair roots, ask a specialist to assess the condition of the skin, tell us about the peeling, itching, presence of dandruff.All these symptoms and are evidence of dry skin.

How to prevent the problem?

To prevent excessive dryness of the scalp, you can use special nourishing and moisturizing masks, balms and shampoos.Besides the problem of dryness of the scalp may be caused by internal factors which signal in a manner of any significant disease.Therefore, the benefit of their own health, no harm will hike to a specialist and comprehensive solution.

Improper circulation

If you hurt the hair root, the cause of this phenomenon can serve as a failure in the circulation.Symptoms appear mostly in people prone to hypertension.This phenomenon - the forerunner of vascular disease.This problem is quite serious, and therefore requires examination and recommendations of the attending physician.To avoid problems with blood circulation in the head, you should first of all stop going bareheaded in the cold.Wear hats, because hats able to protect hair follicles from a low temperature and, therefore, from the narrowing of blood vessels.

Nervous disorders

At the beginning of the publication of casual we walked through all the reasons, is the answer to the question of why the hair roots hurt?Stress and neurological disorders can cause various pain sensations, including the scalp.Try to change the way of life, spend more time outdoors and fully relax, then the discomfort disappear.In the meantime, to alleviate the pain, do a light relaxing massage fingers using a circular motion.During the massage, make sure that the movements were neat and smooth.

Changing hairstyles

If a woman says that she has hurt the roots of the hair at the crown, it may be caused by the change of hairstyle.For example, a left parting transformed into a right.Change of head hair are needed because the only way to avoid depletion of the hair follicles, leading to unwanted hair loss.However, the pain in this case (as well as in the case of a tight haircut) are temporary.A sharp change in the usual fixation is always painful tolerated hair follicles.In this case, be patient, do a light massage restores and think about something good.